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Wharton County Chapter  TX German Society
P.O. Box 1236
El Campo, TX 77457
Wharton County Library
1920 N. Fulton
Wharton, TX 77488             979-532-8080
Wharton County Czech Society
Rt. 1, Box 23
Louise, TX 77455

Thanks to Lois Kennedy the cemeteries  from her site.  Visit her Wharton Co. Tx GenWeb Site    for more information.  Also thanks to Janet Barrett Walker  for her contributions and transcriptions.

The county is divided into four quandrants, using the Colorado River and State Highway 59 as the divisors. The Colorado runs in a general direction North to South and Hwy 59 East to West.

Quandrant I consists of the City of Wharton, Iago, Boling, Newgulf and Lane City Areas, East to the San Bernard River and South to the Matagorda County line.

Quandrant II has the towns of East Bernard, Lissie, Hungerford, Egypt North of Hwy 59 and of the Colorado River to the Ft Bend and Colorado county lines.

Quandrant III consists of the City of El Campo, Louise and Taiton area North of Hwy 59 and West of the Colorado River to the Jackson County line

Quandrant IV has only the town of Danevang and the Hillje area South of Hwy 59 to the Matagorda County line.

North Side Square Wharton 1910


Cemetery Name

Location Submitter  More Photo
Ansgar Evangelical Lutheran Church and Cemetery Danevanq - HM -
Bartos Cemetery Forgason Div Lois Kennedy - -
Boling Area Burials private Property Lois Kennedy - -
Boone's Bend Cemetery (B) CR 225 Lois Kennedy - -
Boot Hill Cemetery Mose Thomas tract Lois Kennedy - -
Bowden Cem (Peach Cr) CR 229 - - -
Brooks-Spivi Cemetery East Bernard Lois Kennedy - -
Camp Zion Cemetery Egypt - - -
Chesterfield Cemetery Chesterville Lois Kennedy HM -
Czech National Cemetery  2nd aka Cesko Nardoni Hrbitov    (2003 list) East Bernard Lois Kennedy  Tammy Gendke -

Colonia Mexicana de El Campo El Campo Lois Kennedy    
Corbett Estate Cemetery Peach Creek Lois Kennedy - -
Crescent Cemetery (W-M) ElCampo Lois Kennedy - -
Danevanq Lutheran Danevanq Lois Kennedy - -
Danevang Mexican & Negro Danevanq Lois Kennedy - -
East Bernard Methodist Cem East Bernard Lois Kennedy - -
East Gate Church Cemetery (B) CR 243 Lois Kennedy - -
Egypt Plantation Cemetery (W-B) J.C. Clark League Lois Kennedy - -
El Campo City Cemetery El Campo Lois Kennedy - -
Elm Grove Cemetery (B) Bonus Lois Kennedy - -
Frazer Cemetery Bonus - - -
Garden of Memories El Campo Lois Kennedy - -
Graves Family Cemetery CR 291 Lois Kennedy - -
Habermacher-Thatcher Cemetery A. Jackson League Lois Kennedy - -
Hahn Cemetery Hahn - - -
Harrington Burials Lissie Lois Kennedy - -
Holy Cross Cemetery (W-M) East Bernard Lois Kennedy - -
Horton Family Cemetery Private Property Lois Kennedy - -
Hudgins Family Cemetery A. Jackson League Lois Kennedy - -
Jawbone Cemetery near Burr Lois Kennedy - -
Kucera Family Cemetery - - - -
Lakeview Cemetery - - - -
Little Zion Cemetery Wharton Lois Kennedy - -
Lissie Cemetery Lissie Lois Kennedy - -
Lissie Site #1 Cemetery Lissie-McDow Rd - - -
Magnet Cemetery Mauldin Rd  Lois Kennedy - -
Mackay Cemetery Glen Flora Lois Kennedy - -
May (A.J.) Farm Cemetery Burr Comm Lois Kennedy - -
Mexican & Negro Cemetery Louise Lois Kennedy    
Mount Calvery Cemetery (W) - - - -
Mount Cavalry Bapt Church Cem (B) Quadrant II Lois Kennedy - -
Mt Pilgrim Baptist (B) - - - -
Mount Scillia Church Cemetery Hudgins Lois Kennedy - -
New Prosperity Cemetery (B) FM 102 Lois Kennedy - -
Oaklawn Memorial Cemetery El Campo Lois Kennedy - -
Old Jerusalem Cemetery Egypt Lois Kennedy - -
Payne Cemetery (M) El Campo Lois Kennedy - -
Peach Creek Cemetery (B) CR 229 Lois Kennedy - -
Preston Cemetery Wharton Lois Kennedy


Procopius Cemetery (W-M) Gobbler Creek Lois Kennedy - -
Saint Phillips Cemetery El Campo - - -
Sandies Memorial Cemetery (B) CR 382 Lois Kennedy - -
San Francisco Cem                          San Francisco Cem   alpha East Bernard Lois Kennedy - -
Shearith Israel Cemetery Wharton Lois Kennedy    
Shiloh Cemetery Boling - - -
Sisterdale Cemetery Sisterdall Lois Kennedy - -
Spanish Camp-Co. Pauper Cem FM 1161 Lois Kennedy - -
St Andrews Catholic Cemetery Hillie Lois Kennedy    
St John Catholic Church Cemetery Hungerford Lois Kennedy - -
St John Lutheran Church Cemetery Waterhouse Lois Kennedy - -
St John Roman Catholic Church  New Taiton Lois Kennedy - -
Stockton Cemetery East Bernard Lois Kennedy - -
Swedish Luthern Cemetery El Campo Lois Kennedy - -
Wharton City Cemetery (2904 burials) Wharton Lois Kennedy  

Wharton Negro Cemetery Wharton Lois Kennedy - -

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