Olivarez Cemetery

Hidalgo Co. Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Frances Isbell

With Permission  of Hidalgo Co. Historical Commission (2005)

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LOCATION:  On Hidalgo-Starr County indefinite boundary.  From US 281 at Linn, drive west 20 miles on FM 1017 to La Reforma, just across Starr County line.  Continue on FM 1017 for 1.5 miles past a gated locked private road which leads north to ranch headquarters.  Continue on FM 1017 for 0.9 mile.  Proceed northeast on caliche county road 1.2 miles.  Cemetery is on east side of road.   

SURVEYED:  Nick Hinojosa for Hispanic Genealogy Society 1976.  Ben and Kathy Olivarez, Bill MacWhorter and Fran Isbell on Sept. 16, 1995.

HISTORY.  The Olivarez family came to the Rio Grande Valley in 1749, when Joseph Valentin Olivarez settled in Camargo. (Don Antonio de Olivarez received Porcion 36 on the south bank, while Tomas de Olivarez received Porcion 34 and purchased Porcion 8.)   He moved in 1752 to help establish Mier. 


Five generations later, his ggggrandson Hilario was ranching at La Cotula, now Olivarez Ranches headquarters.  Hilario married Romula Barrera, heiress to part of neighboring La Reforma Ranch.  When his father died in 1943, their son Miguel operated the ranch, and passed it on to his son Ben.  With his wife Kathy Gerald, Ben raises prize-winning Santa Gertrudis cattle.  This family cemetery was apparently founded in the 20th century.

Earliest marked grave is dated 1904.



A01 -- - - Wood cross
A02 Saenz, Maria de la Paz Feb 2, 1862 Apr 1, 1945 Sus hijos dedican
A03 Olivarez, Angelita Aug 22, 1937 Dec 8, 1939 De sus padres


Olivarez, Dario Dec 19, 1857 Jul 16, 1935 De su esposa Maria de la Paz e hijos
A05 Olivarez, Hilario Jan 14, 1875 Jun 29,1943 Son of Eulogio and Ma. Antonia Lopez
A06 Olivarez, Romula B[arrera] Feb 17, 1879 Dec 21, 1931 Wife of Hilario; curbing
A07a Olivarez G,, Eulogio and A. Lopez de Olivarez Jun 16, 1833 Dec 4, 1920 Padre. Edad 87; de AOL, HOL. MOL, BOL, AOL [Hilario, Agustin, Mercedes, Blasa, Andrea] Double with wife Antonia.
A07b Olivarez, Antonia L. de Aug 18, 1830 Aug 4, 1904 Madre. 72 anos. Sus hijos DOL
B01 [Child] - - Concrete cross
B02 Alvarado, Leonel 1935 Oct 10,1953 De sus padres y hermanos [Died of football injury; son of Simona B04, cousin to Ben O.
B03 Alvarado, Eugenio 1904 1955 [Married Simona Olivarez]
B04 Alvarado, Simona O. 1907 1987 Age 79
B05 Olivarez Sr., Luis Aug 24, 1898 Apr 8, 1961 [Brother to Hilario] double headstone with Luis Sr.
B06 Olivarez, Macaria C.


Jan 2, 1899 Mar 14, 1987 Age 88; double headstone with Luis B05
B07 E. (?) O. - - Wood cross
C01 Garza, Maria S. Jan 17, 1914 Feb 5, 1992 Double with C02
C02 Garza, Amado SAep 13, 1890 Feb 5, 1991 Double with C01
C03 Garza, Miguel O. Sep 22, 1902 Nov 11, 1989 [in center of triple plot with C01, C02, curb]
C04 Garza, Blasa O. [1876?] Aug 18, 1970 Age 94; Her children Amado,Amelia and Miguel, dau-in-law Maria S. Garza. [One of Hilario’s sisters, per Ben O.]


Garza, Sotero


Apr 19, 1952

Age 78. Wife Blasa O. de Garza; his children Amado, Amelia and Miguel, dau-in-law Maria S. Garza







Garza, Romualdo

Feb 7, 1925

Aug 10, 1952

De su esposa y hijos, padre, madre y hermanos; curb












Olivarez, Dario

Nov 15, 1928

Aug 14, 1984

U S ARMY, Korea.; double headstone w/C11


Olivarez, Olga

May 18, 1931


Parents of Bibi, Gloria, And Dario Jr; [double w/c10]


Olivarez, Alfredo

Nov 29, 1931

Jan 7, 1994

Sp3, U S Army Korea [brother of Dario;  double with C13]


Olivarez, Lucinda J.

Sep 8, 1937


[double headstone with C12]





Wood cross


Mendez, Guadalupe O.

Sep 30, 1901

Feb 12, 1968

De su esposo y hijos


Mendez, Martin H.

Aug 27, 1895

Sep 16, 1979