Longoria Cemetery

Hidalgo Co. Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Frances Isbell

With Permission  of Hidalgo Co. Historical Commission (2005)

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LOCATION:  From USA 281, 18 miles north of Edinburg, drive west on FM 1017 for 13.75 miles.  Just past Santa Guadalupe Torero church, turn east onto unimproved Lane Road .75 mile, then due south .25 mile.  Cemetery is on west side of road on slope of a small rise.

SURVEYED: December 1975 by Wilma C. and Kathryn Kosar for McAllen Genealogical Society.

HISTORY: About 1835, Comanche Indians captured 7-year-old Lucas Longoria (1828-1907) from La Grulla in Starr County.  Trained as a Comanche warrior for 14 years, he escaped to Castroville where he convinced a German couple of his peaceful intentions. Eventually he was returned to his parents Eugenio and Guadalupe Villarreal Longoria.  His son Juan said he "never did speak proper Spanish."

     In 1873/4, he married (2) Rumalda Alvarado; they had nine children. About 1884 he purchased the original San Ramon Ranch in San Ramon Land Grant awarded by Spain to Julian Farias in 1809. He died in 1907 and is buried in Santa Guadalupe Torero Cemetery.  The family of his grandson Crisoforo Longoria II maintains the cemetery.

CENSUS:  North to South.

01 GUADALUPE L. GONZALEZ 3 Jul 1926-11 Sep 1965. de sus padres, esposo e hijos

02 JOSEFA V[ILLARREAL] LONGORIA 10 Jul 1885-12 Jan 1972. [Husband and wife]    CRISOFORO LONGORIA SR 27 Jan 1881-1 Mar 1970.  [Son of Lucas Longoria]

03 MACEDONIO GALVAN 12 Sep 1892-10 Oct 1968 Dedican su esposa e hijos [nephew of Lucas Longoria]

04 GREGORIA LONGORIA 8 Nov 1882-12 Dec 1967 de sus hermanos [dau of Lucas Longoria]

05 ALBERTO LONGORIA 23 Apr 1886-5 Nov  1963 Recuerdo de su esposa y hijos [Lucas' son]

06 JUAN LONGORIA 1875-1969 Un recuerdo de Leo Longoria y familia [son of Lucas Longoria]

07 JESUS NATIVIDAD GALVAN Died Oct 5, 1972 age 62 years

Row 2 08  SAN JUANITA B. LONGORIA  Died Oct 22, 1972 age 88 years