Zacatal Ranch Cemetery

Hidalgo Co. Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Frances Isbell

With Permission  of Hidalgo Co. Historical Commission (2005)

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This cemetery is still active, 25 years after our census.  It is now in the process of being updated. 
LOCATION:  2.3 miles east of Mercedes Main Canal at Relampago and 400 feet south of US Highway 281, just west of  Santa Maria Main Canal,  almost on Hidalgo-Cameron County line. 
SURVEYED: December 1979 by John, Margaret, Clay and Brecht Isbell.  Some graves were transferred here from the abandoned Rudyville Cemetery after the 1909 flood.  It also replaced the Vuelta del Estero Cemetery about .5 mile northeast, which was destroyed by land improvements about 1911. The Anciso family maintains the cemetery. Gaps in numbers indicate vacant spaces or unmarked graves.
HISTORY:  Zacatal Ranch was located in Llano Grande Land Grant allocated to Juan Jose Hinojosa in 1790. Named for a small tribe of Tejones y Sacatiles Indians who inhabited the area, it was the largest settlement of the Hinojosas.  From there the men folks supervised their herds pastured to the north.  Traders made regular stops, and a woodyard supplied fuel for steamboats in the 1850s.
     In January 1860, the last battle of the Cortina War was fought in a  bend of the Rio Grande between  Zacatal and Mexican La Bolsa ranches. 
 Texas Rangers and U.S. Cavalry prevented Mexican  folk hero Juan Cortina from ambushing the steamboat Ranchero.
    Brownsville attorney Edward Dougherty had acquired the property in 1854.  He married Marcela Garcia y Anciso of Monterrey.  Their  sons were political leaders in Hidalgo County. William Phillip was county judge 1890-92, and James Luke was county sheriff 1884-1890 and a commissioner 1890-92. Their daughter  Maria Concepcion married Alexander Leo, sheriff 1873-1876, and county attorney 1880-84.   


A02 [Infant] MORALES [a twin, per Larry Ramos of Santa Maria. Blue headstone with angel.]

A03 [Infant] MORALES [A twin, matching A02. Later, a grave was inserted between them.]

A04  JOSE RIVERA LINARES 4Jun1895-2Jul1977  82 yrs 0 mos 28 da

A05 DOLORES RIVERA 4/4/1901-3/30/79  77 yrs 11 mos 26 da

A06 ROSENDO GARCIA  2Nov1892-30Jun1977

A07  JESUSA CAVAZOS [Unmarked, visitor says it is dau of Luisa Z. Cavos A08]

A08 LUISA Z. CAVAZOS 21Jun1906-8Aug1977  de sus hijos

A09 FILIBERTO CAVAZOS 16Mar1886-2Jan1948  de su esposa e hijos

A10 SIMON CAVAZOS 6Feb1925-31May1925   sus padres  [son of Filiberto, per visitor]

A11 SIMPLICIA C. YBARRA 22Mar1922-28May1971

A12 CASIMIRO YBARRA 11/17/1917-5/17/1979  61 yrs 6 mos 0 days

A13 JULIAN Z. CAVAZOS 7Feb1928-31Dec1978   de su esposo e hijos

A14 NATIVIDAD ESCAMILLA 1873-1923 sus hijos

A15 FERNARDO M. VILLARREAL 3Jan1909-25May1977

B01 PAULINO PANTALON Y GUADALUPE RUIZ  de sus padres a sus hijos [double headstone]

B02 YSMAEL PEREZ 23May1932-31May1932      de sus padres Roman Perez y Ysabel Guerra

B03 FRANCISCO RAMON 14Aug1897-6Jan1933  de su esposa y sus hijos

B04 SAN JUANA R. ORTIZ 29Aug1924-11Apr1970  de su esposo, hijos y hijas

B05 CRESCENCIA VILLAREAL 10Apr1890-22May1944    sus hijos y hijos adoptivos

B06 CLARA C. MARTINEZ 1911-1968 de su esposo e hijos

B07 Ma DORA ESCALON 18Mar1938-3Jan1939  de sus padres

B08 FILOCARPIO RAMON 10.19.12-12.12.79  aged 67 yrs 1 mo 23 days [Garza-Trevino FH]


C02  Pray for the souls of EDWARD DOUGHERTY  Born in County Cavan, Ireland  June 9, 1819--Died May 25, 1877 and his wife MARCELLA GARCIA died Nov19,1865 aged  36 [Marble slab mounted flat on concrete base.  These are ranch founders. Their caskets were moved after 1909 flood from Rudyville Cemetery, one mile south.]

C06  JULIA SALDIVAR  Died 30Sep????    [Garcia & Trevino FHM reads JULIA SALDIVAR Y ANCISO]

C07 (M)ARTIN M. ORTIZ died ...13, 1961       age .........10 mos [statuette and FHM]

D01 ANDRES ANCISO 17Nov1933-19Jul1978        de su esposa Dora y hija Erica

D02 GREGORIA ANCISO DE AVALOS 23Mar1935-6Aug1975  Recuerdo de sus hijos

D03  [unmarked, probably child]

D04 MIGUEL ANCISO 2Sep1934-26Feb1969     de su esposa y sus hijos

D05 EDUARDO ANCISO  30Oct1892-10Jun1973  de su esposa e hijos.  Age 80 yrs 7 mos 10 days

D06  .....GONZALEZ Born ...1, 18..

D07 RAMONA ZUNICA 20Aug1927-10May1929  sus padres Natal y Juana Zunica

D08 ALICIA ANCISO Fallecio el 27 Feb 1960

D09 CATARINA MARTINEZ 1862-1902  sus hijos


D11  ANICETO ANCISO 17Apr1881-19Jul1964 de sus hijos e hija y nietos  age 83 yrs, 3mos,2days

D12 PETRA M. ANCISO 11May1887-20Jan1969  Recuerdo de sus hijos y nietos

D13 [unmarked grave, Anciso?, probably child]

D14 PEDRO MARTINEZ 14May1940    Edad 40 anos   Recuerdo de su esposa

D15 .........MARTINEZ 1969

E01 DANIEL ORTIZ SR  9May1896-9Jul1977  age 81 yrs 2 mos  [double headstone, enclosure]

E02 JOSE MARIA DE LOS SANTOS 11Aug1951-5Mar1977  In loving memory of family. [Garcia & Trevino FHM reads 25 yrs 7 mos 24 days]

E03 JOSE V FLORES 16Jul1897-3Feb1969  de su esposa, sus hijos e hijas [enclosure. Garza ....FHM reads age 71 yrs, 6 mos,17 days]

E04 MARIA P. FLORES 18Feb1906-..Sep1978  de sus hijos y hijas  [age 71 yrs 6 mos 21 days]

E05 [No name, ROSALES J.?] 3Aug1948  Recuerdo de Margarita Rosales y Adan de Leon [J. Rosales in italics at bottom]

E07 LAZARA CASTANEDA (YBARRA)  17Dec1880-21Nov1936 Un recuerdo  de su esposo Santiago Ybarra y hijos Nicolasa, Beniono, Catarina, Raymona, Marcela.

E08 SANTIAGO G. YBARRA 2-12-1867 -- 4-21-1973 [double headstone] YBARRA, LAZARA C. 12-17-1880 -- 11-21-1936 de sus hijos e hijas

E09 PAULITA MARTINEZ 7 Feb1946-7Sep1948  de sus padres

E10  OLGA ANCISO Died March l, 1975.         Aged 0 ys 0 mos 0 days  [Garcia & Trevino FHM]

E11 GREGORIO MALDONADO 25May1910-9May1941     de su esposa y hijos

E12 OSCAR ANCISO 20Mar1978-20Mar1978 age 0 yrs 0 mos 0 days [Garcia & Trevino FHM]

E13 ANTONIO M. ANCISO  17May1900-27May1969 de su esposa e hijos [boveda]

E14 CASIMIRO MARTINEZ 28Oct1886-6Jan1941  de su esposa y hijos [headstone and enclosure]

E15 ERICA J. CRUZ 1978-1979

F01 AARON RUELAS 5Apr1978-1May1978  26 da

F02 JOSE YVARRA 19Mar1930-24Aug1979  aged 49 yrs 5 mos 5 days

F03 EDUARDO YBARRA 21Oct19(?)1-19Mar1978 age 56 yrs 4 mos 28 da

F04 GREGORIA P. CAVAZOS 1881-Sep1967     de su hijo Ferman Rodriguez y hermanos

F05 ERNESTO CAVAZOS 23Mar1907-29Apr1973  de sus hijos Odilon y Casimiro, e hijas Francisca y Ernestina

ALSO BURIED HERE per obituaries Mid Valley Town Crier, Weslaco TX, 11/12 Apr 1992:

LETICIA RAMOS  died (7?) Apr1992 age 42 [mother of Abigail and Ulises. Found dead at home in Progreso. Survived by her son Ivan Osmar Ramos of Austin, sister Blanca Campos of Progreso, and brother Hector Rosales of Austin and Mario Rosales of Guatemala.]

ABIGAIL RAMOS, age 8, died (7?) Apr 1992 [Garza-Hawkins FH]

ULISES JONATHAN RAMOS, age 3, died (7?) Apr 1992