Little Bethel Cemetery

 Duncanville, Dallas County, Texas Cemeteries of Texas

Photos by LesLee Lay

Coordinator: Dolores I. Bishop Information provided by the State of Texas Atlas Site

Location: marker is inside at rear of cemetery Marker : Burials of two small children opened this cemetery in 1856. The oldest stone (1858) commemorates Etna Barker, of a pioneer family. Some relatives of John Neely Bryan, first settler in Dallas, are buried here. This was once the site of a small church that was later relocated in Cedar Hill. Landowner Crawford Trees donated original burial ground in 1860. Judge William B. Hamilton added acreage in 1936 and 1951. There are now 1,000 graves. Little Bethel became a memorial park with perpetual care in 1966.

S. J. Nicholson   Apr 20 1913 - Apr 21 2000   double with Leta  Location

Leta F. Gill Nicholson Jul 16 1918 - Feb 04 1999   double with S. J.   Location

Raymond Sims Feb 03 1909 - Dec 12 2001   Location  

Floy L.  Sims May 29 1911 - Jul 06 1996   Location