Jaraschinas Ranch Cemetery

Hidalgo Co. Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Frances Isbell

With Permission  of Hidalgo Co. Historical Commission (2005)

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NAME:  Jaraschinas Ranch Cemetery [ranch is named for the Chinese vase bushes which grow there.  Correctly, Spanish name should be spelled jarraschinas but old family records consistently use jaraschinas

LOCATION:  Drive north of La Joya on FM 2221 for 5.7 miles, where road turns east.  Continue north on Jaraschinas Road (caliche) for about 5 miles.  Turn east on private road through green gate marked Salinas and follow fence, keeping south when road forks.  Turn north at second fork for .25 mile to Cemetery.

SURVEYED:  David and Carmen Bazan, Virginia Haynie and George Gause, 23 May 1987, updated by Maria Leach Aug 1992.  

HISTORY:  Jaraschinas Ranch was founded in 1880 on the north part of Porciones 73,74 and 75 by Tomas Salinas Sr. (1820-1899) of Camargo and his wife Manuela Perez. Originally, it was an Old Salt Trail camp around a natural pothole; ruts are still visible. The ranchers raised sheep and goats,  produced cotton, grain and vegetables by dryland farming, and hauled mesquite wood to Sam Fordyce woodyard for the steamboats.  Later Brahma Cross , Santa Gertrudis and Indu Brasil cattle were added.  700 cleared acres have reverted to brushland, which was leased for hunting until 1980, and is now retained for family use. Tomas Salinas established the cemetery about 1885 at the death of his son Pedro;Tomas is buried in Rio Grande City. Cemetery is maintained by family.
CENSUS:  South to north.  Gaps in numbers are unmarked graves or empty spaces.]
A01  BLAS MUNOZ 8 Dic (1958?)
A02  TONITO MENDOZA 10Jul1919- 7Sep1949 Recuerdo de sus padres y hermanos 

A03 [Small blue cross; family says this is boy from McCook who died of rattlesnake bite]
A08 GUADALUPE SAENZ 5Aug1930-(1951?)  [Unmarked,  informant Elva Delgado]
B01-B02 [Wood crosses, probably infants]
B04 GUADALUPE SALINAS 12Dec1889-11Dec1919  Papa, Mama y hermanos dedican
B06 VICENTE SAENZ 5Apr1889-9Jul1938         Un recuerdo de sus padres y hermanos
B07 MARIA S[alinas] DE SAENZ 12Apr1896-14Jun1939  de sus padres y hermanos [motherof Vicente Saenz Jr.]
B08 TERESA URESTE GARZA 1913-7Dec1935 Sus padres Maria Ureste de Basan y Pablo Basan
C01 [Infant] MUNOZ [Elva Delgado, informant]
C02 [Infant] LERMOS [Elva Delgado, informant]
C03 HILARIA SALINAS [wife of Eleuterio Salinas; grandmother of informant Elva Salinas]
C04 LYDIA MARIA SALINAS 27Aug1938-2May1939  Un memoria de sus padres
C05 MARIA MANUELITA P[EREZ]DE SALINAS  1824-1926 age 102  Su hijo Emeterio Salinas dedica este recuerdo. [A ranch founder]
C08 JORGE SALINAS 5Apr1864-4Jan1920  Un recuerdo de sus hijos [father of Lauro Salinas]
C09 PRAJEDES BAZAN [second husband of Brigida Salinas; David Bazan's great grandfather]
C10 IGNACIA BAZAN [daughter, age 18]
C11 BRIGIDA BAZAN 25Nov????-25Nov1925
[Married (1) Asiano Garza (2) Prajedis Bazan]
C12 HERMANO BAZAN [small grave]
D01 MIGUEL SALINAS 10Jun1898-23Sep1991
[Double headstone with D02]
D02 MATILDE O. SALINAS 4May1910-17Sep1963  Recuerdo de su esposo y hijas
D03 ELEUTERIO SALINAS 10Feb1866-10Oct1952   de sus hijos y demas familia
D06 TOMAS SALINAS 13Dec1893-8Jul1940
Su esposa Amelia G. de SALINAS y su padre y hermanos le dedican este recuerdo a su memoria
D11 ANDREA G[ARCIA] DE SALINAS 4Feb1882-7Nov 1956  Un recuerdo de su esposo y hijos
D12 RUPERTO SALINAS 17Feb1882-31Oct1966  [second husband of Andrea]
D13 GILBERTO MONTES *24Apr1968-+22Dec1969  [Alicia's son]
E01 MATIAS EDUARDO SALINAS  Texas Sp 4, U.S.Army  24Feb1934-20Nov1973            [son of Miguel and Matilde Salinas]
 E02 SANTIAGO SALINAS 28Nov1901-20Jul1976  de su esposa y sobrinas  [double with E03]
E03 LIBRADA O. SALINAS  15Aug1907-
E04 BARTOLO SALINAS 17Aug1905-12Feb1982 de sus hermanos y hermanas [Jorge's son]
F01 MARISSA DELGADO    5/6/85                Baby we love you
F02 JOSE LUIS DELGADO 1954-1986  age 32        [father of Marissa]