Riverside Cemetery (P)

Erath Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Hattie Carolyn Hall Glynn


A great many of the headstones were unreadable or partially readable. Copied the best I could make out.
My great grandmother Josephine was an Arrington before her marriage to Elias Gatlin so recorded the Arringtons and will research their connection.  Both Elias and Josephine are buried at Breckenridge.

All of the ones I have listed  are related to me in some way. There were many many tombstones that if I had been able I would have made an inventory of each cemetery I visited.  My distant cousin in California is looking for the grave site of Lila Jane McAlister Clark. He believes she is buried in Westside at Stephenville, but I could not find her tombstone. She is in his direct line and he would like her birth and death dates if anyone has it. Apparently the Charles Clark I have listed above is the son of Lila Jane and Robert A. Clark.  (HCHG)

James Henry Arrington 1-14-1875 -2-14-1944
Amanda Caroline Arrington 8-1-1866 -1-13-1952
H. N. Arrington 1-1888 -1918
Lee Arrington 1-29-1884 -12-18-1884
W. T. Clark                            Leona Clark
11-30-1861                             3-6-1860
12-3-1929                               1-18-1943
G. W. Arrington
D. G. Arrington
M. F. Arrington
(Couldn't make out dates as on one small tombsone)
Dema & Mary Arrington
Della (This name pretty clear, but may have been Dema)
(On same small tombstone)
S. K. Robison*
(Recorded this one because one of George Marshall Clark's sisters married a Robison- will research)