Andrea Ranch Cemetery

Hidalgo Co. Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Frances Isbell

With Permission  of Hidalgo Co. Historical Commission (2008)

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LOCATION: Andrea Ranch Cemetery is located on an unimproved road in extreme northeast Hidalgo County, about 400 feet west of the Kenedy County line, and about 3.6 miles south of the Brooks County line, and about eleven (11) miles south of Rachal. Andrea Ranch is about seven and a half (7.5) miles (as the crow flies; the dirt road travels an indirect route ) east of US 281, at a turnoff approximately 27 miles north of Edinburg. There are no landmarks in the area.

The US Geological Survey, Andrea Ranch Quadrangle shows the cemetery south of the ranch community, at approximately 26.43N 97.59W (26.43 degrees north latitude, 97.59 degrees west longitude. Quad shows 22 structures lining an unimproved north-south road.

HISTORY: Andrea Ranch is located in the San Salvador del Tule Land Grant. awarded to Juan Jose Balli in 1794. An October 13, 1911 survey by J. A. Card showed four buildings labeled Andrea Ranch in Mrs. H. M. King’s La Mula Pasture. Mrs.Henrietta King acquired the Santa Fe Ranch, including the Andrea Ranch property, in 1924.

Santa Fe Ranch, of which Andrea Ranch is a part, is owned by the children of the late Tom T. East Jr. and Evelyn Kuenstler East: Alice, Liça, and Mike East. They are fourth generation descendants of pioneer Texas cattleman and steamboat captain Richard King (1924-1885) and Henrietta Chamberlain King (1833-1925).

Andrea Ranch is owned by Miss Alice East and her brother Mike East. The Santa Fe Ranch has preserved the historic names, La Copita, Padrones, San Andrea, and Todos Santos to designate their Hidalgo County pastures. Presumably Andrea Ranch was named for the San Andrea Pasture.

Andrea Ranch Cemetery accommodates ranch workers, and is cared for locally.