Hidalgo Co. Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Frances Isbell

With Permission  of Hidalgo Co. Historical Commission (2005)

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LOCATION:  Drive 18 miles north of Edinburg on US 281.  Turn west at FM 1017 for 15 miles to Puerto Rico.  Turn north on caliche road for 3.5 miles or past three cattle guards to Cipres community. Cemetery is on left just before you reach fourth cattle guard.

SURVEYED:  December 1975 by Wilma C. Kosar and Kathryn B. Kosar for McAllen Genealogical Society. Updated September 7, 1987 by Nicasio Hinojosa Jr.[also an owner of Santa Monica Ranch] of Houston for Hispanic Genealogical Society.

HISTORY: Santa Monica Ranch lies in San Ramon Land Grant of 22,602 acres given by Spain to Juan Farias in 1804.  It was founded in 1900 by Margarito and Liberata Hinojosa on his share of Hinojosa Ranch established by his father, Jose Lino Hinojosa in 1882. Lino, a great grandson of Jose Hinojosa, primitive settler of Camargo,  had been a  quartermaster sergeant in the 1st Texas Cavalry in 1862. He purchased 4,000 acres from Cenobio Farias, and added three square miles of Public Survey Land.  While Lino lived near Rio Grande City, his sons Fabian and Margarito, operated the ranch  in Hidalgo County. where they built one of the few stone ranchhouses.  Margarito, a deputy US marshal,  deeded land for public roads and a school, donated funds for a church for the community,  and built the cemetery before 1928.  His descendants continue to operate the ranch.

A01 MARGARITA C. GARCIA Died Nov 15 [recopied as Jan 16] 1964 age  81 yrs, 8 mos 19 days [FHM]

A02 PEDRO CARO Died Jan 16,1973 age 79 yrs[FHM]

A03 GUADELUPE S. PEREZ 16 Sep 1879 - 18 Apr 1964 Por sus hijos e hijas QEPD

A04 ........CARO [wood cross]

A05 LUG__IO C___ 20 Mar1898 - 247[sic] Mar19(4?)5

A06 [wood cross]

A07 [concrete marker, nothing legible]

B08 FEDERICO PEREZ 29 Feb 1908 - 6 Apr 1963 de su esposa e su hijo e hija EPD

B09 UNKNOWN 24 Oct 1946

B10 BONIFACIO P. PEREZ 14 May 1873 - 9 Feb 1945

B11 DARIO [DAVID] P PEREZ Fallecio 11 Jan 1942 a la edad de 81 anos, de su esposa y sus hijos DEP

B12 ANTONIO P. PEREZ 1857-1933  de sus hijos y hijas

C13 FABIAN C. HINOJOSA 19 Feb 1877 - 16 Dec 1948 [brother of Margarito, founder of adjacent Cipres Ranch, veteran of Philippine Insurrection 1903-1904] FABIAN G. HINOJOSA Texas Pvt 7 Inf  [WWI]   19 Feb 1877-16 Dec 1948

C14 [homemade concrete cross]

D15 LIBERATA HINOJOSA 1881-1975 [Aug 16, 1881-Sep 2, 1975; wife of ranch founder Margarito Hinojosa]

D16 MARGARITO HINOJOSA  22 Feb 1862 -  2 May 1943 su esposa e hijos [ranch  founder]

D17 SOFIA HINOJOSA 14 May 1908 - 22 Jul 1928 Sus padres Margarito Hinojosa, Liberata L. de Hinojosa y hermanos dedican este recuerdo a su memoria QEPD

D18 HERMINO [HERMILO] A. MUNOZ 2 May 1911 - 19 Nov 1928 Sus padres y hermanos dedican...

D19 PEDRO HINOJOSA 31 Jan 1902 - 21 Jun 1931  de su esposa y sus hijos

E20 ALVARO HINOJOSA 1 Oct 1923 -  24 Jun 1949 de su madre y hermanos [son of Margarito Hinojosa]ALVARO L. HINOJOSA Texas PFC 317 Inf 80 Inf Div World War II BSM-PH 1 Oct 1923 - 24 Jun 1949 

E21 NICASIO HINOJOSA 13 [12] Oct 1913 - 17 Oct 1953 de su esposa y hijos [son of Margarito& Liberata]

E22 [DAVID CARLOS] CHARLY HINOJOSA *22Jun 1947+14 Jun 1960 de su madre Hortencia y hermano Nicky Hinjosa Jr. [son of Margarito and Liberata H. David Carlos Hinojosa died in same car accident as Elisa R. Casares D23]  

E23 ELISA R. CAZARES 14 Feb 1923-14 Jun 1960 Recuerdo de tu hija Yolanda y tu esposo Manuel Cazares [died in car accident, per Hispanic Gen. Soc.]

F24 DELFINA CASAS HINOJOSA 24 Dec 1898 -  23 Feb 1974 Su esposo, hijas y hijos dedican este recuerdo

[Outside the fence PEDRO AVILA; not a tombstone, this was a child's prank]