Old Hall Cemetery  T-Z

Denton County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Bob Leahy

Based on the 1999 Survey of Edd Painter and Susan Lett, Betty Finley and Bob Leahy

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Old Hall Cemetery is large so may take some time to load. 


Last Name First Middle (Maiden) DOB DOD Row Note Marker Transcription
Tabor Cash Reid 31 Jan 1998 31 Jan 1998 4c s/o Kevin Reid Tabor and Tammy Marie Tabor. ---
Talley Laura Bertha (Stone) 13 Apr 1901 16 Aug 1996 33d w/o Thomas E. Talley. d/o Andrew Jackson Stone and Florence Ida (Crowder) Stone. ---
Talley Thomas E. 11 Aug 1902 19 Dec 1995 33d h/o Laura Bertha (Stone) Talley. s/o Riley A. Talley and Mary Alva (Chapman) Talley. ---
Tate Josie (Germany) 6 Sep 1902 17 Mar 1979 12d4 no info found on husband. d/o Randolph "Dave" Germany and Minnie Smith no marker found in 2009--it may be buried under the grass near the other Germany graves
Tatum infant  18 Jul 1967 19 Jul 1967 --- Infant of Billy Tatum and Marcell  Latham. burial location unknown; from records of Mulkey-Mason Funeral Home
Tayler Gladys Louise 6 Mar 1896 23 Nov 1979 4c d/o William Lonsdale Tayler and Laura Emiline Webber Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God
Taylor Alma Pearl (Sons) 3 Oct 1911 19 Nov 1990 5b w/o Clarence W. Taylor; d/o Edward Lee Sons and Bithey Mary Howard ---
Taylor Caleb Spencer 7 Jan 1875 11 Apr 1962 1e s/o John M. Taylor and Jane Davis. ---
Taylor Clarence W 'Mose' 10 Sep 1908 10 May 1967 5b h/o Alma P. Sons. s/o Eugene Taylor and Roxie Miller. ---
Taylor Gary Lynn 8 Nov 1945 4 Jul 2009 9aa h/o Linda MNU. s/o Clarence Edward Taylor and Vera Ola Kitchens.. funeral home marker
Taylor Hoyt Clayton 17 Nov 1967 22 Dec 1978 29b s/o Ernest Paul Taylor and Sandra Ann (Smith) Taylor. He loved life and worked for it
Taylor James Darrell 20 Nov 1943 11 Mar 1998 33a h/o Donna Arseneau. s/o Obie James Taylor and Sara Louise Choate. no marker; grave is in first space north of Dorothy Wills' grave
Taylor Lorraine Mae (McLaughlin) 7 May 1908 5 Jun 1956 16a w/o Dr. Harry R. Taylor. d/o Aaron McLaughlin and Althea Anderson ---
Taylor Sarah Ida Sadie 15 Jul 1870 21 Jun 1957 13e no info found on husband or parents. Remember, stranger, as you pass by, as you are now, so once was I. As I am now, so you shall be; so prepare yourself to follow me.
Teague Lendall Irving 23 Jan 1937 19 Sep 1988 31c h/o Glendena "Gwen" (Brown) Teague. s/o Martin Teague and Velma (Wilson) Teague. military marker: US ARMY
Teague Rachel Melvina (Jones) 1 Mar 1901 1 Jul 2002 35c w/o William H. Teague. d/o William H. Jones and Rebecca (Gabbert) Jones. Beloved mother
Tellefirio Peter  1936 2002 East no info found funeral home marker--hard to read
Tellz Angel  2003 2003 34a no info found funeral home marker
Temple Alice Ann (Degan) 16 Jun 1893 9 Jul 1973 13e w/o Joseph Herbert Temple. d/o Joseph Randolph Degan and Rosa Ellen Benedict. ---
Temple Bourland Carr 12 Jan 1921 18 Apr 1969 17b Divorced. s/o Joseph Herbert Temple and Alice Ann Degan military marker: TX N1 USNR WWII
Temple Joan  16 Oct 1917 21 Sep 1987 13e d/o Joseph Herbert Temple and Alice Ann Degan. ---
Templin Jack Harold 25 Nov 1937 3 Aug 2009 5a h/o Reba Dean Bragg; married: July 3, 1958; s/o Thomas William Templin, Sr and Ada Lillie Morris no marker
Templin Ralph Mack 25 Dec 1903 4 Mar 1966 22b s/o James Montgomery Templin and Harrieta Roena Henry The Lord is my refuge
Tenery Fannie (Ray) 9 Sep 1881 8 May 1944 14a w/o John T. Tenery. d/o T. J. Ray and Fannie Sutton. ---
Tenery James Weldon 26 Aug 1913 19 Aug 1981 14a h/o Margaret Tenery. s/o John Thomas Tenery and Fannie (Ray) Tenery. ---
Tenery John Thomas 19 Jan 1877 23 Mar 1953 14a h/o Fannie (Ray) Tenery. s/o William H. Tenery and Elzabeth (Pevehouse) Tenery. ---
Terrell Nancy (Powell) 5 Mar 1917 25 Mar 2008 37d  w/o Bobby Terrell. d/o Prosper Powell and Nancy Matthews. In God's care
Testerman James Frank 24 Feb 1896 20 Apr 1970 28a h/o Lena (Hill) Testerman. s/o George Testerman. Dad
Testerman Lena (Hill) 9 Apr 1896 16 Nov 1979 28a w/o James Frank Testerman. d/o Phillip Hill and Julia (Nail) Hill. Mom
Testerman Lois  30 Oct 1915 24 Apr 1997 28a probably d/o James Frank Testerman and Lena Hill (buried beside them) ---
Thatte Paridhi  2 Nov 2002 22 Aug 2003 34b d/o Atul Arvind Thatte and Suparna Shamkant (Deshande) Paridhi. Dad and Mom's little angel / In God's care
Thetford Herman Dillard 7 Mar 1909 18 Jul 2003 6b Married: 30 May 1940 Beloved parents of Barbara, Beverly and Becky
Thetford Jimmie Ellen (Dungan) 1 Dec 1919 15 Feb 2006 6b Married: 30 May 1940 Beloved parents of Barbara, Beverly and Becky
Thiede Lillie Belle (Robinson) 15 May 1918 24 May 2006 13d w/o Manford C 'Mannie' Thiede Married May 15, 1937
Thiede Linda Lou (Hines) 9 Dec 1950 11 Nov 2008 38B w/o David Dean Thiede; married: 4 Nov 1989; d/o  Avery Onnen Hines and Inez Lorene Sorrells ---
Thiede Manford C 'Mannie' 30 Mar 1918 23 May 1988 13d h/o Lillie Belle Robinson Married May 15, 1937
Thomas Alvin C. 2 Nov 1894 25 Sep 1900 10b2f s/o Henry O. Thomas and Cora Emma Crawford. Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven
Thomas Angel  13 Feb 1979 13 Feb 1979 24c s/o Mark Thomas and Robin (Hampton) Thomas. ---
Thomas Charles Graham 10 Dec 1879 14 Feb 1937 9d1 h/o Roberta Lovelace Everett; s/o Charles I Thomas and Emma A Graham ---
Thomas Charles I. 18 Oct 1836 16 Mar 1905 9d1 h/o Emma A Graham ---
Thomas Cora Emma (Crawford) 28 Apr 1874 8 Jan 1929 10c3 w/o Henry O. Thomas. d/o Samuel Harlan "Harl" Crawford and Margaret Missouri Ball. At rest / shared marker w/ son, Henry
Thomas Edgar William 17 Dec 1913 30 Nov 1963 24d s/o W. P. Thomas and Lula Mae (Boyd) Thomas. military marker: TX SGT 86 AIR SERVICE GP AAF WWII
Thomas Emma A (Graham) 9 Mar 1848 22 Jul 1914 9d1 w/o Charles I. Thomas; m/o Charles Graham Thomas ---
Thomas Glen S. 15 Apr 1896 25 Sep 1900 10b2f s/o Henry O. Thomas and Cora Emma Crawford. Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven
Thomas Henry  15 Aug 1900 8 Jan 1929 10c3 single. s/o Henry Otis Thomas and Cora Emma Crawford. At rest / shared marker w/ mother, Cora Emma Crawford Thomas
Thomas Henry Otis 15 Feb 1873 19 Sep 1952 10c3 h/o Cora Emma Crawford. burial location unknown
Thomas Louis L. 12 Feb 1908 13 Sep 1966 23a h/o Martha J. (Wallace) Thomas. s/o William L. Thomas and Mable (Kealy) Thomas. ---
Thomas Martha J (Wallace) 22 Dec 1910 29 Mar 1997 23a w/o Louis L. Thomas. d/o William A. Wallace and Emmer C. (Brady) Wallace. ---
Thomas Paula (Apple) 10 Dec 1940 21 Apr 2007 --- d/o Paul Edward and Edyth Estelle Tillman Nanny / In loving memory
Thomas Rhoberta Lovelace (Everett) 20 Oct 1879 27 Jan 1925 9d1 w/o Charles Graham Thomas; d/o R M Everett and Elizabeth Adkins ---
Thomas William Llewellyn 21 Jan 1934 3 Aug 2006 23a h/o Bobbie LaVerne Posey; s/o Louis L Thomas and Martha J Wallace  military marker: Lt Col US ARMY / Married Mar. 31, 1967
Thomason America Ann 28 Nov 1856 26 Jul 1919 9a1 No info found on husband. d/o of A. J. Berry and Nancy Shelton Mother
Thomasson D P 31 Jul 1853 28 Jan 1942 13d w/o Emily C (MNU) Thomasson; s/o Louis Thomasson  no marker; grave probably between Delia Evelyn (Grissum) Thomasson Pool marker and Cobb twins' marker
Thomasson James Madison 17 May 1893 18 Nov 1939 --- h/o Delia Evelyn Grissum. s/o D. P. Thomasson and Emily C. MNU (1900 Census, Grayson Co, TX) no marker; info from death certificate; family states he is buried next to his wife, Delia Evelyn (Grissum) Thomasson Pool
Thomasson James Madison 14 Jul 1936 14 Jul 1936 --- s/o James Madison Thomasson and Delia Evelyn Grissum. burial location unknown, info from death certificate
Thomison Margaret Jane (Templeton) 17 Feb 1863 23 May 1949 15a w/o William Newton Thomison. d/o unknown Templeton. ---
Thomison William Newton 24 Jan 1864 5 Jan 1949 15a h/o Margaret Jane "Maggie" Templeton. s/o unknown. ---
Thompson Annie Amanda (Teague) 17 Aug 1890 10 Jul 1977 22b w/o Ernest F. Thompson. d/o James B. Teague and Mattie Lillian Teague. ---
Thompson Bobby John 15 Nov 1940 18 Aug 1990 17 s/o Ernest Walton Thompson and Mattie May McCauley military marker: AO2 US NAVY
Thompson Clifton Leroy 25 Mar 1913 5 Oct 1999 34c h/o Helen Frances Woods. s/o Claude Thompson and Ellie Singleton. ---
Thompson Daisy (Lester) 10 Nov 1878 26 Dec 1926 9a4 w/o Willmore Thompson/Thomson. d/o of William Bryant Lester and Sallie Gibson. Death is the crown of life
Thompson Eliza B (Robison) 1864 1906 --- no info found no marker found 2009
Thompson Ernest Franklin 13 Sep 1890 7 Sep 1969 22b h/o Annie Amanda (Teague) Thompson. s/o John Robert Thompson and Susan (Gray) Thompson. ---
Thompson Ernest M. 17 Oct 1901 5 Feb 1986 13c no info found military marker: US ARMY WWII
Thompson Frankie Earl  13 Jul 1940 20 Apr 2001 36a h/o 1) Robbie Palestine Adams 2) Barbara Edna Jane Hamlin; s/o Frank Thompson Edna Mae Brown  military marker: SP5 US ARMY
Thompson Frankie Earl , Jr 23 Jun 1959 16 May 2004 36a s/o Frankie Earl Thompson and Robbie Palestine Adams  Safely home in heaven at last (buried at foot of parents graves)
Thompson Halten L. 6 Aug 1907 20 Nov 1988 30d h/o Lorena H O'Brien [Married] Dec. 24, 1932
Thompson Helen Frances (Woods) 8 Jan 1909 27 Sep 2002 34c w/o Clifton Leroy Thompson; d/o Thomas Jacob Woods and Alice Bertha Conner ---
Thompson Hubert Franklin, Jr 'H F' 2-Apr-29 30 Oct 2004 32b s/o Hubert Franklin Thompson and Lovie Ann (Barnett) Thompson. military marker: SGT US ARMY KOREA
Thompson Jack Ray 18 Mar 1959 12 Apr 1989 32b s/o Hubert Franklin and Mildred Imogene Raines military marker: USAF Sgt.
Thompson Lorena H (O'Brien) 9 Oct 1912 27 Oct 2000 30d w/o Halten L Thompson [Married] Dec. 24, 1932
Thompson Matthew Herbert 'Spuds' 3 Feb 1915 28 Apr 1985 29e h/o Helon Lucy Maxey Daddy
Thompson Zeta Marie 9 Aug 2002 27 Dec 2003 34b --- A gift from the angels one of their own, she played here on earth then had to go home / 
Thomson Daisy  --- --- --- See Daisy Lester Thompson ---
Thorne Chalmous Clayton 2 Aug 1921 19 Nov 2007 35e h/o Rose Perry; s/o Jesse Charles Thorne and Mattie Jimmie Taylor  military marker: TEC 5 US ARMY WWII / Married Nov. 28, 1945
Thorp Florence Eueyne (Foster) 12 Jan 1925 18 Mar 2003 36c w/o William Thorp. d/o Melvin Foster and Annie (Taylor) Foster. ---
Thorp William Floyd 24 Feb 1931 29 Jun 2004 36d h/o Florence Eueyne (Foster) Thorp. s/o Floyd McGowen Thorp and Ruthie N. (Dennis) Thorp. ---
Threadgill Alta Jeanice (Orr) 31 May 1916 24 Dec 2006 18a  w/o Edwin Franklin Threadgill. d/o Charles W. Orr and Claudia Mae (Duncan) Orr. ---
Threadgill Edwin Franklin 16 Sep 1913 18 Jun 1988 18a h/o Alta Jeanice (Orr) Threadgill. s/o Marion E. Threadgill and Eddie Mae (Apperson) Threadgill. ---
Thurmond George Reagan 21 Aug 1910 2 Nov 1995 6b h/o Johnnie Hill Dungan; s/o Arno Hill Thurmond and Roxanna McCurley In Loving Memory / Beloved Pete
Thurmond Johnnie Hill (Dungan) 23 Sep 1912 23 Sep 1965 6b w/o George Reagan 'Pete' Thurmond; d/o James Madison Dungan and Mary Ellen Griffith In Loving Memory / Beloved Johnnie
Tiller Amanda Lynn 21 Feb 1973 18 Jan 1984 29c d/o George Wayne Tiller and Linda Kay (Oakley) Tiller. Child of God
Tiner Irene Mae (Copen) 9 Jul 1904 10 Nov 1997 31d w/o LeRoy Tiner [Married] Nov. 5, 1921
Tiner J. D. 26 Sep 1922 14 May 2001 31e s/o LeRoy Tiner and Mae (Coper) Tiner. no marker found 2009
Tiner Jerry  24 Jul 1903 21 Jun 1988 31d h/o Mae Cooper. s/o Newton Tiner and Dora Ellen Powers. no marker; lot 137, S 1/2. Grave is first space south of Girdley grave
Tiner LeRoy  24 Jul 1903 21 Jun 1988 31d h/o Irene Mae Copen; s/o Newton Jasper Tiner and Dora Powers [Married] Nov. 5, 1921
Tolliver Billy Mack 19 Jan 1954 15 Feb 1960 28a s/o Joe Nelson Tolliver and Cordelia Ann Testerman ---
Torck Amin Fouad 19 Mar 1917 4 Oct 1995 18cc h/o Marie (Stephan) Torck. s/o Fouad Torck and Matilda (Nahowl) Torck. ---
Torck Samir Amin 5 Jul 1961 9 Sep 1997 18cc no info found In loving memory
Torres Elvira  20 Oct 2004 20 Oct 2004 34c d/o Juan Manuel Torres and Hortencia (Rodriguez) Torres. funeral home marker
Toth Elvira Juliane (Kuhn) 25 Jan 1915 23 Oct 1997 34a w/o Francis Toth. d/o Betrlaun Kuhn and Ester (Tokey) Kuhn. ---
Toth Francis  4 Jun 1914 1 Nov 1998 34a h/o Elvira Juliann (Kuhn) Toth. s/o Francis Toth, Sr. and Malanie (Hayls) Toth. ---
Townsend Virgil Douglas 30 May 1916 2 Nov 1973 13c h/o Dorothy Townsend. s/o Walter Lee Townsend and Virginia (Boatman) Townsend. military marker: MS CPL US ARMY WWII
Trafton Cheryl Ann 17 Jan 1946 6 Mar 2007 30a Leroy Trafton and Emma Grace 'Jean' Romans ---
Trafton Grace Emma 'Jean' Romans 1912 27 Jan 1985 30a w/o Leroy H. Trafton. ---
Trafton Leroy H. 1905 14 Aug 1987 30a h/o Grace Emma 'Jean' Romans; s/o Gilbert Haven Trafton and Mary (Adams) Trafton. ---
Trammell Nellie Zady (W) 15 Nov 1902 13 Aug 2000 35d no info found Our gracious lady
Tran Micae Dan T. 10 Apr 2006 24 Feb 2007 36c no info found ---
Tran Thoai Thanh 1 Jul 1979 25 Apr 2001 36a d/o ChiVan Tran and Ouyen Kim Tran. no marker found 2009
Trapp Betty (Williams) 28 Jun 1946 7 Aug 2001 36b w/o Corbit Trapp. d/o Vonnie Williams and Cora Lee (Smith) Williams. ---
Trapp John H  17 Mar 1896 15 Sep 1896 12a3 s/o H A and E A Trapp Budded on earth to bloom in heaven / broken marker
Travelstead Etta (Jones) 17 Jun 1897 19 Apr 1986 14a w/o Ulric C. Travelstead. ---
Travelstead Fannie M (Hardy) 7 Mar 1867 27 Apr 1952 14b w/o Jasper Berryman Travelstead. d/o Wm. M. Hardy and Mary Otie. Mother
Travelstead Jasper Berryman 26 Oct 1859 13 Apr 1947 14b h/o Fannie M. Hardy. s/o John W. Travelstead and Mary Jane Absher. Father
Travelstead Marguerite Ethel 17 Oct 1886 10 Aug 1966 14b d/o Jasper B. Travelstead and Fannie M. Hardy. ---
Travelstead Ruby Lee (Wallace) 25 Jun 1908 14 May 2001 17a w/o William Ernest Travelstead. d/o W. M. Wallace and Celia Emmaline Brady. Our Father which art in Heaven
Travelstead Ulric Clyde 16 Dec 1893 10 Dec 1936 14a h/o Etta Jones. s/o Jasper B. Travelstead and Fannie M. Hardy. There is a second marker up against the tree with just the top showing...looks like it may be a partially buried military marker.
Travelstead Wallace Berry 24 May 1931 18 Jul 1956 17a h/o Betty (Shelton) Travelstead. s/o W. Ernest Travelstead and Ruby (Wallace) Travelstead. Our Father which art in Heaven / military marker: TX 1st LT US AIR FORCE
Travelstead William Ernest 'Trap'  21 Oct 1889 13 Oct 1949 17a h/o Ruby Wallace. s/o Jasper B. Travelstead and Fannie M. Hardy. Our Father which art in Heaven
Trevino Andrew Lee 9 Jan 1984 6 May 2003 34e s/o Johnny Lee Trevino and Modesta Gallegos. heastone is an etched sandstone rock (funeral home marker no longer at gravesite)
Trietsch David Burrel 4 Dec 1943 4 Dec 1943 9d5 s/o Erwin G. Trietsch and Velma McGee. ---
Trietsch Erwin G. 5 Nov 1911 30 Jan 1993 9d5 h/o Velma McGee. s/o Frederick Trietsch and Clara Winkelman. Married Mar. 24, 1935
Trietsch Eugene Edwin 20 Aug 1936 21 Aug 1938 9d5 s/o Erwin G. Trietsch and Velma McGee. Asleep in Jesus
Trietsch Velma (McGee) 23 Jan 1910 23 Apr 1989 9d5 w/o Erwin G. Trietsch. d/o Thomas B. McGee and Lillian Barrett. Married Mar. 24, 1935
Troy Bruce Michael 2 Nov 1962 28 May 1991 31d  h/o Sylvia (Castleberry) Troy. s/o Charles Christopher Troy and Ruth Helen (Elliot) Troy. Beloved son and father
Turnage Ruffis Alvin 29 Oct 1951 4 Jul 2008 38b h/o Chrystal L MNU The Broken Chain / "We little knew that morning that God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone; for part of us went with you the day God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide, and though we cannot see you, you are always by our side. Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again."
Turner Barbara Faye 25 Mar 1975 15 Apr 1997 18bb d/o James Leo Turner and Elsie Mae Murdock ---
Turner Dot Virginia (Bogard) 25 Apr 1915 1 Apr 2002 32b w/o T J Turner; married: 28 Apr 1938; d/o Claud L Bogard and Eula Mae Lesley  ---
Turner Esther L. 27 Jan 1917 24 Apr 2006 37b no info found no marker found 2009
Turner T. J. 26 Dec 1906 31 Oct 1991 32b h/o Dot Bogard. s/o J. N. Turner and Tempie Jane Schoolcraft.  
Tutor Richard Byron 18 Oct 1966 4 May 1975 29a s/o Charles Howard Tutor and Wanda Charlene Woody Beloved son
Tutor Scott Cory 10 Feb 1963 4 May 1975 29a s/o Charles Howard Tutor and Wanda Charlene Woodie  Beloved son
Twitty Arvil Thomas 'Fuzz' 20 Jan 1928 27 Jun 1987 4b h/o Betty Jo (Hodges) Twitty; s/o Granville Twitty and Nora Robertson military marker: S2 US NAVY WWII
Twitty Betty Jo (Hodges) 29 Aug 1930 26 Feb 2003 4b h/o Arvil Thomas 'Fuzz' Twitty; d/o Albert Hodges and Cleo Plumlee  ---
Twitty Granville  14 Mar 1894 19 Feb 1957 4b h/o Nora (Robertson) Twitty. s/o Andrew Jackson Twitty and Lemoh (Biggerstaff) Twitty; married 11/26/1911. ---
Twitty Nora (Robertson) 29 Mar 1894 28 Jun 1982 4b w/o Thomas Granville Twitty. d/o John Henry Robertson and Henrietta (Minter) Robertson; married 11/16/1911. ---
Udhnawala Taheneh (Hakiman) 16 Aug 1955 3 Mar 2001 35d w/o Soli Udhnawala; married 7/4/1986 in Sri Lanka. d/o Tarazullah Haikman and Qudisyih (Mozaffarfie) Hakiman. Thy trust hath returned unto thee, deal with him according to thy grace and bounty! Baha'i faith /  / Loving wife and mother
Ulmer Jesse Alan 18 Feb 1988 18 Feb 1988 31c s/o Jack Clyde Ulmer and Debbie Yvonne Screeton. no marker; grave is first space south of Jackie Ray Alcorn's grave in Lot 132
Underwood Edwin L. 7 May 1913 22 Dec 1994 3d h/o Vergie P. Rhinehart. s/o William H. Underwood and Susie A. Gosper. ---
Underwood Susie Audrey (Gosper) 6 May 1889 14 Aug 1964 11a4 w/o William H. Underwood. d/o Edwin H. Gosper and Parthenia Hosmer. ---
Underwood Virgie Pauline (Rhinehart) 24 Aug 1912 8 Feb 2007 3d w/o Edwin L. Underwood. d/oFrank Rhinehart and Lena Crawford. ---
Underwood William Henry 4 Aug 1888 31 Oct 1982 11a4 h/o Susie A. Gosper. s/o Jessie Lee Underwood and Ann Burkes. ---
Unknown FHM-1 Central  --- --- 9aa Marker with blank page north of grave for Earl and LaJune Hixson funeral home marker
Unknown FHM-1 East  --- --- 30c Marker with blank page south of Jerry Frank Aly funeral home marker
Unknown FHM-10 East  --- --- 36e Broken funeral home marker near gold cross near grave for Pamela Kay Fletcher funeral home marker
Unknown FHM-11 East  --- --- 34b Broken funeral home marker south of grave for Max and Hortensia Liebowitz funeral home marker
Unknown FHM-2 East  1997 1997 31d Marker with partially legible last name: ...AGARIBAY, Jr.  south of  Casssidy Landgrave funeral home marker
Unknown FHM-3 East  --- --- 31d broken marker south of James 'Don' Adams funeral home marker
Unknown FHM-4 East  --- --- 34c Marker with blank page, flattened to the gournd,  south of  Daniel Brehm funeral home marker
Unknown FHM-5 East  --- --- 34d Broken funeral home marker south of grave for Range Alden Porter funeral home marker
Unknown FHM-6 East  --- --- 34d Broken funeral home marker south of grave for Evan Sidibe funeral home marker
Unknown FHM-7 East  --- --- 35b Broken funeral home marker south of grave for Leigh Paxtot funeral home marker
Unknown FHM-8 East  --- --- 38b Marker with card to daddy from little boy south of Ruffis Turnage funeral home marker
Unknown FHM-9 East  --- --- 38b Funeral home marker with unreadable silver insert near marker J Linn Staley funeral home marker
Unknown Janie  --- --- 17 Between Shwartz and Frady stone with first name only
Unknown Partial Marker 8 ??? 1870 31 Dec 1871 10 --- bottom portion of marker
Unknown Rose  --- --- 33e --- Funeral home marker with blank page, fading picture, in front of plaque with ROSE on it; near marker for William and Edna Petty
Upchurch Erma G (Rhoden) 12 Jun 1914 23 Jan 1977 16a w/o James B. Upchurch. d/o Rupert C. Rhoden and Sally Elba Sorsby. Mother
Upchurch Gene Willard 28 Sep 1928 22 Jul 1975 10d2 s/o George Richard Upchurch and Hattie May Rogers In memory of / The Lord is my shephe
Upchurch George Richard 2 Sep 1886 21 Oct 1940 10d3 h/o Hattie May Rogers. s/o Lawrence Richard Upchurch and Cynthia Green  
Upchurch Hattie May (Rogers) 11 Nov 1891 23 Jun 1962 10d3 w/o George Richard Upchurch. Parents unknown on death certificate.  
Upchurch James Brandon 11 Jan 1915 15 Oct 1975 16a h/o Erma G. Rhoden. s/o George Richard Upchurch and Hattie May Rogers Daddy / military marker: PFC US ARMY WWII
Upchurch Lynnell  31 Dec 1946 31 Dec 1946 16a no info found Our baby
Upchurch Mildred  28 Feb 1924 30 May 1925 10d3 d/o George Richard Upchurch and Hattie May Rogers (no surname on marker)
Upchurch Ralph Clifton 10 Jan 19191 30 Dec 1973 13c h/o Mary Lonis Brown Daddy / Together forever / Married Dec 24, 1940
Upchurch Willie  22 Dec 1911 20 Oct 1929 10d3 s/o George Richard Upchurch and Hattie May Rogers (no surname on marker)
Uppole Wayne Eugene 13 Mar 1943 15 Aug 2008 37d. h/o Barbara E. Thorne; married 12 Mar 1966. s/o Edward Larry Uppole and Martha M. Braum. Beloved husband and father
Upton Jack Larkin 31 Jul 1927 12 Nov 1983 29c h/o Margie Ree Conaway. military marker: AS US NAVY WWII
Upton Margie Rea (Conaway) 3 Nov 1922 15 Sep 2001 29c w/o Jack Larkin Upton. d/o John Newton Conaway and Georgie Russell. Beloved mother and granny / Always in our hearts
Urquidi Angel Roberto 'J R' 28 Jul 1975 31 Dec 2007 9 s/o Angel Robert Urquidi, Sr. and Beatriz DeHaro/Dearo. one worthy of remembrance
Utz Joe Harris 18 Oct 1906 2 Oct 1963 27b h/o Pauline Utz. s/o Albert Utz and Maud Harris. ---
Valentine Mary Letha (Morgan) 30 Mar 1910 11 Nov 1992 31a w/o Rayne "Val"  Valentine. d/o Wyatt Sippio Morgan and Nora (Stanfield) Morgan. ---
Valentine Rayne  'Val' 20 Feb 1910 23 Sep 1996 31a h/o Mary Letha (Morgan) Valentine. s/o Frank Valentine and Rosa (Curlin) Valentine. ---
Van Wagoner Charles A. 18 Nov 1879 21 Sep 1975 28a h/o Elizabeth Schwedler ---
Van Wagoner Elizabeth (Schwedler) 26 Jul 1880 16 Jun 1970 28a w/o Charles A Van Wagoner ---
Vance John M. 20 Jul 1891 6 May 1962 26b h/o Josie T. Redman. s/o Tom Vance. ---
Vance Josie Tenna (Redman) 26 Jan 1894 25 May 1963 26b w/o John M. Vance. d/o James M. Redman  and Emma Jane Smith. ---
Vance Loyd C. "Wobby" 16 Aug 1917 1 Feb 2007 --- h/o Cordell Loard. s/o John M. Vance and Josie Tenna Redman. military marker: US NAVY WWII
Vandercook Nellie Eaton 26 Jul 1886 12 Nov 1974 4a w/o Rollo Roland Vandercook; d/o John Eaton and Samantha Bennett ---
Vandercook Rollo Roland 7 Oct 1886 27 Feb 1955 4a h/o Nellie Eaton; s/o Henry Vandercook and Addie Van Luther ---
Vanek Frank Joseph 11 Aug 1909 11 May 1976 13c h/o Mae (Buchacek) Vanek. s/o Joseph Vanek and Mary (Bohm) Vanek. ---
Vanek Mae (Buchacek) 2 Nov 1908 1 Apr 1989 13c w/o Frank Joseph Vanek. d/o Barney Buchacek and Rose (Cerney) Buchacek. ---
Vasquez Bryan M. 28 Oct 2001 19 Feb 2006 36b --- Dejad a los niños para venir a mí porque tales es el reino de dios. Lucas 18:16 [Allow the children to come unto me for such is the Kingdom of God. Luke 18:16]
Vasquez Georgina  30 Mar 1977 10 Dec 2000 35e --- Wonderful wife of Jose Carrillo and loving mother of Lizeth and Jose Jr
Vaughan Lee Henry 12 May 1901 16 Nov 1981 29a h/o Lois 'Tommie' Ready; 32nd degree Mason ---
Vaughan Lois 'Tommie' (Ready) 17 Jun 1900 16 Dec 1993 29a w/o Lee Henry Vaughan; d/o Younger Scott Ready and Rosa L. Holcomb Ready  ---
Vaughn T. C. 29 Dec 1918 17 Mar 1979 --- s/o Hence Ernest Vaughn and  unknown Jennings. no marker; grave is located in first space south of Jerry Anthony Lavery's grave
Vaughn Virginia (Moomjean) 10 Jan 1911 3 Jul 2008 34cc w/o Rev Gravel Vaughn; d/o Varten Moomjean and Martha Mossesian Precious mother
Vazquez Angela  2005 2005 34d no info found funeral home marker
Veal Travis Gregory 7 Sep 1914 8 Sep 1975 7a h/o Wilma Therese Wolters; s/o Millard Veal and Maud Veal military marker: CPL US ARMY WWII / Parents of Deborah, Gregory and Pamela
Veal Wilma Therese (Wolters) 17 Nov 1910 28 May 2007 7a w/o Travis Grady Veal. d/o Fred Wolters and Maria Therese Beaugardt. Parents of Deborah, Gregory and Pamela
Vega Selina Guadelupe 25 Aug 2005 20 Jan 2006 East 4 mos; no info found funeral home marker
Velazquez Gianni D. 8 May 2006 8 May 2006 36b no info found ---
Velez Robert  9 Sep 1970 18 Jun 1998 34a no info found We love you to infinity
Vences Jose  16 Apr 2005 30 Jan 2009 37c no info found You will always be in our hearts sweet angel with love forever/ Mi flaco
Ventura Sabina  29 Dec 1943 26 Aug 2005 34a no info found Rdo (recuerdo) de tus hijos [In memory of your children]
Ver Colen Edward John 29 Apr 1934 9 Mar 1991 31d. h/o Patricia M. (Slayer) Ver Colen. s/o Edward Albert Ver Colen and Anna Amelia (Wisniewski) Ver Colen. Beloved father
Ver Colen Patricia M (Slayer) 20 Nov 1943 24 May 2003 31d. w/o Edward John Ver Colen Beloved Mother
Verdugo Manuel  15 Dec 1938 28 Mar 2005 37b s/o Jesus Verdugo and Maria Jesus Mendoza. funeral home marker
Vernon Lillie B. 22 Dec 1876 10 Jul 1878 12c1 d/o J. S. Vernon and E. J. Vernon. inscription is illegible
Vice David Ray 2 Jul 1969 30 Oct 1988 32f s/o Edward Ray Vice and Janice Ann Elliott  Beloved son and brother
Vielnascher Margareta (Dolezal) 16 Jan 1903 22 Feb 1997 9dd1 d/o Albert Dolezal and Katerina Schaleck. Mother
Villalobos Isidro  15 May 1919 2 Feb 2001 34b h/o Maria Medellin ---
Villalobos Maria (Medellin) 1 Sep 1927 1 Dec 1998 34b w/o Isidro Villalobos. d/o Equildo Medellin and Bonifcia (Hernandez) Medellin. ---
Vivar Bertita  1925 1998 34e There is a Julia Bertha Vivar who died in Dallas County, TX on 18 Dec 1998. It is uncertain if this is the same person marker is unreadable (gold tiles with faded lettering)
Volhov James Alexander 30 Mar 1972 28 Aug 1990 30d s/o Ruth Angel Alvarado no marker.l grave is second space south of Bertha Roumillat's grave
Voss Todd  19 Jun 1977 19 Jun 1998 34b s/o Robert Leroy Voss and Nancy Anne (Liebowitz) Voss. He will wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, nor pain. All of that has gone forever. Revelation 21:4
W.  T. C. --- --- 13a --- marker is between Willie/Viola Stone and Sam/Veda Cook
Wade Sudie Mae (Hicks) 14 Sep 1935 12 Apr 1990 32d w/o Billy W. Wade. d/o Troy Hicks and Nola M. (Robinson) Hicks. Beloved wife, mother and friend
Wade Susan Amanda (Robison) 20 May 1876 13 Jan 1956 16a w/o 1) Joel M. McCommas 2) A. C. Wade. d/o Noah William Robison and Susan C. Bradford. In God's care
Wakefield N. J. 26 Dec 1850 3 Feb 1872 10b3f no info found ---
Waldrup Bennye Frances (Beddo) 1 Mar 1908 4 Feb 1980 10d2 w/o James Robert Waldrup. d/o Floyd F. Beddo and Lenora MNU. ---
Waldrup James Robert 19 May 1898 7 Jul 1961 16b h/o Frances B. Waldrup. s/o Robert Vassor Waldrup and Rosa Mae Cantrell. ---
Waldrup John Denton 10 Oct 1913 26 Nov 1986 10d2 Divorced. s/o Robert V Waldrup and Rosa Mae Cantrell In loving memory / Daddy
Waldrup Robert Vassor 3 Feb 1873 17 Feb 1948 16b h/o Rosa M. Cantrell. s/o of Henry Washington Waldrup and Elizabeth McDonald Father
Waldrup Rosa Mae (Cantrell) 5 May 1877 10 Jun 1945 16b w/o Robert V. Waldrup. d/o O. D. Cantrell and unknown Wilson. Mother
Walker Allie May (Slater) 10 Aug 1893 13 May 1961 13e w/o Archie Dean Walker. d/o John Wesley Slater, Jr and Margaret "Maggie" A. Shipp. ---
Walker Archie Dean 12 Feb 1891 20 Jan 1975 13e h/o Allie May Slater.  s/o W. T. Walker and Cora Holland. ---
Walker Bessie Mary (Whyburn) 4 Dec 1896 15 Aug 1968 2a w/o Robert Carter Walker ---
Walker Doris  22 Mar 1930 16 May 1986 30b no info found ---
Walker Dwight David 4 Jun 1970 4 Jun 1970 18bb s/o Dwight Richard Walker and Charlotte Faye Claytor Little angel / 8 hrs / 'God won'
Walker Fannie Ruth 8 Feb 1903 3 Jul 1904 11b6 d/o Mose Thomas Walker and Florence Evelyn Duncan We will [meet] in a better land
Walker Florence Evelyn (Duncan) 25 May 1871 3 Aug 1938 11b6 w/o Mose Thomas Walker. ---
Walker Imogene R (Jones) 6 Aug 1914 2 May 1973 13c w/o Leonard L. Walker. Married Dec. 24, 1932
Walker Infant  23 Apr 1925 23 Apr 1925 2a c/o Robert Carter Walker and Bessie Mary Whyburn God called his angel home (?)
Walker James Patton 26 Apr 1873 28 Jan 1949 16a s/o William Walker ---
Walker Leonard L. 29 Apr 1908 4 Oct 1983 13c h/o Imogene R. Jones. Married Dec. 24, 1932
Walker Mose Thomas 2 Aug 1864 25 Oct 1933 11b6 h/o Florence Evelyn Duncan. s/o Landon Carter Walker and Susan Lemley ---
Walker Robert Carter 8 Jun 1891 16 Sep 1954 2a h/o Bessie Mary Whyburn military marker: PFC 423 MTR SUP TN QMC WWI
Walker Ruth Perlene (Davis) 8 Aug 1902 18 Dec 1994 32a w/o Walter Walker. d/o Lewis Jasper Davis and Addie Davis. Together forever
Walker Sharon Lynne (Swoveland) 21 Oct 1947 10 Jun 1989 31d w/o Harold Donl Walker; d/o Charlotte Swoveland  
Walker Sherman Leon 30 Mar 1935 20 Aug 1982 29d h/o Nancy V Price; married 29 Jul 1969. s/o Leonard Walker and Ima Jean Jones. military marker: PVT US ARMY
Walker Walter  25 Aug 1911 10 Nov 1998 32a h/o Ruth Perlene (Davis) Walker. s/o William Walker and Nannie (Rossetter) Walker. Together forever
Wallace Alma L (Legal) 25 Oct 1903 13 Apr 2000 13e w/o Paul T. Wallace. d/o Millard Fillmore Legal and Sarah Jane (Warren) Legal. ---
Wallace Emmaline Celia 'Emmer' 1 May 1873 16 Oct 1962 16e w/o William M. Wallace; d/o J. C. Brady and Catherine Yoder Weep not dear children, we shall be waiting for you in heaven
Wallace Linda Sue (Winn) 18 Jul 1958 26 Jul 1982 30b d/o David John Winn and Wanda Sue Walker Loved by all
Wallace Luther Calvin 15 Aug 1907 8 Jul 1990 31d h/o Sally Cotton. s/o Lemon Smith Wallace and Patty Ann Lewis. no DOD on marker
Wallace Nellie (Milligan) 17 May 1877 26 Feb 1960 14a w/o William W. Wallace. ---
Wallace Paul Thadic 14 Apr 1900 27 Jan 1973 13e h/o Alma (Legal) Wallace. s/o William Martin Wallace and Emmer Celia (Brady) Wallace. military marker: GEORGIA PVT US ARMY WWII
Wallace Sally (Cotton) 15 Nov 1904 21 May 1988 31d w/o Luther C. Wallace. no info found on parents no DOD on marker
Wallace William M. 22 Jul 1867 22 Mar 1927 16e h/o Emmaline Celia 'Emmer' Weep not dear children, we shall be waiting for you in heaven
Wallace William W. 1 Aug 1868 11 Dec 1943 14a h/o Nellie Milligan. s/o Owen Caleb Wingfield Wallace and Harriet J. Colburn ---
Waller Hazel Bernice (Thompson) 26 Oct 1913 3 Jun 1997 30f w/o 1) Troy Atkinson 2) William P. Waller; d/o Ernest Franklin Thompson and Annie Amanda Teague ---
Waller William P. 8 Sep 1907 15 Oct 1987 30f h/o Hazel Bernice Thompson. s/o Joseph J. Waller and LeNora Grisom. ---
Walters Jack L 13 Feb 1931 2 Mar 2000 31a --- military marker: CMSGT US AIR FORCE
Walters Lynda Ann (Carson) 23 Aug 1940 4 Mar 2009 9 w/o Bedford James Walters; d/o Benjamin Joseph Carson and Mary Helen McGowan near OLD HALL sign
Walters Talitha Emmeline (Grammer) 1869 1939 11a1 w/o Amos Ambrose Walters Mother
Walton Nadine (Barrier) 16 Feb 1924 7 May 2005 37c w/o Howard Walton. d/o Ferdinand Barrier and Annie (Loflin) Barrier. funeral home marker
Wantland Elijah Marshall 13 Mar 1834 2 Oct 1879 12d4 h/o Martha A Grace; married: 13 May 1856. s/o Marshall Wantland and Rachel Wardlow/Wadlow Lain prepared to meet my God. Good by, we will meet there soon--Papa
Ward Cledora (Lay) 4 Jul 1925 13 May 2008 9dd1 w/o Jessie Ward ---
Ward Jessie  17 Apr 1917 26 Mar 1997 9dd1 h/o Cledora (Lay) Ward. s/o John Ward of Florence (Moore) Ward. ---
Wardlaw Addison Irving 22 Feb 1879 18 Jun 1949 13a h/o Sallie Ann Gilbreth. s/o Aminette Wardlaw and Nancy Ellender Aycock ---
Wardlaw Sallie Ann (Gilbreth) 20 Dec 1880 8 Feb 1968 13a w/o Addison I. Wardlaw. d/o Lewis Gilbreath and Susie (Sandford) Gilbreth. ---
Watson Charles Floyd 20 Jan 1881 22 Dec 1953 9a3 h/o Viola Amny Grisham. s/o James Calvin Watson and Frances Mills. At rest
Watson Edgar Jerome 13 Mar 1893 28 Jul 1976 15b h/o Sue Anna Willard. s/o James Calvin Watson. ---
Watson James Andrew 20 Aug 1914 20 Feb 1981 30a h/o Visa Dunigan. s/o James Lampkin Watson and Grace Bell Weaver. no marker; from records of Dalton and Son Funeral Home. Lot 157
Watson James T. 15 Apr 1907 29 Jul 1930 9a3 Single. s/o Charles Floyd Watson and Viola Amny Grisham. Our only son
Watson Sue Anne (Willard) 8 Apr 1900 17 Dec 1952 15a w/o Edgar Jerome Watson. d/o Charles Willard and Lela Bond. ---
Watson Viola Amny (Grisham) 17 Sep 1885 4 Jun 1957 15a w/o Charles Floyd Watson. d/o of Thomas A. Grisham and Lillah Jane Eldridge At rest
Weast Brittney Nicole 18 Sep 1987 22 Nov 2006 38b d/o Lennon Weast and Savannah Williams You're forever loved and missed--Mom, Dad, Rekira
Weathers infant  7 Jul 1971 7 Jul 1971 24c s/o Roger Dale Weathers and Nell Rita (Nicholson) Weathers. no marker found in 2009
Weaver Gregory Cline 10 Oct 1952 3 Apr 1995 33d s/o Berry Cline Weaver and Joan (Ignashlak) Weaver. military marker: US AIR FORCE
Welch James Woodrow 24 May 1929 17 May 2006 36d no info found military marker: US ARMY AIR FORCES WWII
Wellhofer John L. 17 Jun 1845 19 Sep 1914 9a1 h/o Maria M. Goff. No info on parents found inscription is illegible
Wellhofer Maria M (Goff) 17 Feb 1851 12 Dec 1930 9a1 w/o John L. Wellhofer. No info on parents found ---
Wells Golden Weldon 24 Jun 1916 13 Nov 1979 7a s/o Riley Trent Wells and Mary Gertrude Johnson military marker: 1st LT US ARMY WWII KOREA
Wells Mary Gertrude (Johnson) 24 Dec 1894 29 Jan 1954 7a w/o Riley Trent Wells; s/o T. E. Johnson and Helen Stover ---
Wells Riley Trent 29 Dec 1886 2 Aug 1955 7a h/o Mary Gertrude Johnson; s/o Duncan and Mary Wells ---
Wentworth James Lee 23 Aug 1963 12 Jan 1996 18cc h/o Janice M. Schmidt;  s/o Robert Wentworth and Lorraine Hoppe. Married Apr. 23, 1994
Wenzel Gary W. 3 Oct 1956 16 Feb 1957 17b s/o Curtis Wilburn Wenzel and Bobbie Gay Goodman ---
West John Richard 'Rick' 11 Jul 1953 29 Apr 2006 --- h/o Joyce Ann Jennings; married 4 Dec 1971. s/o John Wesley West and Barbara Laverne Titsworth Love forever and always
Westlund Clarence Alvin 20 Nov 1920 22 May 2000 26a h/o Myra Dell Higgins [Married] 27 DEC 1953
Westlund Myra Dell 'Toot' (Higgins) 25 Apr 1920 15 Jul 2009 26a w/o Clarence Alvin Westlund; d/o William Henry Higgins and Mary Venice Hasten  [Married] 27 DEC 1953 / no DOD on marker
Westmoreland Elisha Andrew 18 Aug 2002 28 Jan 2003 34b no info found Psalm 127:3 / Our beloved son
Whaley Infant  --- --- 11b4 Unnamed child of William Franklin Whaley and Carrie May Gaston. Grave is located in same plot as Frank and Weldon Whaley. ---
Whaley Infant  --- --- 11b4 Unnamed child of William Franklin Whaley and Carrie May Gaston. Grave is located in same plot as Frank and Weldon Whaley. ---
Whaley Infant  --- --- 11b4 Unnamed child of William Franklin Whaley and Carrie May Gaston. Grave is located in same plot as Frank and Weldon Whaley. ---
Whaley Infant  --- --- 11b4 Unnamed child of William Franklin Whaley and Carrie May Gaston. Grave is located in same plot as Frank and Weldon Whaley. (This marker is somewhat removed from the other Whaley markers)
Whaley Nellie Faye (Wilson) 6 Feb 1915 29 Jul 1992 24d w/o William W. Whaley; d/o Charlie Wilson and Celia Brown Mother / [Married] DEC. 6, 1935
Whaley Weldon Gaston 19 Mar 1907 1 Apr 1917 11b4 s/o William Franklin Whaley and Carrie May Gaston. inscription is illegible
Whaley William Franklin 24 May 1879 5 Feb 1941 11b4 h/o Carrie May Gaston. s/o Jones A. Whaley and Frances Moser. ---
Whaley William W. 19 Jun 1905 18 Dec 1965 24d h/o Nellie Faye Wilson Father / [Married] DEC. 6, 1935
Whatley Alma Phathane 16 Feb 1900 29 Sep 1973 3a d/o Wilson Warren Whatley and Carolina Magdelina Wellhoffer ---
Whatley Carolina Magdelina (Wellhofer) 5 Aug 1874 9 Aug 1949 3a w/o Wilson Warren Whatley; d/o John L Wellhofer and Maria Margaret Grauff ---
Whatley John Edmond 27 Jan 1901 8 Sep 1975 4c h/o Juanita (Saunders) Whatley. s/o Wilson W. Whatley and Carolina Magdalina Whatley. Married Aug. 12, 1933
Whatley Juanita (Saunders) 9 Mar 1913 4 Jan 1995 4c w/o John Edmond Whatley; d/o Winfred Caspar Miller Saunders and Willie Pearl (Shepherd) Saunders. Married Aug. 12, 1933
Whatley Wilson Warren 13 Mar 1863 4 May 1914 3a h/o Carolina Magdelina Wellhoffer ---
Whipkey Edith Lorene 17 Oct 1932 8 Dec 2007 34cc no info found ---
White Andrew  Jul 1854 --- 11b5 h/o Ida MNU. s/o Charles White and Sarah Payne Duncan Uncle
White Charles Haskell, Jr 9 Mar 1931 9 Mar 1931 25b s/o Charles Haskell White, Sr. and Othella (Morris) White. In God we trust
White Charles Haskell, Sr 12 Oct 1907 6 Aug 1976 25b h/o Othella Morris; married: 23 Jul 1929 or 1930; s/o Thomas Hughes White and Lou Anna Rice In God we trust
White Charles L 16 Nov 1899 13 Apr 1964 22b h/o Madge Sparks; s/o J TIlden Bowen White and Mary Keith ---
White Charley Thomas, Jr 'Bill' 30 Jun 1903 15 Apr 1995 15a h/o Leta Waldrup. s/o Charley Thomas White, Sr. and Mary Alice Philley. ---
White Charley Thomas. Sr 2 Mar 1873 19 Oct 1954 15a h/o Mary Alice Philley. s/o Tom White. ---
White Karl B. 21 Oct 1918 7 Feb 1984 15b Rev.; s/o C. T. White and Mary Alice (Philly) White. ---
White Leta (Waldrup) 12 Mar 1908 27 Sep 1983 15a w/o C. T. "Bill" White. d/o Robert Vassar Waldrup and Rosa Lee (Cantrell) Waldrup. ---
White Madge (Sparks) 18 Feb 1903 7 Jul 1993 22b w/o Charles L. White. d/o Isaac J. Sparks and Annie (Derrington) Sparks. ---
White Mary Alice (Philley) 10 Nov 1873 4 Aug 1953 15a w/o Charley Thomas White. ---
White Olive  30 Apr 1905 2 Feb 1997 15b d/o Charley Thomas White and Mary Alice (Philly) White. ---
White Othello (Morris) 23 Jul 1909 26 Dec 2006 25b w/o Charles Haskell White, Sr; d/o John R. Morris and Katie Mae White In God we trust
White Steven R 4 Jul 1960 24 Nov 2000 34b h/o Victoria L Schlim; married: 15 Aug 1986 ---
Whitehead James D. 5 Feb 1851 23 Aug 1922 1e h/o Mary Ann Kinne/Kinney; s/o P C Whitehead and Margaret Moore A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches
Whitehead James Lee 28 Sep 1934 4 Aug 1991 31b h/o Phillis Gaen (Walker) Whitehead. s/o James Edward Whitehead and Jessie Adele (Regor) Whitehead. ---
Whitehead Mary Ann (Kinne/Kinney) 18 May 1852 4 Mar 1927 1e w/o Rev. James D. Whitehead Her children arise up and call her blessed
Whitehead Phillis Gaen (Walker) 20 Nov 1936 13 Oct 1999 31b w/o James Lee Whitehead. d/o Raymond Walker and Margaret (Adams) Walker. ---
Whitlock Charles Dewitt Wilkinson 17 Jul 1903 3 Jun 1971 13d h/o Ruby D. Ratliff. s/o Thomas G. Whitlock and Mary Jane Nelson. ---
Whitlock John Newton 19 May 1872 23 Feb 1949 14b h/o Margaret Martha Whitlock. s/o Thomas G. Whitlock and Susanna MNU At rest
Whitlock Margaret Martha 1880 1962 14b w/o John Newton Whitlock. At rest
Whitlock Mary Jane (Nelson) 8 Feb 1861 15 Oct 1938 13d w/o 1) unknown Hunter 2) Thomas G. Whitlock. d/o B. G. Nelson ---
Whitlock Ruby D (Ratliff) 25 Jan 1905 4 Mar 1976 13d w/o Charles Dewitt Whitlock. d/o James A. Ratliff and Jessie Allen. ---
Whitlock Thomas G. 5 Nov 1845 20 Oct 1937 13d h/o 1) Susanna MNU (1880 Census, Wilson Co, TN) and 2) Mary Jane Nelson. s/o Thomas Green Whitlock and Decil Elizabeth Brogan. ---
Whitlock Wanda Charlene (Woody) 8 Aug 1931 4 May 1975 29a w/o 1) Robert Houston Robbins 2) Charles Howard Tutor 3) unknown Whitlock. d/o R J Woody and Biddie Mae Williams ---
Whitmore Donald Ray 4 May 1927 13 Jul 1936 9c2 s/o Johnson L. Whitmore and Pearl Massey. no surname on marker
Whitmore Eldon 'Whit'  13 Mar 1918 27 Jul 2009 13d h/o Flo Terry; s/o Rupert I Whitmore and Emily O Ross  no marker
Whitmore Emily Olie (Ross) 1 Nov 1894 22 Dec 1976 13d w/o Rupert I. Whitmore. d/o William Franklin Ross and Charlotte Jane (Chandler) Ross. ---
Whitmore Erastus Fleetwood 27 Jan 1858 21 Dec 1944 13d h/o Rachel C. (Williams) Whitmore. ---
Whitmore Irby Lafayette 30 Jul 1911 10 Aug 1912 9c2 s/o Johnson L. Whitmore and Pearl Massey. Our baby / A sunbeam from this world has vanished
Whitmore Johnson Lafayette 1 Jun 1885 3 Sep 1969 9c2 h/o Pearl Massey. s/o Erastus Fleetwood Whitmore and Rachel Caroline Williams. ---
Whitmore Pearl (Massey) 7 Aug 1888 28 Sep 1965 9c2 w/o Johnson L. Whitmore. d/o W. T. Massey and Mary Annie (Jetter) Massey. ---
Whitmore Rachel Caroline (Williams) 1865 4 Jan 1944 13d w/o Erastus Fleetwood Whitmore. ---
Whitmore Reba Lewis 23 Aug 1913 17 Oct 1918 9c2 d/o Johnson L. Whitmore and Pearl (Massey) Whitmore. no surname on marker
Whitmore Rupert Irby 6 Oct 1888 16 Jul 1974 13d h/o Emily Olia (Ross) Whitmore. s/o Erastus Fleetwood Whitmore and Rachel Caroline (Williams) Whitmore. ---
Whitmore Wesley Eldon 24 Mar 1977 4 Apr 1977 13e s/o Randy Whitmore and Cathy (Judkins) Whitmore. ---
Whitsitt Linnie (Nowlin) --- --- --- See Linnie Nowlin Singletary-Whitsitt  ---
Whyburn Eugenia Elizabeth (McLeod) 7 Aug 1869 19 Aug 1933 2a w/o Thomas Whyburn; married: 17 Jan 1889; d/o G. R. McLeod and Mary Anne Rawell ---
Whyburn infant  17 Jan 1931 17 Jan 1931 9d4 s/o William Thomas Whyburn and Isabel Mitchell. ---
Whyburn Nora (McGee) 10 Nov 1876 3 Apr 1969 9d4 w/o William Whyburn. d/o Reuben McGee and Sarah Jane Reynolds. Mother
Whyburn Thomas  8 Sep 1864 29 Dec 1931 2a h/o Eugenia Elizabeth McLeod; married: 17 Jan 1889; s/o John and Emma Whyburn ---
Whyburn William  29 Sep 1861 9 Dec 1934 9d4 h/o Nora McGee. s/o John Whyburn and Emma MNU. Father
Widener Lindsay Kirkland 16 Jul 1983 10 Oct 2005 37d d/o Steven Howard Widener and Martha Ellison Hume  She brightened many lives
Wilbanks Andrew Lyle 30 Oct 1987 30 Jan 1988 31b s/o James Wilbanks and Linda (Wilson) Wilbanks. Our son
Wilcox John L, Jr