Zion Cemetery

Falls Co., Cemeteries of   TX

Submitted by Shawn Hughes

12 people interred in this cemetery there are 2 double   markers all others are individual markers.

#1 is a double marker for
Korger Frank Sr.  8-30-1872 to 10-25-1955
Korger Annie 3-15-1881 to 1-19-1917

#2 is an individual Marker
Niemeyer Karolina 11-1-1862 to 10-27-1950

#3 is an individual marker
Carl W. Locke, Jr. 4-27-1914 to 9-25-1949

#4 is a double marker for
Fischer Charlie Daniel 11-21-1885 to 11-8-1951
Fischer Ottilie 5-19-1877 to 7-15-1946

#5 is an individual marker
Pursche Emma F. 1877-1943 (There is a photo of  deceased on the stone as well as a verse @ the botton  but at this time I can't read it clearly I am going to  try to make a rubbing of it and see if I can read it   then)

#6 is an individual marker
Pursche Oswald H. 9-10-1898 to 6-10-1934 (scripture   verse on stone reads "There is but a step between me  and death" gives the info I am putting in brackets  {1st Samuel 20:3)
#7 is an individual marker
This marker reads from top to bottom exactly as typed

Edward Lee Haverkamp
4-3-1940 to 1-28-1994
This is the most recent interment in this  cemetery)

#8 is an individual marker
Schroeder Annie
wife of Herman Schroeder
9-17-1899 to 11-14-1933

#9 is an individual marker
Walter Gene Feller
Infant Son of
Mr. $ Mrs. Walter Feller

#10 is an individual marker
Infant Dau. of
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Feller
Our Darling

no date or name on this stone just  this inspcrition)