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Jones Betty Lou Franklin Jul 06 1940 May 17 2004 w/o Sam Jones  Obit
Parrish Hazel May 12 1912 Feb 08 2004 Obit
Sheppard Mary Emily Parrish Sep 26 1940 Dec 12 2003 county clerk Obit

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March 21, 1913
J. H. McKee's 14 year-old son died at the home of his father in Willow Springs neighborhood last Thursday and his remains were buried Friday in the Turner graveyard. The little fellow had been in bad health for more then a year and his death came as a relief. The Leader sympathizes with the bereaved family.
July 4, 1913

The little 12-month-old child of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Morrow, of Henry's Chapel community died yesterday afternoon and was buried in the Turner cemetery today. The Leader sympathizes.

October 17, 1913
Death Stroke of Paralysis

A very sad and sudden death was recorded in the Willow Springs community Friday morning when the grim reaper called for Mrs. E. E. Windham. She got up and cooked breakfast as usual and was making preparations to begin washing when she was stricken with paralysis, and at 11 o'clock the same morning her soul went to meet it Redeemer. Not only was her calling away a great shock to her family, but to her neighborhood and surrounding community. Her remains were buried at the Turner graveyard Saturday evening, attended by a large concourse of relatives and sympathizing friends. She leaves a husband and children and other relatives and friends to mourn her sudden taking away. The Leader offers sincere sympathy to the sadly bereaved husband and motherless children.
June 4, 1920

Mr. Morgan's little boy was buried at the Turner Graveyard Monday and the family has the sympathy of us all in their sadness.
September 3, 1920

Willow Springs Scraps

We sympathize with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Moss in the loss of their three-year-old child which died last Friday and was buried at the Turner cemetery last Saturday.
September 3, 1920

Mr. and Mrs. Harbison's little boy, on and a half years, was buried at the Turner graveyard last Monday, Rev. Sullivan holding the funeral services. The baby died in Oklahoma, where Mrs. Harbison was visiting her parents.

September 17, 1920
We sympathize with Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Edgar in the loss of their little six-year-old boy who died last Thursday and was buried at the Turner cemetery last Friday. It is hard for us to give up our little ones, but Jesus said: "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." 

October 1, 1920

Mr. J. D. Brown Dies Suddenly

On Tuesday afternoon Sept. 23rd, 1920, a sad gloom was cast throughout the town when the news was spread over town that Uncle Jeff Brown, as he was better known had been call from this world of trouble to join the happy angel band, for which we all believe he was prepared. He was born in Meridian, Miss, May 27th, 1861, coming to Texas when about 24 years old. He was united with Missionary Baptist church in early boyhood. He married to Miss Ida Cooke March 3rd, 1898. To this union there were no children born. They lived together very happily until January 23rd, 1912, when the death angel claimed for his victim the darling wife. Uncle Jeff left here for Paducah, August and was taken with congestion very suddenly September 21, followed by death on the 23rd. Mr. and Mrs. Brown took Ruby, the little 8-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Dungan who was left an orphan, and reared her to young womanhood. They were kind, loving and affectionate as a mother and father could have been and they were loved and respected by her as much as a child could. Let us all strive to meet them at the Golden Gate in Heaven. Uncle Jeff was a member of the Willow Springs camp of W. O. W., also the Odd Fellows both of which he was a faithful member. I wish to give my sincerest thanks to many friends and also to the Odd Fellows who were thoughtful and attentive to the remains which were brought back here for interment, Rev. C. M. Martin conducting the funeral services at the Turner Graveyard in the presence of a host of friends who paid their last respects.

Willow Springs Scraps
Our entire community was made sad last Friday when we learned that Jeff Brown was dead in Paducah, Texas where he was visiting. Jeff was well known here, having lived here the greater part of his life and was loved by all as a friend and a neighbor. He was buried at the Turner cemetery last Sunday afternoon by the odd Fellows of which he was an honored member. Funeral services by Bro. Martin. 

"A voice at midnight came,
He started up to hear-----
A mortal arrow pierced his frame;
He fell but felt no pain."


November 19, 1920

Child Died Yesterday Morning
The little five-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Rylant died about 11 o’clock yesterday morning, and his remains will be buried in the Turner graveyard today at about 11 o’clock, Rev. C.M. Martin conducting the funeral service. The little fellow had been sick for some time with fever. The sorrowing parents have the sympathy of all in their bereavement.


November 26, 1920

From Willow Springs
Grandpa Hare died last Thursday and was buried Friday at the Turner cemetery, Bro. Castleberry conducting the funeral.

The little 4-year-old son of Mr. Dave Rylant was buried last Friday at the Turner graveyard, Rev. Martin conducting the funeral service.

So the old adage is true, that the old must die and the young do die. Sometimes the same day.

December 10, 1920
From Willow Springs
Grandma Lair was buried last Friday at the Turner cemetery, Bro. Castleberry conducting the funeral services. Just two weeks ago last Friday Grandpa Lair was buried. They were past eighty, and were well thought of by everybody. The bereaved ones have our sympathy in their sadness.

April 8, 1921

From Willow Springs

John Childers died at his home near Lone Oak last Friday and was buried in the Turner cemetery here Saturday, Bro. Castleberry conducting the funeral services.

April 15, 1921

Willow Springs News

Grandpa Ingram of Emory was buried at the Turner graveyard last Sunday evening with Masonic honors.
April 22, 1921

Grandpa Ingram Dead
Mr. F.M. (Grandpa) Ingram died about 8 o’clock Saturday morning at the family home on North Ravine Street. He suffered a stroke of paralysis nearly two years ago and had been very low for several months past, and tho' not unexpected the death of this good man was received by his many friends with sadness. Uncle Marion, as he was known to most of his friends, was a good citizen, husband, father, and friend, always ready to help the unfortunate around him. He was one of the firm of Alexander Bros. & Ingram, has been in business here for the past several years, coming here from his farm near Sabine River. He was a loyal member of the Christian church and a Mason. He is survived by his second wife, one son and one daughter, both who reside in this city, and one son, Mr. Allen Ingram, of Corsicana, all of whom were with him and lovingly ministered to him in his last illness. Funeral services were conducted at the Christian Church in Emory Sunday evening by Rev. McIlyea of Alba in the presence of a large crowd of relatives and friends and his remains were taken to the Turner cemetery, where the Masonic lodge performed its last sad rites over a departed member. The Leader joins with friends in offering sincerest sympathy to the bereaved family.


January 12, 1923

Our community was made sad last Saturday because of the death of little Travis, 8-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jep Clewis and wife. He was buried last Sunday in the Turner cemetery after funeral services by Bro. Strickland. Little Travis was a bright little fellow and was loved by everybody because of his friendly and Manly disposition. The bereaved ones have the sympathy of all, in their great bereavement. Little Travis has gone from us, but our loss is heavens gain. We know where to find him. Jesus said, "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of Heaven." He is gone, but not forgotten.


March 9, 1923

From Willow Springs
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Still's little four-month-old twin babies are both dead. One of them died Saturday and the other Sunday, and were buried Monday in Turner cemetery in the same grave and coffin. The Parents have the sympathy of all in their sadness. I bid them to look to Jesus who alone can give comfort and consolation in time of trouble. 

June 1, 1923

Mr. and Mrs. John Sanford's two year old boy of Emory was buried here Sunday at the Turner cemetery and they have the sympathy of all in their bereavement.

Mr. and Mrs. John Sanford have the sympathy of friends in the loss of their three-year-old child, which died Saturday night as was buried at Willow Springs cemetery Sunday.

August 17, 1923
Mrs. Bob Morrison of Reeder community died last Tuesday and was buried at the Turner cemetery Wednesday afternoon. Funeral services being conducted by Bro. Strickland. The family has the sympathy of all in their bereavement.

September 21, 1923

Mrs. K.L. McCormick Died Friday Evening
Mrs. K. L. McCormick died at the family home in the Willow Springs community last Friday afternoon and her remains were buried in the Turner cemetery about 6 o'clock, after funeral services in the home, by Rev. H.B. Cash of Cumby, pastor of the Christian church at Emory. Mrs. McCormick was a church worker and held in high esteem, by a host of friends and acquaintances and not only will she be greatly missed in the home circle but by her many friends and the community. She is survived by her husband, one daughter and two brothers and one sister, as follows: Messrs. Ed and George Alexander of Emory and Mrs. Joe Alexander of the Boyd community, besides other relatives.
The Leader offers condolences to the sadly bereaved family in the loss of a good woman.
September 21, 1923

Mrs. Lealis McCormick died last Friday evening and was buried at the Turner cemetery late Saturday afternoon, after funeral services at their home by Bro. Cash. Mrs. McCormick was a member of the Christian church and was a true and devout Christian lady. She was one of the best church attendants we ever knew. She was nearly always at church, regardless of who preached. She was a good neighbor and numbered her friends by her acquaintances, and she will be greatly missed by the entire community. She leaves a husband, and one daughter, fourteen years old, brothers and sisters and many scores of friends to mourn their loss, but their loss is Heavens gain. The entire family have the sympathy of all in their bereavement.

February 22, 1929

Willow Springs News
Mr. Busby died last Sunday night. He was buried at the Turner cemetery about 3 o’clock Monday afternoon. He left a wife and five children to mourn his death, besides a host of friends and other relatives. I sincerely sympathize with you, dear friends, in your loss. Time only can heal your broken hearts. After all your heart aches and suffering here on earth you can not bring him back, but you can go to him in a better world than this where there will be no more suffering.


Rains County Leader
May 14, 1909

Boyd Dots, May 9, 1909
On last Wednesday morning at 3:30 o’clock the death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Courtney and claimed for its victim their 12-year-old son, Vert. The little fellow suffered untold agony for two weeks but at last he fell asleep in the arms of Jesus where there will be no more pain or care. Weep not dear mother and father, brothers and sisters, but look forward to the mark of the prize of the high calling where there’ll be no more goodbyes in the beautiful home beyond


Rains County Leader
January 20, 1950
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Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at the Willow Springs church for R.L. Branham, 86, who passed awway at the home of  a son, Virgil Branham, of Stephensville late Thursday afternoon of last week.  Rev. J.M. Parkins officiated at the final rites.  Mr. Branham had lived in Rains County for 56 years and had spent a great part of that time in the Willow Springs community, where he enjoyed the friendship of a large circle of friends.  He had been a member of the Baptist church for a long time and was a fine Christian gentleman.  His wife preceded him in death in 1945, and since that time he had been making his home with his children.  Survivors include the following children: Virgil Branham of Stephensville; C.C. Branham and Ray Branham of San Angelo; F.O. Branham and Mrs. Pearl Childress of Emory.


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death/burials mentioned in Rains County Leader
TURNER, Grandma: Turner Cemetery; died Dec. 29, 1911; aged 70 --- Rains County Leader
STILL, infant of W.H. Still : died Friday night in Willow Springs; buried Turner graveyard --- Rains County Leader, 21 Mar 1913
MILLIRON, B. : Turner Cemetery; died "Sunday Morning"; aged 51 --- Rains County Leader, 02 Sept 1927