Bradford Cemetery

Smith Co. Cemeteries of TX

Many thanks to Eugene Ulrich for the obit information

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Richardson Everett 37 years 03-xx-1911 obit
Salmon Woodie 08-23-1887 Oct 11 1918 obit
Salmon Amanda Webb 1841 05-25-1925 obit
Salmon Kittie Smith 70 years 06-29-1927 obit
Salmon I.T. 63 years 12-xx-1927 obit
Salmon Lena 59 years 03-xx-1929 obit
Shaw Harvie Annie 05-20-1902 12-24-1997 obit
Ward J.F. 85 years 08-xx-1927 obit
Wilbourn Champ 57 years Jul 11 1935 obit