Stockholm Cemetery 

Hidalgo Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Cindy Shaffer

Photos by Adam B.

Visited in 2001 by Cindy Shaffer and her daughter and grandson, Amanda Golden Emery and Steven K. Golden (age 8)..

Stockholm Cemetery was surveyed as part of the Ranch Cemetery Survey of  1987 of the Hidalgo County Historical Commission. A Texas Historical  Commission marker is located about 1/4 mile from the cemetery, inscription as follows:



Located on the Hidalgo-Willacy County Line, Stockholm was a Swedish  community promoted by the Wallin, Johnson and Matson Land Co. of Minnesota.  The Swedes, who settled here between 1912 and 1914, were attracted by the  area's abundance of inexpensive, fertile farmland. They formed a farm club  to share information and problems, and raised cotton, grain and corn. Some were dairy farmers. Stockholm, also known as Turner Tract, had churches, a  school, grocery store and cotton gin. Near this site is the Stockholm Cemetery, one of the few physical reminders of the ghost town. (1985)

The cemetery is fenced in front with an iron fence and brick corner stones. There were a lot of young trees planted. Upon entering the  main gate, the cemetery is divided into north and south portions. We have included the portion, row and grave number in this transcription.

Row Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
N4-3 Backlund Oscar 1873 1947 -
N4-6 Cleeper Ira, Jr 1968 1969 corner post
S1-2 Hammerbeck Christine 1862 1940 -
S1-3 Hammerbeck Gust. 1862 1943 -
N5-2 Hedberg John Feb 23 1964 Apr 30 1952 h/o Hulda M.
N5-2 Hedberg Hulda M. Dec 11 1870 Feb 16 1959 w/o John
N3-2 Johnson Jonas P. Oct 17 1883 Mar 21 1937 h/o Johanna C. (double marker)
N3-2 Johnson Johanna C. Nov 15 1857 May 05 1934 w/o Jonas P. "At Rest"
N1-1 Luttring Andrew J. 1876 1951 h/o Marie C.
N1-1 Luttring Marie C. 1874 1944 w/o Andrew J.
N2-1 Magnuson Carl J. Jan 21 1853 Nov 27 1951 h/o Hidida, "For Ever With the Lord"
N2-1 Magnuson Hiidla Ohlison  May 02 1865 Sep 26 1953 "He the Pearly Gate Has Opened"
N4-5 Miller Ira 1911 1956 -
N3-1 Miller Q.O. 1882 1972 h/o Nettie L. (double marker)
"Absent, Not Dead"
N3-1 Miller Nettie L. 1886 1946 w/o Q.O.
S2-1 Pearson Carl Otto 1874 1944 "Father"
S2-1 Pearson Family - - "Because I live, Ye shall live also. John 14-19"
"Earth hat no sorrow, that heaven cannot health"
S2-1 Pearson Charlotta K.Backlund 1876 1947 "Mother"
N5-1 Peterson Mary 1876 1949 -
N4-1 Rolin George E. Feb 28 1905 Mar 08 1927  
N4-2 Rolin Henry J. Jan 05 1871 Aug 14 1935 -
S1-1 Sallas Ella Mae Hammerbeck Jul 21 1904 Jul 26 1990 -