St Joseph's Cemetery

Alamo, Hidalgo Co. Cemeteries of TX

 Photos taken by Margot Y. Barrera Moczygemba

Information  submitted by Maria Anna Barrera Esparza

St. Joseph Cemetery  is located on  south of 83 on Tower Road  ....about  3 or 4 miles.   My father, Aurelio Barrera Ramos (1909-2001), is buried there.  His grave is pictured, as are the graves of Jose and Beatriz Almanza.  I will try to obtain more photos for you in the future. (Maria)

Veterans Memorial

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Ramon Peņa was an outstanding resident in Alamo, TX who lived from 1897 to 1974.  He opened up one of the first stores in the the town, one called "El Nuevo Mundo" on Acacia Street. He also opened up the one and *only* movie theatre ever in Alamo, TX.

During the depression, in spite of the fact that people had no money, he continued to sell people food from his store on "loan" until his vendors shut him down for non-payment.  The people of Alamo rallied together to donate enough money to pay off the debts and re-open the store.

After he opened the first theatre in Alamo, it caught fire and burned down.  Again, the people of Alamo rallied together and raised enough money help Senor Peņa  rebuild.  An empty lot stands where the theater once brought residents from miles around, having burned down shortly after Seņor Peņa's death in the 70's.

He was a benefactor to many, especially to  my father, who worked for him operating the movie theater projector (an electronic feat in those days!) for several years.  My mother also worked for him in his store, El Nuevo Mundo.  It was through him that my parents met and later married. I am attaching a photo of him and his wife while they were alive.

Tulitas and Pedro Barrera were an older brother and sister that died in infancy.  Both were children of Aurelio and Maria del Rosario Barrera (my parents).

Mike Perez (1911-1989), otherwise known as Miguel Perez,  lived in Alamo from about 1925 til the day he died in 1989. He was my mother's brother.--Maria Anna Barrera Esparza