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Cemetery City Submitter Maps Photos
Alec Simmons Grave - -    
Brookshire Cemetery Miles Carolyn Mioduski- Pat Hudgins   goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Center Point Cemetery near Norton Cemetery - - -
Gorman Cemetery
Gorman Farm on Texas Hwy 1678 about 2 mi S of the intersection with U. S. Hwy 67. - - -
Barnett Cemetery
1.5 mi N of Texas Hwy 158 and 7.5 mi from Ballinger. - - -
Castleberry Cemetery
On hill about 0.5 mi from Hwy 158. About 1 mi ENE of Maverick Cemetery. - 315026N
Content Cemetery - Carolyn Mioduski  - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Counts Cemeteryy
W side of Hwy 382 about 2.5 mi N of the intersection of Hwy 382 and Hwy 1770. Lewis Westfall - Carolyn Mioduski 320140N
TxDOT map
goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Crews Cemetery Crews - 315638N
TxDOT map
Evergreen Cemetery Partial Rowena - 313813N
TxDOT map
Evergreen Cemetery Ballinger - 314301N
goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Fairview Cemetery Winters Betty Hightower Cardenas 315724N
goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Garden of Memories Ballinger RC Historical Comm - -
Good Cemetery
25 mi SE of the site of Maverick, Runnels County, Texas. About 1.3 mi E of Maverick Cemetery, on the old Dr. Younger Ranch. - - -
Hall Cemetery
On CR about 2.5 mi W of the town of Norton. -    
Hoffman Cemetery - - 313827N
TxDOT map
Lakeview Cemetery Winters Gloria B. Mayfield 315929N

goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)

Lutheran Cemetery Winters photo - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Latin America Cemetery Rowena -    
Maverick Cemetery
On CR which intersects Texas Hwy 158 about .5 mi W of the community of Maverick. Carolyn Mioduski- Pat Hudgins 315929N
TxDOT map
goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Mexican Cemetery Ballinger RCHC   -
Miles Cemetery
S side of U.S. Hwy 67 W of the town of Miles. Carolyn Mioduski 313519N
TxDOT map
goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Mount Victory Cemetery (Brookshire
Brookshire 1 mi S of the intersection of Texas Hwy 2333 and 3115 on Texas Hwy 2333. - 314426N
Muncy Cemetery (Private) 1 mi SE of Ballinger Courthouse on land owned by Mrs. Lon Muncy -    
Norton Cemetery 2 mi E of Norton on a county road. - 315218N
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Norwood Cemetery 1 mi ENE of Ballinger. - 314837N
TxDOT map
Northview Cemetery Partial Winters Cassie Jarrett 315758N
goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Old Runnels Cemetery Runnels City Carolyn Mioduski 314725N
TxDOT map
goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Protestant Cemetery Partial listings only. Rowena - 313802N
Pumphery Cemetery From Winters, take Hwy 384 turning N on 1677. - 320148N
TxDOT map
Robert's Ranch Cemetery
Robert Neff Ranch. -    
Ross Cemetery - -    
St. Boniface Cemetery Olfen - 313639N
TxDOT map
St. Joseph's Cemetery Rowena - 313807N
Truett Cemetery 9 mi W of Winters and 6/10 mi S of FM 1770. Carolyn Mioduski   goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Wylie Ranch Cemetery
8 mi W of Ballinger on what is now the Robert Neff Ranch. -    
Walthall Cemetery
(A Texas Historic Cemetery)
Walthall -    
Wilmeth Cemetery Wilmeth Carolyn Mioduski 315816N
TxDOT map
goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Wingate Cemetery Wingate Cassie Jarrett- Wheat & Wetzels TxDOT map goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)

If you have general questions about individuals or cemeteries, please use the Query Board

or For queries when the county is not known, post here. Unknown Counties Query Board

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