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Many thanks to Martha Noell for transcriptions and Fran Isbell for submitting the location  and translation in " ".

Spanish translations    Puerto Rico- Cipres Area Cemetery Map   Berta Cavaza school cemeteries

Cemetery Name

Location Submitter Other Photo
Abram Cemetery  aka Ojo de Agua Abram, so Mission - - -
Agua Negra Cemetery  "Black Water" s. of Weslaco Cindy Shaffer -
Anacahuitas  Cem (aka Cavazos Family Cemetery "Wild Olive Tree" Mercedes Cindy Shaffer -
Anahuac Cemetery Edcouch-Anahauac Fran Isbell -
Andrea Ranch Cemetery Rachel Fran Isbell -
Asadores Cemetery aka Pokers Run Cindy Shaffer
Balli Ranch Cemetery (San Antonio de los Esteritos) S of Run Cindy Shaffer -
Bautista Cemetery "Baptist" Mercedes Fran Isbell -
Bazan Cemetery  "Family" FM 1017 Puerto Rico  Cindy Shaffer -
Benavides  Cemetery "Good Life" Sullivan City Cindy Shaffer -
Brewster Cemetery "Family" s of Alamo on Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge Cindy Shaffer -
Burros Cemetery "Donkeys" La Villa Fran Isbell -
Brushwood Cemetery Edinburg Hidalgo Cty Hist Cmsn -
Cavazos Cemetery see Anacahuitas)- Mercedes Cindy Shafer - -

Campacuas Memorial Cemetery  "place of Pacuas Indians"

Mercedes Fran Isbell -
Chihuahua (Mexican state)Ranch Cemetery sw of Mission Frances Isbell
Cuevitas Cemetery (Flores)"Little Caves" Cuevitas Fran Isbell -
Donna City Cemetery Donna Fran Isbell
Ebony Grove Cemetery Mercedes Frances Cooper Colleen Ferguson Frances Isbell 
El Capote Cemetery "Bullfighter's cape" s/o Pharr Frances Isbell -
El Carmen Cemetery "song" Faysville Frances Isbell -
El Cibolo Cemetery"Buffalo"                  INDEX Faysville Frances Isbell -
El Desierto Cemetery "Desert" n of Edinburg Frances Isbell -
El Racio Cemetery San Manuel Frances Isbell - Lu Murdock
Donna City Cemetery  (P) Donna Frances Isbell -
Los Ebanos Cemetery "Ebony Trees" see Mercedes Los Ebanos  Frances Isbell -
Garden of Angels Mission Frances Isbell -
Gluck- Martin Cemetery Martin Refuge (private) Fran Isbell -
Granjeno Cemetery "Heckberry Shrub" FM494, Grangeno Frances Isbell -
Guadalupe Cemetery "Name of Saint" Pharr Frances Isbell
Guzman-Toluca Cemetery FM 1015, Progreso Lakes Frances Isbell -
Handy Cemetery FM 1423 so. of Donna Pumps Cindy Shaffer
Hargill Cemetery FM 490 Hargill Frances Isbell -
Havana Cemetery "Haven" US 83, Havana Frances Isbell -
Hidalgo City Cemetery  "nobleman" Hidalgo Chuck Snyder    
Hidalgo Co. Pauper Cemetery Edinburg Frances Isbell -
Highland Memorial Cemetery Weslaco need transcription -
Hillcrest Memorial Park Cem Edinburg Hidalgo Cty Hist Cmsn -
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery Mercedes Frances Isbell    

Immaculate Conception  Catholic Cemetery (2007) aka Gate of Heaven Cemetery


Matthew Kotara

Eli Jackson-Brewster Cemetery Pharr Frances Isbell    
Jackson Ranch Church Cemetery Pharr Cindy Shaffer- Frances Isbell   -
Jaraschinas Ranch Cemetery  "Chinese vases shrub" n. of La Joya Frances Isbell -
Jesus Maria Cemetery "Jesus & Mary" n. of Hargill Frances Isbell -
LaBlanca  Cemetery La Blanca Frances Isbell -
La Bolsa Battlefield US 281 Frances Isbell -
LaJoya Cemetery "Jewel" LaJoya Frances Isbell -
La Lomita Ranch Cemetery "Little Hill" Mission Cindy Shaffer -
La Piedad Cemetery McAllen Frances Isbell  
La Reforma (Rerformation) Ranch Cemetery nw Hidalgo Co Frances Isbell
Lane Cemetery FM 1017 near Puerto Rico Frances Isbell -
La Retama Cemetery Faysville Frances Isbell -
Las Margaritas Ranch Cemetery  McCook Frances Isbell -
Laurel Hill Cemetery (P) nw Mission Sue Hansen- Obit by Tobie Neller -
Laguna Seca Cemetery (Vela) "Dry Lake" 18mi n of Edinburg Frances Isbell -
Longoria Cemetery FM 1017, Puerto Rico Frances Isbell -
Magic Valley Memorial Gardens Pharr Frances Isbell -
Mercedes Baptist Cemetery Mercedes Frances and John Isbell
Mercedes Cemetery (see Ebony Grove) Mercedes Frances Cooper Colleen Ferguson Frances Isbell  
Mercedes Memorial Restlawn Mercedes Hidalgo Cty Hist Cmsn -
Nino Jesus de Praga Cemetery "Child Jesus of Prague La Noria Cardenena Ranch. sw of Linn Hidalgo Cty Hist Cmsn -
Novillos Cemetery "Little Bulls"  Span FM 1017, Puerto Rico Cindy Shaffer -
Novillos Cemetery  Spanish Puerto Rico Frances Isbell -
Null Cemetery s of Linn. Cindy Shaffer-Fran Isbell -
Ojo de Agua (San Jose) "Eye of Water-Spring" Abram Frances Isbell -
Olivarez Cemetery  (San Francisco)  "family name" Off FM 1017 at La Reforma Frances Isbell -
Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery Mercedes Frances Isbell -
Palm Valley Memorial (P) Pharr - - -
Parajitos Cemetery "Little stations" Progreso Frances Isbell -
Patricio Gonzalez Cemetery Edinburg Frances Isbell -
Pechuga- Ranch Cemetery  "courage" Alamo Cindy Shaffer -
Penitas Cemetery "pebbles" FM 1427 Penitas Frances Isbell -
Pena Family Cemetery Faysville Frances Isbell -
Pharr Memorial Cemetery Pharr Frances Isbell -
La Piedad Cemetery "pity" McAllen at Airport Hidalgo Cty Hist Cmsn -
Principe de Paz Presbyterian Cemetery Mercedes Hidalgo Cty Hist Cmsn -
Re Rancho Blanco (Kelly) Cemetery "white ranch" Pharr Cindy Shaffer - Francis Isbell
Relampago Cemetery"lightning" US 281 Relampago Frances Isbell -
Restlawn Cemetery (Black) Edinburg Frances Isbell  
Retama Cemetery "acacia tree" n iof Edinburg - -
Rio Grande Valley Veterans Memorial Cemetery Mission Rigo Ordaz -
Rios Cemetery "rivers" Edinburg Frances Isbell  
Rosario Cemetery (Dominguez)"Rosary" w of Relampago  Frances Isbell  
Roselawn Cemetery (P) McAllen Tobie Neller -
El Rucio Cemetery (Chapa)"gray horse" San Manuel Frances Isbell  
Rudyville Cemetery graves transferred to Zacatal-abandoned Frances Isbell -
Sacred Park Cemetery Mercedes Fran Isbell -
Saint Joseph Cemetery   s Tower Rd, Alamo Need Transcription
San Antonio Cemetery (See Balli) (San Antonio de los Esteritos) s of Donna info by Frances Isbell -
San Jose- Cemetery (Ojo de Agua)"St Joseph" Abram San Jose Cem Assoc
San Jose de los Solis La Villa Fran Isbell -
San Jose Cemetery Mission Frances Isbell -
San Manuel Cemetery San Manuel Frances Isbell -
San Pedro Cemetery "St Peter" s/o Weslaco Cindy Shaffer -
Santa Ana Cemetery  "St Ann" Wild Life RefugeAlamo Cindy Shaffer -
Santa Anita Cemetery "St Annie" FM 1017 McAllen Ranch Cindy Shaffer -
Santa Fe Ranch Cemetery "Holy Faith" US 281, no of Linn Fran Isbell  
San Francisco ( Olivarez) Cemetery Hidalgo-Starr Co.  Fran Isbell  
Santa Guadalupe Cemetery (Torero)"St Guadalupe-Bullfighter" FM 1017 Puerto Rico Fran Isbell  
San Juan Cemetery San Juan Frances Isbell -
Santa Monica Cemetery Edinburg Frances Isbell -
Santa Monica Ranch Cemetery FM 1017 in Puerto Rico Fran Isbell  
Santa Rita Cemetery (Garza)"St Margaret" FM 1017 Cipres Fran Isbell  
Santa Rita- Cemetery Nueva  "St Margaret-new" FM 1017 Cipres Fran Isbell  
Santos Valdez Cemetery FM 1017 Puerto Rico Fran Isbell  
Santa Rita- Cemetery Vieja  "St Margaret- old" FM 1017 Cipres Fran Isbell  
Shary Memorial Chapel Cemetery Mission Fran Isbell  
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery Alamo Fran Isbell  
Stockholm Cemetery FM 491 w/o Lyford Cindy Shaffer------ photos by Adam- B.
Tabasco Cemetery transfered to La Joya Cindy Shaffer -
Temple Emanuel Cemetery McAllen Fran Isbell  
Toluca Cemetery "Reverence" Progreso Fran Isbell  
Valdez Cemetery FM 1017 Puerto Rico Fran Isbell  
Valley Memorial Gardens McAllen Fran Isbell  
Val Verda Memorial Gardens  "Green Valley" Donna Fran Isbell  
Vuelta del Estero (abandoned) "across the lagoon Zacatal - - -
Weaver H.  Baker Cemetery Moore Field Fran Isbell  
Webber Cemetery sw o Run Cindy Shaffer - -
Weslaco City Cemetery Weslaco Fran Isbell -
Womble Cemetery Edcouch Fran Isbell -
Zacatal Ranch Cemetery"Cordgrass" US 281, Zacatal Fran Isbell -

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