Hidalgo Co. Cemeteries of Tx

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With Permission  of the Hidalgo Co. Historical Commission (2005)

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LOCATION:  From Puerto Rico on FM 1017, turn north on caliche road 2.3 miles to cattle guard, turn right.  Cemetery is on south side of road

SURVEYED: December 1975 by Wilma C  and Kathryn B. Kosar. Updated Feb 18, 2005 by Emma Valdez.

HISTORY: Santos Valdez Cemetery is located in San Ramon Land Grant (1804).   The cemetery was established in 1943 by Santos Valdez (26 Jul 1896-14 Nov 1999). Valdez  came from Starr County about 1923 when he married Guadalupe Sanchez (21 Mar 1904-23 Dec 1990)of  Brooks County. They had five children. With his brother Natividad, he established Javelin Ranch. About 1939, the brothers bought part of Santa Monica Ranch. Santos renamed his part San Pedro, and raised cattle and goats.  His parents Petronilo and Pioquinta also lived at San Pedro.  He was a cowboy all his life, went on cattle drives, tamed broncs, and rode in rodeos. When he retired in 1966, he converted his ranch to a hunting lease. Santos and Guadalupe Valdez are buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery in Mission. 

01 ALBERTO RAMOS 4 Apr 1910-17 Jul 1968. de su esposa y hijos. [son of Julia B. Valdez Ramos]

02 JULIA B. VALDEZ RAMOS 17 Jul 1888-26 Apr 1968 sus hijos y hijas [sister of Santos Valdez]

03 PETRONILO VALDEZ [died ca 1943.  Father of Natividad, Santos and Julia Valdez]

04 ANTONIO ESPINOSA [infant son of  Miguel and Olga Valdez Espinosa]

05 PIOQUINTA F[LORES DIAZ] VALDEZ [ca 1868-January 1953. Wife of Petronilo Valdez]

JOSE SANTOS [died ca 1980, son-in-law of Santos Valdez

MIGUEL ESPINOSA  8 May 1935-28 Oct 2003 [husband of Olga Valdez]