Oakdale Cemetery (P)

Stephenville, Erath Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Hattie Carolyn Hall Glynn

Oakdale Cemetery is located outside Stephenville:

When my sister and I visited a few years back the little building on premises was a quilting club and there was a book with roster of people buried there and his name was not on it. We do not know what happened to the book nor the photo album on same shelf which contained many pictures of our relatives the Fannings and the Snows. (HCHG)

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Fanning Homer Dean -   Son of W. J. & M. G. Fanning
Fanning Jasper 7-11-1870          11-27-1943     -
Fanning Mattie G. 8-21-1882 11-11-1966 sis/o Hattie Georgia Clark Gatlin
Gatlin Henry Stanley 8-24-1879 2-116-1936 -
Gatlin Jasper Boyd abt 1916 9 months s/o Henry Stanley Gatlin Unmarked
Snow Ethel Fay 3-20-1903 4-28-1935 Wife of F. B  d/o W. J. & M. G.
Snow Floyd 1-28-1905 1-13-1972 -
Snow Mildred 1-7-1913 10-2-1962 -