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Many thanks to Elayne Pair Gibbons, for all the help she has provided


Cemetery City Submitter Maps Photos
Acrea Cemetery Bluffdale 12 mi E of Stephenville and 1 mi. N Paul Smith 321915N
Allard Cemetery Stephenville Paul Smith 321421N
Altman Cemetery66 listings - - 315816N
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Aycock Cemetery - Unknown 321209N
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Barbee Cemetery Edna Hill - 315914N
Terra Map
Beth- Haven Cemetery
Bays  SW Erath county in the Bays Community, about 5 mi N of Round Grove. Elayne Pair Gibbons  Marshall Reeves (his notes). Lat: 321142N    Long:0982608W -
Bethel Cemetery Lingleville - Lat: 321147N
Long: 0982609W
Bethel Cemetery between Huckabay and Morgan Mill Cindy Shipman 322007N
Bishop Cemetery - - 322916N
Bowman Ridge Cemetery Alexander Paul Smith 320556N
Bunyan Cemetery Bunyan Vicki Reynolds 321002N
Caudle Cemetery 18 listings  Alexander Bill Caudle 320134N
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Chalk Mountian Cemetery Chalk Mountain - - -
Clairette Cemetery Clairette - 320239N
Corinth Cemetery - - 321335N
Cottonwood Baptist Church Cem. 2.3 miles east of Dublin on Hwy 6 & CR 527   Lat: 320525 N Long: 0981727 W  
Cow Creek Cemetery NW of Dublin Elayne Pair Gibbons Lat: 320704N Long: 0982349W -
Denny Cemetery Bluffdale - - -
Duffau Cemetery   - Mike Taylor-David Laro 320351N
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East End Cemetery Lingleville - Lat: 321441 N Long: 0982203 W -
Eastside Memorial Cemetery (P) Stephenville Hattie Carolyn Hall Glynn 321350N
Erath Garden of Memory Cemetery Located south of Stephenville on Hwy 377. - 321055N
Exray Cemetery (X-Ray Cem.)112 listings - Cindy Shipman Terra Map
Aerial Photo
Hatchett Cemetery - - 320917N
Hannibal Cemetery Hannibal - 322212N
Hancock Cemetery Alexander - 320151N
Heavenly Branch Cemetery From Dublin go 2.3 miles east on Hwy 6, right onto CR 305, left on CR 303,right on CR 284, 5 miles total  - Lat: 320353N Long: 0981535W -
Hickey Cemetery Bunyan - 321009N
Hightower Cemetery Morgan Mill - 322526N
Huckabay Cemetery Huckabay Vicki Reynolds - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Humberson Cemetery - - 321258N
Indian Creek Cemetery Stephenville - 320801N
Jaybird Cemetery - - 322448N
Johnsville Cemetery - Annette Burns and Janice Curtis - -
Johnson Cemetery - - 320951N
Knob Hill Cemetery - - 321545N
Liberty Cemetery - - 322519N
Lingleville Cemetery Lingleville Carl Spaeth partial - -
Live Oak Cemetery76 listings
(A Texas Historic Cemetery)
Purves Annette Burns and Janice Curtis - -
Live Oak Cemetery aka New Dublin (P) Dublin--Located one mile east of downtown on Hwy 6. Sometimes called New Dublin. Photos by Vicki Reynolds Lat: 320504 N Long: 0981929 W -
Lowell Cemetery Lowell--Located 4.9 miles east of Desdemona on Hwy 8. Elayne Pair Gibbons Lat: 321523N Long: 0982820W -
Lower Green's Creek Cemetery Green’s Creek--Located on Hwy 377 between Dublin & Stephenville. Nowhere near Bunyan. - 320821N
Lower School Hill Cem. School Hill--From Desdemona, go 4.9 miles east on Hwy 8, turn left on CR 397 and go 3.6 miles (keeping left at the fork).   Lat: 321821 N Long: 0982757 W  
Millerville Cemetery - - 320234N
Morton Chapel Cemetery - - 322150N
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Huckabay - 321745N
Mount Zion Cemetery Huckabay - 321836N
Mount Olive Cemetery Stephenville - 321404N
Oak Dale Cemetery (P) Stephenville Hattie Carolyn Hall Glynn
Ogan Cemetery - - 321046N
Old Dublin Memorial Park (P) Dublin --From downtown, take Hwy 6 east for ½ mile, turn right on Hwy 219 and go .9 mile, turn right on CR 322 and go ½ mile. Vicki Reynolds Park Lat: 320352 N Long: 0982002 W goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Pecan Cemetery . South of Purves Syble Glasscock -Linda Bowden 315907N
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Pisgah Cemetery109 listings - - - -
Pony Creek Cemetery 
(A Texas Historic Cemetery)
- - - -
Ramsey Cemetery - - 321358N
Riverside Cemetery(P) Iredell Hattie Carolyn Hall Glynn - -
Round Grove Cemetery Round Grove --Take Hwy 219 NW toward Lingleville for 2 miles, turn left on FM 2156 and go 6 miles, turn left on CR 352 and go another 3 miles (left at bridge Elayne Pair Gibbons Lat: 320832N Long: 0982734W -
Russel Chapel Cemetery - - 322858N
Shelby Cemetery Lingleville---Located 3 miles north of Lingleville on Hwy 219, at CR 408.   Lat: 321628 N Long: 0982120 W  
Smith Springs Cemetery - - 321515N
Springlake Cemetery - Michelle Rester goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Stamler Family Cemetery
(A Texas Historic Cemetery)
- - - -
Thurber Cemetery Photos only.
(A Texas Historic Cemetery)
- - 323046N
Terra Map
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Turnbow Cemetery - - 315840N
Upper Green's Creek Cemetery

Located south of Stephenville off Hwy 377 in the Green’s Creek community.

Vicki Reynolds 320913N
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Valley Grove Cemetery Stephenville - Lat: 321206N Long: 0982958W -
Victor Cemetery, 456 listings Victor--From Dublin, take Hwy 219 NW for 2 miles, turn left on FM 2156 for 10 miles Elayne Pair Gibbons - -
Wesley Chapel Cemetery Bluff Dale - 322059N
West End Cemetery Lingleville - 321414N
West End Cemetery (p) Stephenville photo by Vicki Reynolds (P) Hattie Carolyn Hall Glynn 321245N
Wright Family Cemetery Stephenville Vicki Reynolds 321711N

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