Hidalgo Co. Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Frances Isbell

With Permission  of Hidalgo Co. Historical Commission (2005)

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LOCATION:  One and one-fourth miles south of Sullivan City.  From US 83 West, drive .4 mile west of Sullivan City.  At water tower, turn south 1.4 miles to railroad track, then .35 miles west into Cuevitas colonia.  Turn north 1000 feet; cemetery is just west on gravel road. 

SURVEY: April 16, 1989 by Virginia Haynie, George Gause, Denice and Richard Kemp, Goldsby Goza and Fran Isbell.  Cemetery is .3 acre, with 5-foot high wire fencing 100x150 feet. Cemetery is surrounded on three sides by gravel pits of Sam Fordyce Gravel Company. Maintained by members of the community.

HISTORY: Cuevitas lies in the extreme southwest corner of Hidalgo County, in Porcion 38 awarded to Juan Vega in 1767.  It is named for a series of caves .4 mile upriver in a limestone bluff.  It is connected by a natural ford to Las Cuevas Ranch on the Mexican side.  A ferry was licensed in 1852. A Confederate wagon train was attacked there during the Civil War, and a teamster killed.  In 1875, Texas Rangers retrieved 75 stolen cattle from Las Cuevas Ranch 3 miles south in Mexico, after a two-day battle in which Mexican ranch owner (and mayor of Camargo) Gen. Juan Flores was killed. In 1915, brothers Francisco and David Flores donated 15,000 square feet for a community cemetery.

 A01 MARIA EMILIA SALINAS 1-5-1912 - 5-22-1976

A02 AMANCIO R. SOLIZ  1944-1973 [double with A03]

A03  ALIDA R. SOLIZ [double with A02]

A04 LINO SOLIZ JR 10-2-1923 - 7-2-1986 [double with A05]

A05 EUGENIA R. SOLIZ 9-27-1928 [double with A04]

A06 FEDERICO SOLIZ 5-1-1917 - 11-15-1981   Recuerdo de su esposa e hijos DEP

A07 MARIA ELENA DE VILLALON 7-28-1935 - 1-17-1970 Un recuerdo de su esposo y hijos [Porfirio Villalon, who was at the cemetery, told us this was his wife, daughter of Medardo and Concepcion Villarreal]

A08 REYMONDO VILLALON [1908-1983, son of Porfirio Villalon and Amada Flores; he married 1938 Maria Flores, according to Porfirio Villalon II]

A09   DOMINGA V. SOLIS 6-17-1905 - 1-26-1983  de su hija [daughter of Porfirio and Amada Flores Villalon, married 1928 Pedro Soliz B04]

A10 OFELIA S. FLORES  5-6-1932 - 1-25-1986  de sus hijos y hijas [she was daughter of Pedro and Dominga Villalon Solis, married Ramon Flores A12]

A11 REYNALDO VILLALON 1907-1986 Age 82 [Flores FHM ; Born in Cuevitas; 4 son of Porfirio and Amada Flores Villalon, married Paz Villarreal in 1928; family records list his name as Reginaldo born 1904.  Porfirio Villalon I is buried in Los Ebanos Cemetery #327]

A12 RAMON FLORES 7-14-1918 - 11-20-1986  de sus hijos y hijas [Married Ofelia Solis Flores A10]

A13 COSME FLORES 1-14-1934 - 8-17-1985 [son of Catarino Flores; grandson of Amada Flores de Flores deVillalon by her first marriage]

A14 JUAN FLORES JR 5-13-1941 - 1-9-1989 47 years [de Leon FHM]

B01 Miss EUSEVIA FLORES 6-7-1916 - 11-13-1974  de sus hermanos y hermanas

B02 MANUELA V. SALINAS 1-20-1914 - 10-28-1979 de parte de sus hijos y hijas

B03 MARIN S. SALINAS 3-22-1896 - 12-27-1971  de su esposa hijos y hijas

B04 PEDRO SOLIS 10-20-1907 - 2-15-1965 de la familia Flores [married Dominga Villarreal Solis A09]

B05 CATARINO FLORES 1892-1967 de esposa y hijos [son of Amada Flores by first marriage]

B06 GUADALUPE FLORES Texas Cpl US Army Vietnam BSM and OLC-PH 1-19-1948 - 4-22-1969 [picture, son of Catarino Flores B05]

B07 ESTER G FLORES 12-25-1906 - 3-27-1963 de sus hijos [double gray granite headstone with B08]

B08 ERNESTO R. FLORES 11-26-1901 - 7-28-1977  [picture, double headstone with B07]

B09 NORA LEE GARZA 7-15-1978 - 7-15-1978 [fence]

B10 DESIDERIO FLORES  12-15-1883 - 1-25-1968

B11  UNKNOWN [wooden cross, possibly child]

C01 PATRICIO MARTINEZ 3-19-1877 - 2-13-1961       su hijo e hija politica y nietos

C02 FELICITAS LUNA DE SOLIS 11-18-1954 dedica su esposo e hijos

C03 LINO SOLIS 1908-11-25-1979 de sus hijos [picture

C04 LAZARO FLORES ZARATE 1879 - 1955  de su esposa y hijos

C05 TAURINO FLORES 8-11-1907 - 9-5-1957 de su hermano

C06 JESUSA FLORES 10-11-1869 - 10-13-1957 de su hijo Lasaro

C07 FLORENCIA FLORES 10-11-1905 3-13-1958 de su hermano

D01 AGAPITA FLORES 3-24-1892 - 6-3-1968

D02 ONOFRE FLORES 6-12-1884 - 9-21-1959 de su esposa de sus hijos

D03 FLORIA [small white cross, possibly baby]

D04 ALICIA SOLIS 1-25-1950  padres y hermanos 

D05 MARTINA F. FLORES 11-5-1889  +5-17-1982 de sus hijas y hijos

D06 UNKNOWN [concrete cross with concrete pad]

D07 MAURICIO SALINAS 9-22-1880+_0_-27-1957  sus hijos y hija [white granite cross with Christ 4-feet tall]

D08 CILBIA RAMON 1-11-1958+1-11-1958 sus padres 

D09 SENAIDA FLORES 1904-1959 de su familia

D10 UNKNOWN  [concrete slab with metal filigree cross]

D11 AURORA RAMON 9-29-1959   3-17-1960

D12 UNKNOWN [small metal reinforcing bar cross]

D13 ANGELICA FLORES 4May1960-4 May 1960 de sus padres y  hermanos

D14 RICKY FLORES JR 1-16-1989 - 2-3-1983 [de Leon FHM; note birth and death dates are reversed]

D15 JUANITA FLORES 9-24-1961 - 9-25-1961 padres

D16 UNKNOWN [conduit pipe cross]

DD01 UNKNOWN [wooden cross]

DD02 ANTONIO FARIAS Cpl US ARMY 1931-1980        7-13-1931 - 3-24-1980 de su esposa hijos y hijas 

DD03 GORGONIO SALINAS 1874-1949 Su hijo y hermanas  [white granite cross with Christ in front]

DD04 PAULA S. SOLIZ +9-26-1905 +10-12-1977      su hermana Rafaela S. Florez sus sobrinos Eleazar Salinas y Fam Antonio Farias y fam y demas familiares


E02 PONCIANO FLORES 23 Nov  1863 - 16 Mar 1940  Su esposa e hijos [marker & cross with initials IHS]

E03 MICAELA F. FLORES 3-5-14 - 3-21-35 padres, hermanas y hermanos sus hijos

E04 UNKNOWN [small wooden cross]

E05 UNKNOWN [small wooden cross]

E06 OSCAR FLORES *20 Sep 1945 +7Jul1965  Sus padres, hermanas y  hermanos [photo, tile picture of Virgin of Guadalupe]

E07 MARIA T. FLORES  *9-8-1887 +1-17-1966 hijos y hijas [tile picture, Garden of Gethsemane]

E08 HORACIO FLORES 11-1-1901 - 12-7-1977  de sus hermanas y hermano

E09 ANSELMA HEMMELDER 4-21-1904   4-26-1979    [ 4 foot tall figure of Christ, double with E10]

E10 "PAT" VERNON J. HEMMELDER May 14, 1900  [double with E09]

E11 EUSTACIO FLORES SR 4-2-23 - 12-16-1984

E12 UNKNOWN [wooden cross]

E13 PEDRO FLORES RIVAS Murio 1-21-1953 a la edad de 75 anos 1 mes 18 dias De su esposa y hijos [son of Perfecta Rivas of Camargo and Francisco Flores.  Born at Vergel, married Maria Flores.  Note Porfirio Villalon II lists "Cuevitas Vergel" as place of birth/death for family members in his genealogical papers.  Location is unknown.]

E14 UNKNOWN [metal tag illegible]

E15 AMADA F. VILLALON Fallecio a la edad 85 anos.  Su hijo Reginaldo Villalon. [Died about 1952, born May 4, 1873 at El Salado, Starr County.  Full name Macaria Amada, daughter of Francisco Flores and Perfecta Rivas, both buried at Los Ebanos.  She married (1) Dario Flores, (2) Porfirio Villalon, 1800-1920, of Burgos, Mexico, who is buried in Los Ebanos Cemetery]

E16 MANUEL VILLALON [Unmarked, age about 75, a son of Porfirio Villalon I, brother of Reginaldo, Manuel (sic) and Dominga Villalon per Porfirio Villalon II of Sullivan City] 

E17 MARIA LUISA MONTELONGO 1921-1954 Recuerdo de sus hijos

E18 RUBEN FLORES 7 Feb 1945 - 22 Mar 1960

E19 JUAN FLORES 1901-1984  Flores FAmily

E20 JOSE RAMON SALINAS *1-1-1888 +9-13-1960  Su esposa, hijos dedican este recuerdo de su  familia [shared headstone with wife, Dolores Villareal E21]

E21 DOLORES V. RAMON *9-6-1903 +10-25-1983  [shared headstone with E20; daughter of Amada Flores E15 and Porfirio Villalon.  Married Jose Ramon c1921]

E22 A.C.R.C.A.C.  [concrete cross, homemade]

E23 UNKNOWN [wood cross, adult]


E25 UNKNOWN [metal cross]

E26 ESTELLA FLORES *2-22-37+11-21-83 sus hijos [double headstone with E27. concrete Christ 4' tall]

E27 SAMUEL FLORES [double stone with E26]

E28 JOSE H FLORES *17 Mar 1905 +8-18-1987  de todas sus hijos e hijas [granite, Christ figure 6' tall]

E29 SAMUEL FLORES 3-11-1932  10-1-1988

F01 UNKNOWN [mounded, probably infant]

F02 ELIBORIO FLORES 15 Jun 1949 15 Nov 1954

F03 SALVADOR SOLIS *18 Aug 1964 +9 Oct 1977 Recuerdo de sus padres y hermanos [Tablet stone with cross and statuette of graduate student; offerings include statuettes of two horses, dog and fish, wooden cross with name SOLIZ]

F04 JOSEFA VILLARREAL 20 Apr 1882 - 2 Feb 1948   su esposo y hijo dedican este recuerdo  su memoria DEP

F05 RAQUEL FLORES 6 Feb 1920 +27 Feb 1948

F06 UNKNOWN [wood cross]

G01 PAULINA DE SALINAS  murio 75 anos 13-2-1939 Esposo, hijo [tablet with cross, hand lettered, slab]

G02 DANIEL FLORES *6 Aug 1984 +6 Aug 1984

G03 ROCIO FLORES *2 Nov 1980  +3 Nov 1980

G04 RUBEN FLORES 15 Dec 1943


G06 RODOLFO FLORES RUIZ *16 Apr 1909 +11 Dec 1985 de su esposa e hijos [blue tile curb, composition stone canopy, glassed niche five feet tall with crucifix, image of Christ, flowers]

G07 S.D. DE P. [concrete cross with green bicycle stop light]

G08 Neno MANUEL ANTONENO PARREZ 28 Nov 1948 - 28 Nov 1948 de sus padres [hand-lettered cross]

G09 GUADALUPE F. PARRAS 12 Oct 1917 - 6 Jun 1986   Recuerdo de su esposa

G10 "Baby" FRANCISCA THATCHER 28 Dec 1946 - 28 Nov 1947 de sus padres

G11 IRMA FARIAS 14 Dec 1947-27 Jan 1948 sus padres

G12 HORACIO FARIAS 20 Feb 1905 - 28 Apr 1963 Su hija e hija politica y nieto dedican este recuerdo

G13 UNKNOWN [wooden cross]

G14 ANTONIO FARIAS 1909-1967 de su padre y hermanos

G15 PORFIRIO FLORES 1888- 4-9-67

Note: At right (east) of entrance gate is a concrete slab 5x5' which is base of an old storage room.



H03 DOLORES S. SANDOVAL 4 Oct 1916 - 7 Jan 1967  de sus hijos e hijas [tile figure Virgin of San Juan] 

H04 BEATRIZ SANDOVAL +10-16-70  de sus padres y hnos. [Concrete slab, hand lettered . Recuerdo padres y hermanos 10-26-86. Also wooden cross painted pink, with nailheads spelling decedent's name to form  cross]


H06 MA JOSEFA  RAMON  *(1?) Ajpr 1933 +1 Apr 1939 Dolores V Ramon

H07 ROSA FLORES 11 Jul 1895 - 20 Jul 1931 Recuerdo de Dolores V. Ramon [triple flat slab with H08-H09]

H08 JOSEFA RAMON 1939-1939  de sus hermanos [triple slab with H07, H09]  

H09 RAFAELA SALINAS 1931-1931 Recuerdo de Dolores V. Ramon [triple slab with H07, H08]

H10 UNKNOWN [wooden cross]

H11 ANDREA FLORES 3 Mar 1908 - 1 Dec 1930         de su hermana Exsiquia F. Garza

H12 HECTOR F. GONZALES 4-11-1932 - 9-7-1934 sus padres [hand lettered concrete tablet]

H13 UNKNOWN [wood cross and pipe cross]

I01 DESIDERIO GARCIA 1915-1964  su esposa y hijos

I02  ALONZO GARCIA  18 Jun 1936  - 8 Sep 1984 [double headstone with I03, 6 foot niche with figure of Christ, photo. Urns, one marked IGNACIO, the other MARIA with initials MSG and  AG]  

I03 MARIA S. GARCIA 29 Enero 1939. Con amor de parte su esposo e hijos. Double with I02]

I04 UNKNOWN [Depression, probably unmarked grave]

I05 ESTHER G. FLORES *28 Dec 1906 +22 Mar 1963 Esposo y hijos

I06ANDREA F. FLORES 4 Mar 1908-10 Dec 1931  Sus padres 

J01 TERESA VILLARREAL DE FLORES Died 26 Mar 1939 age 90.  Su hijo Tomas Flores Villarreal dedica ...

J02 UNKNOWN [small wooden cross]

J03 ESTEBAN FLORES 28 Dec 1875 - 14 Apr 1919 En memoria de la Orden de los Hacheros del Mundo [Woodmen of the World monument,  like tree trunk] 

J04 RAFAEL FLORES 8 May 1852 - 6 Mar 1923 Recuerdo de Luz y Exsiquia

K01 ELOISA FLORES Fallecio  a la edad de 17 anos.  Su madrastra Genoveva S. Flores 

K02 DOMINGO FLORES Nacio y murio 10 Dec 1944 de sus padres

K03 LIDIA FLORES Nacio y murio  4 Nov 1948 de sus padres

K04 PAULA F. FLORES 1882-1917

K05 FELIPE FARIAS 1878-1969  de sus hijos

K06 ELVA C. CANALES 18 Apr 1933 - 23 Sep 1980 Madre Victoriana Farias Recuerdo de Sr y Sra George Thatcher

K07 UNKNOWN [small wooden cross]

K08 VICTORIANA FARIAS 23 Dec 190_ - 19 Jul 1983 Recuerdo de su hermano

K09 FRANCISCO FARIAS 15 Mar 1865 - 28 Oct 1980  Recuerdo de su hija

K10 RAFAEL FARIAS 8 Oct 1938 5 Nov 1984  Recuerdo de su esposa, hijas e hijos