Bartos Cemetery

Wharton County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Lois Kennedy

Cemeteries of Texas Coordinator: Dolores I. Bishop

Edgar H. Hudgins said that, by rumor or hearsay, it has been told to him that Frank Bartos, who died prior to September 30, 1911, is buried in approximately what is now (1984) the J.D. Hudgins Kucer feed lot, about Pen # 6. This is part of the Forgason Division of J.D. Hudgins, located in the A. Jackson Prairie League, CR 215, west side of West Bernard Creek.

Frank Bartos' wife was named Rozalya Bartos. No dates are given as to when the information was given by Mr. Hudgins, but it is assumed it was in 1984.

The site is located in quadrant II.