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Cemeteries of Dallas County Texas

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Last updated: February 03, 2010

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Dallas Archives

Cemetery Name

Location Submitter or Lookup Other Picture
Unknown Cemetery (Picture) I-35 GBMayfield   (contact if you have info) - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Abraham Carver Cemetery Dallas - HM -
Anderson Family Cemetery - - HM -
Beeman Memorial Cemetery  Dallas - HM -
Bethel Cemetery Coppell - HM -
Big Springs Cemetery Richardson Elaine Nall Bay goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Blewett Cemetery Richardson Harold R. Huber HM goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Calvary Hill Catholic Cemetery Dallas Mary Jackson- Elaine Nall Bay goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Cox Cemetery - Morgan Moran goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Crown Hill Cemetery   aerial
 (Bonnie Parker grave site)
Webb Chapel RD Need Transcription goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Caruth Pioneer Cemetery Dallas - HM -
Cochran Chapel Cemetery  Dallas - HM -
Cox Cemetery  Dallas - HM -
Dallas City Cemetery Dallas M C Toyer goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Dallas City Pauper Cemetery  A-L Dallas Karen Riggs goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Dallas City Pauper Cemetery  M-Z Dallas Karen Riggs goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Dallas-Ft Worth National Cemetery Grand Prairie= - - -
Daniel Cemetery & History Dallas Kay Leppert HM NA
Daniel Cemetery DeSota - HM -
Edgewood Cemetery - - -HM -
Emmanuel Cemetery  (Jewish Cem next to Old Calvary Cemetery) need transcription - -
Farmers Branch Cemetery Farmers Branch Daniel Babb - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Five Mile Cemetery Dallas - HM -
Floyd Pioneer Cemetery  Richardson - HM -
Forest Lawn Cemetery Dallas need transcription O -
Freedman's Cemetery  Dallas - HM -
Fuget Cemetery  Grand Prairie - HM -
Garden of Memories Cem - obit by Mary Glass Gordon goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Garland Cemetery 2800 Commerce Garland E. J. Brown goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Garland Memorial Cemetery Obits Garland - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Garland Mills Cemetery Inscriptions Garland B.S.A. Eagle Scout  Troop 57 Avery Koch goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Garland Mills Masonic Section Garland B.S.A. Eagle Scout  Troop 57 Avery Koch NA goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Garvin Memorial Cemetery  Dallas - HM -
W.W. Glover Cemetery  Dallas - HM -
Greenwood Cemetery Dallas need transcription HM goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Grove Hill Mem Park Dallas Leslie Ramm   transcribing & photos goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Haley Memorial Cem (p) Irving R. Steven Rainwater & Susan Chance-Rainwater HM -
Harrington Cemetery -  - - -
Hill Crest Memerial Park - aka Sparkman Dallas Morgan Moran goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Horton Family Cemetery  Dallas  Susanna Clark-Smith HM -
Hutchins Memorial cemetery  Hutchins - HM --
Jordan - Hight Family Cemetery  Grand Prairie - HM -
Kit Cemetery -  - - -
Kleburg Cemetery Kleburg - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Laurel Land Mem Park (p) Dallas Debbie Cromwell goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Laurel Oaks Mem Parks Mesquite Need transcription goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Keenan Cemetery  Farmers Branch - HM -
La Reunion Cemetery Dallas - HM -
Ledbetter Family Cemetery This cemetery is located at the back of the property located at 4704 Lynnacre in Dallas.      
Lee Cemetery  Seagoville - HM -
Letot Cemetery  Dallas - HM -
Lisbon Cemetery  Dallas - HM -
Little Bethel Cemetery Duncanville LesLee Lay goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Long Creek Cemetery Sunnyvale Robert "Bobby" Bennett - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Marsh Cemetery  Farmers Branch Daniel Babb - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Mesquite Cemetery  (Index) Mesquite Virginia Chase - -
McAdams Cemetery ILLINOIS & I-35 SO Juli D. Quinteros de Hernandez goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
McCree Cemetery  Dallas - HM -
Merrell Cemetery  Dallas - HM -
Merrifield Cemetery Dallas Juli D. Quinteros de Hernandez goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Mills Cemetery        
Motley Cemetery Mesquite Monetta Alexander Lockey HM goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Mt Calvary Cemetery   2.  Mount Calvary (2002) Partial Dallas Richard Wilcox             Debbie Cromwell HM goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Oak Cliff Cemetery Dallas - HM -
Oak Grove Memorial Gardens (P) Irving - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Oakland Cemetery Dallas Various goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Old Calvary Cemetery Dallas need transcription - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Old Southland Cemetery    .obits Grand Prairie Janie Richards HM -
Parrish Cemetery Coppell Wanda Blair HM -
Perry Cemetery  Carrollton - HM -
Pioneer Cemetery Dallas - HM -
Pioneer Cemetery Garland - HM -
Pleasant Mound Cemetery  Dallas Need transcription HM -
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Sunnyvale Rachel English -  Jerry M. Flook goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Pleasant Valley Cemetery Dallas Margaret Bates HM goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Potter Cemetery Mesquite - HM -
Rawlins Cemetery Lancaster LesLee - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Restland Memorial Park Dallas Need transcription goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Rhodes Cemetery Desoto Rhonda Mangum Combs goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Roselawn Memorial Gardens Seagoville Need transcription obit no
Rylie Cemetery Rylie Lee Driggers   HM goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Sachse Cemetery Sachse E. J. Brown- Elaine Nall Bay goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Sacred Heart Cemetery Rowlett Yvonne Fredericks  goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) - obit  goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Shady Grove Cemetery (P) Irving - HM -
Shelton's Bear Creek Cemetery Irving - HM -
Sowers Cemetery -  - -HM -
Smith Cemetery  2  Smith Cemetery Irving Sharon Tucker  2 Angel Wright No No
Sparkman aka Hillcrest Memorial Park (Mickey Mantle, Tom Landry grave sites Dallas Transcription needed No  goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Temple Emanu-el Cemetery Dallas - HM -
Tompkins Cemetery -  - - -
Trees Cemetery  Duncanville LesLee Lay HM goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Trinity Portland Cement Company Cemetery  Dallas - HM -
Warner Cemetery  Dallas - HM -
Webb Chapel Cemetery Webb Chapel Rd Richard R. Wilcox goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Wild Briar Farm Cemetery -   - -


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