Spanish Inscriptions on Tombstones
Hidalgo Co. Cemeteries of TX
Submitted by Frances Isbell
a                         at
abril                    April
agosto                August
ano, anos           year, years
de                      of [used before woman's   married name]
DEP, EPD            descanse en pace, rest in peace
dedica(n)            he/she (they) dedicate
dia                      day
e                         and
edad                    age [a la edad =at the age]
enero                   January
esposo, esposa     husband, wife
este                      this
fallecio             died
febrero             February
hermano, hermana  brother, sister
hijo, hija            son, daughter
humilde              humble
junio                   June
julio                     July
le                        (to) him, (to) her
madre                  mother
marzo                   March
mayo                     May
memoria                 memory
nacio                     born
nieto, nieta            grandchild
noviembre             November
octubre                  October
padre, padres        father, parents
politico, politica      in-law   an adjective, as in "hijas politicas" daughters-in-law
QEPD                     May he/she rest in peace
recuerdo                 memorial
restos                     remains
septiembre              september
sobrino, sobrina      nephew, niece
su, sus                    his/her, their
y                             and