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"Found in Historical Cemetery"article by Barbara Ann Hodson                

Park Cities News  Sept 3, 1953  

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Behind the iron fence and tall shrubbery on Airline between Daniel and Milton lies buried a woman who helped to build the western frontier of  a land that her father fought to create and her sons fought to divide. Her name was Frances Sims Daniel.
Four years after Texas was annexed to the United States and eight shortyears after John Neely Bryan built his log cabin on the banks of the Trinity,  this woman, widowed only the year before, brought six of her eight living children and her sister, Mrs. Nancy Harlan, to the wilds of Texas from
civilized Alabama. With her carefully hoarded savings, she invested in the frontier's only security---land.  for her home place, she bought a section, 640 acres,  around the location of today's Snider Plaza at 50 cents an acre.  Through other purchases she acquired land on both sides of the Trinity and some  rich bottom land along the river.
Frances Sims Daniel was born in Hanover Co. VA on Jan 191796, the youngest daughter of Judith Cross Sims and William Sims, a revolutionary soldier.   The family moved to Maury County TN, where Frances married the Rev. John M Daniel on July 11 1816.   the Daniel's then moved to Alabama where John died  in 1848.The year 1849 marks the beginning of the Daniel family in what is not  University park.  With her household effects, children, sister and several slaves, Mrs. Daniel made the long trek across county, and thus another  southern family GTT---Gone to Texas.  The children, Jesse, Francis R., John, Thomas B. Isabella O and Margaret S.  were the founders of several local families. With the year 1850, the history of the family cemetery begins. On the tombstones  is that two-acre plot can be read the story of a family.   Births, marriages,  deaths--the tragic record on the many tiny stones marked "Baby The cemetery was begun in the newly-planted orchard behind the house when Frank,
one of the slaves who came from Alabama, died.  later four other slaves were   buried in the north west corner of the orchard.Frank was one of the slaves given to Frances when her father died in 1813.   Williams Sims' will read, in part:"I do lend unto my daughter Frances Sims, three Negroes, Kitty, Rose and   Frank, also a colt, saddle, and bridle, also a walnut chest and at my daughter's death I give said negroes and their increase to her lawful issue."
She also received her "respective bed and furniture, and a cow and the increase of said cow forever." The east boundary of the home property were somewhere between Airline Road and Greenville Avenue and the house faced south.  The other boundaries were  Lovers Lane on the north, Haynie on the south and Turtle Creek on the west.The first member of the family buried in the orchard was Isabella, who died  in her teens leaving an infant daughter.  The wife of Alexander Harwood, co unty clerk of Dallas , she died in 1851 and was buried in the south east corner of
the orchard. her daughter was buried beside her in 1860.  Mrs. Harlan, Mrs. Daniel's sister was also buried in 1850. Margaret, the youngest Daniel daughter, married Joshua Fayette Smith in 1853.  Soon after the death of her oldest daughter, Sophronia, in 1897, she had a  fence built around the little plot. Already outlined with the bois'arc trees planted by her mother.  On all the stones are inscriptions that reveal the shortness  of life , the terrible toll of infants taken by death and the sorrow of bereaved
parents and children.  Francis Sims Daniel herself was only 57 when she was laid to rest.



Located on Airline Road at Milton Street, University Park, Dallas Co.  Texas



Rev. Jesse Daniel 1819-1902 John L. Harvey, Grace Killan Harvey, Ben Harvey

Nancy Daniel 1823-1881 all on same marker

Sophronia Daniel 1851-1869 John F. Daniel 1823-1889

James M. Daniel 1854-1885 Mary F. Daniel MacDougal 1870-1926

Monroe A. Daniel 1864-1885 Ella Lee Daniel 1885-1934

Robert A. Daniel 1856-1908 William L. Daniel, Sr. 1863-1927 no marker

Eliza Daniel 1885-1958


2ND ROW Mrs. Fannie Daniel Finley

Milton L. Daniel 1848-1918 about 3 unmarked graves

John P. Daniel 1853-one year

Ann Daniel 1844-2 months                   6TH ROW

Mary E. Daniel 1859-11 months            J. L. Darden 1829-1908

Ida Daniel 1861-9 months                   Lilly Daniel 1883-2 months

Francis R. Daniel 1821-1903           Mattie J. Daniel 1863-1891

Mary F. Daniel 1826-1904                  T. Henry Daniel no marker

Adley Daniel 1868-1911                          T om Daniel no marker

Georgiana Daniel 1879-1926         Maidie Daniel Robertson 1886-1945

Fannie Branch Daniel no marker Edward Roberston 1889-1954 no marker


Fannie Bell Harwood 1861-1960

Isabella Daniel Harwood 1833-1851

Nancy Sims Harlan

Frances Sims Daniel 1790-1853

Three Babies of J. L. & Margaret Smith

Capt. J. Lafayette Smith 1830-1867

Ann Sophronia Smith Moore 1855-1898

Margaret Sims Daniel Smith 1837-1905

Erle Johnston 1883-1908

Fannie Smith Johnston 1857-1940

Henry B. Johnston 1848-1916

Margaret Ann Ford 1925-6 weeks

Gus L. Ford 1882-1948

Ann Johnston Ford         w/o Gus L. Ford



Henry Logan 1883-1908

Robert A. Robertson 1926-infant

Ada Daniel Robertson no marker

Milton Robertson no marker

Mattie Harvey Costello 1891-1913

W. S. C. Harvey 1848-1928

Laura Garvin Harvey 1852-1931

John L. Harvey 1883-1909

Maggie Harvey 1877-1897

Frank Harvey 1884-1917

May Alive Ballerd 1916-1941

Maud Harvey Nowatt 1888-1955

Oliver Nowatt 1882

Mattie Nowatt 1915-1921

Robert Nowatt 1918-1921


INSIDE CURB - Edward (Ned) Hunt, Eddie Hunt,

Mrs. Voila Winn Hunt

ENCLOSED LOT - 3 infants of Edwin & Lillian Smith Doggett

Mattie Layton Smith 1865-1928

James A. Smith 1863-1924

Edwin B. Doggett 1830

Lillian Smith Doggett    1886-1939

Infant of Trammell & Margaret Doggett Crow


Francis Asbury Daniel 1850-1917

Fannie Harper Daniel 1861-1940

John Irvin Simmons 1910-infant

Martha Ellen Simmons 1918-infant

Irvin Simmons 1880-1957

Laura B. Simmons


Sara Olivia Cox Daniel

Alvan Harper Daniel


Rhea Cox Daniel 1904-1970


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