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Last updated: March 24, 2010

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Many Thanks to Theresa Carhart for submitting the Falls Co. Cemeteries, 

Kay Cunningham, CC of the  Falls Co. Tx Web Site    Falls Co. Tx Geographic 

Owen Family

WoodLand Cemetery Plot

Cemetery Name

Location Submitter or Lookup other photo
Alto Springs Cemetery Alto Springs Theresa Carhart - -
Barclay Cemetery Westphalia Theresa Carhart - -
Belfalls Cemetery   Kay Cunningham    
Bethany Cemetery Reagan - - -
Beulah Cemetery Bruceville Theresa Carhart - -
Blevins Cemetery Marlin Theresa Carhart - -
Bluebonnet Cemetery Westphalia Kay Cunningham - -
Blue Ridge Cemetery Marlin Theresa Carhart - -
Blue Ridge Cemetery   (2007) Marlin Kay Cunningham -
Bratton Cemetery Alto Springs Theresa Carhart - -
Brushy Creek Cemetery FM 1860 Kay Cunningham    
Bull Hill Cemetery aka Carter Munch Cemetery Cedar Springs Kay Cunningham - -
Calvary Cemetery  A-K  L-Z  2nd Calvary Cemetery Marlin Theresa Carhart - 2nd Shelley Polonski -
Carolina Cemetery Lott Morgan Moran - -
Cedar Springs Cemetery Chilton Theresa Carhart -
Cedar Valley Cemetery Chilton Kay Cunningham    
Cego Cemetery Cego Kay Cunningham    
Chilton Cemetery Chilton Theresa Carhart -
Clover Hill Cemetery  Lott Theresa Carhart - -
Covington Cemetery Reagan Theresa Carhart - Dorothy Breedlove    
Criswell Cemetery CR 159 Theresa Carhart    
Cottonwood Cemetery Bruceville Kay Cunningham - -
Ebenezer Cemetery east of Kosse - - -
Erskine Cemetery Odds Theresa Carhart - -
Evergreen Cemetery Marlin Theresa Carhart - -
Facieo Cemetery Reagan - - -
Falls County Cemetery Marlin Kay Cunningham - -
Ferguson Cemetery Cedar Springs - - -
Garrett Cemetery Kosse West Theresa Carhart - -
Gravel Hill Cemetery Cedar Springs - - -
Highbank Cemetery  (Italian) Highbank Robert Lowry    
Hillcrest Cemetery (partial) FM 147 Shawn Hughes - -
Hog Island Cemetery - Theresa Carhart - -
Hoolia -Beulah Cemetery Beulah Theresa Carhart - -
Hope Cemetery Otto Kay Cunningham - -
Hopewell Cemetery Kosse West - - -
Jena Cemetery Belfalls Theresa Carhart - -
Jerusalem Cemetery Cedar Springs - - -
Johnson Cemetery Reagan Theresa Carhart    
Jones Cemetery Cedar Springs - - -
Kosse City Cemetery Kosse - - -
Live Oak Cemetery Lott Theresa Carhart - -
McClanahan Cemetery   Theresa Carhart    
Metina Cemetery Otto Theresa Carhart -
Mooreville Cemetery Bruceville Kay Cunningham -
Mustang Prairie Cemetery   Theresa Carhart    
Murphy Cemetery bruceville Kay Cunningham - -
Nazare Cemetery Riesel - - -
New Bowman Cemetery Reagan - - -
Oklahoma Cemetery - Theresa Carhart - -
Old Bowman Cemetery Reagan - - -
Peaceful Rest Cemetery (B) - Kay Cunningham    
Pearson Cemetery   Kay Cunningham    
Perry Methodist Cemetery Perry      
Phillips Cemetery Travis Theresa Carhart - -
  Kay Cunningham    
Powell Cemetery Cedar Springs Theresa Carhart - -
Powers Family Cemetery Wilderville Theresa Carhart    
Powers Chapel Cemetery - Theresa Carhart - -
Powell–Tull Cemetery Chilton Theresa Carhart - -
Priest Cemetery Rosebud Kay Cunningham    
Rogers Cemetery Reagan Kay Cunningham    
Sacred Heart Cemetery Lott Theresa Carhart - -
Shady Grove (historical Amer-American) 147at CR 182 Kay Cunningham - -
Shilo Cemetery Reagan - - -
Stallworth Cemetery Marlin - - -
Stranger Cemetery Stranger Theresa Carhart obit  
St. John's Cemetery Otto Kay Cunningham    
St Mary's Catholic Cemetery Westphalia Theresa Carhart - -
St Paul Cemetery (partial) Marlin Shawn Hughes - -
Summers Cemetery Reagan Kay Cunningham    
Sunset Cemetery Riesel Theresa Carhart - -
Tarver Cemetery - Theresa Carhart - -
Taylor's Chapel Cemetery Marlin Kay Cunningham - -
Terry's Chapel Cemetery aka Salem Lutheran - Theresa Carhart - -
Theo Cemetery Belfalls Theresa Carhart - -
Union Cemetery Lott Theresa Carhart - -
United Methodist Church Cemetery Perry - - -
Waite Cemetery   Reagan Theresa Carhart - Shelley Polonski -
Walker Chapel Cemetery Otto Theresa Carhart - -
Washington Cemetery Reagan - - -
Williams Cemetery Kosse West Theresa Carhart - -
Willing Workers Cemetery Rosebud Kay Cunningham    
Woodland Cemetery   Rosebud Theresa Carhart - -
Zion Cemetery Marlin Shawn Hughes - -
Zion Rock Cemetery B Highbank Theresa Carhart - -

 If you have general questions about individuals or cemeteries, please use  the  Query Board    or  For queries when the county is not known, post here.  

Unknown Counties Query Board

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