Hidalgo Co. Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Frances Isbell

With Permission  of Hidalgo Co. Historical Commission (2005)

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With permission of McAllen Genealogical Society

LOCATION:  2.75 miles south of Linn on US 281, just north of Red Gate, turn west on Miller Road.  Drive 1 mile, crossing railroad tracks.  Cemetery is 100 yards north on a small knoll.

SURVEYED:  February 1976 by Wilma C. Kosar and Dolores Rednour.  Resurveyed September 1, 1991 by Bill Foerster, Maria and Fay Leach, and Fran Isbell.

HISTORY: The Null Ranch is in San Salvador del Tule Spanish Land Grant to Juan Jose Balli in 1798.  In 1911, Amado Cavazos sold 2,000 acres out of La Noria Pasture to John B. Puckett, whose Puckett Ranch was partitioned in 1930 for development of citrus  groves.    Jessie M. and Sylvia Null moved from their farm in Sweetwater west of Abilene to San Juan in 1949, just after a big freeze. Null bought and sold real estate and cleared citrus groves to put them back in cultivation.  They purchased 297 acres in Freshwater Farms Subdivision II and operated J. M. Null Ranch north of Edinburg.  He had five wells and a natural lake on the property, and grew broomcorn, grain, melons, cotton, and blackeyed peas.  They lived on the ranch three years before moving to San Juan, where Mrs. Null operated a restaurant. She donated land for the cemetery in 1965; it is maintained by their daughter Mrs. Maxie Ann Stapleton.             

NULL, J[ESSIE] M[AXIE]       8 Jan 1895-17 Feb 1965

NULL, SYLVIA [CLARISSA RICHARDSON]                        28 Mar 1903-9 Mar 1988

TISON (BABY BOY)                   Nov. 20, 1973         [Son of Null's granddaughter, Dawn Markham, Mrs. Kelly Tison]