Old Hall Cemetery  R-T

Denton County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Bob Leahy

Based on the 1999 Survey of Edd Painter and Susan Lett, Betty Finley and Bob Leahy

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Old Hall Cemetery is large so may take some time to load. 


Last Name First Middle (Maiden) DOB DOD Row Note Marker Transcription
Raburn Curtis Lynn 20 Nov 1962 22 May 2004 36e h/o Cathy King; s/o Jerry Rabun and Avie Rabun. ---
Rade Mercedes (Contreras) 7 Mar 1893 25 Dec 1985 29f d/o Amador Contreras and Juana Sanchez. no marker; grave is located at extreme north end
Ragland Ruby Fae (Brown) 12 May 1921 11 Jan 2007 30e w/o James D Ragland; d/o John Brown and Nannie Sharp ---
Rains Clifford Newton 19 Mar 1894 9 Jan 1974 28a h/o Mayme Johnnie Crosby; s/o Walter Scott Rains and Isabell Quick military marker: SC2 US NAVY WWI
Rains Joan (Crockett) 26 Dec 1931 6 Jan 1995 28a w/o Scotty Barnes Rains; d/o Elbert M. Crockett and Hazel Johnice Thompson Wed: 19 NOV 1955
Rains Mayme Johnnie (Crosby) 20 Jul 1903 6 Jan 1986 28a w/o Clifford Newton Rains; d/o T B Crosby and Jenny Dotson ---
Rains Scotty Barnes 2 Mar 1927 19 Jan 2000 28a h/o Joan Crockett; s/o Clifford Newton Rains and Mayme Crosby Wed: 19 NOV 1955
Rains Wendell Neil 23 Dec 1956 25 Nov 1999 28b h/o Teresa Lynn Hicks; s/o Clifford Newton Rains and Mayme Crosby ---
Ralston William James 16 Jun 1993 16 Jun 1993 31a s/o Timothy Philip Ralston and Bridget Ann Dreyer Our beloved son and grandson
Ramey James Ray 14 Sep 1956 18 Dec 1996 29d h/o Marsha Tillman. s/o Douglas Ramey and Charolette Tannahill. My husband / The memories closest to my heart are those in which you play a part. So this I know my whole life through, I'll always be in love with you
Ramey Patricia Jo 18 Jul 1961 21 Jul 1979 29d d/o Douglas Ramey and Charolette Tannahill. Our beloved daughter
Ramirez Adolfo  15 Mar 2005 15 Mar 2005 34c s/o Valereano Ramirez and Ofelia Ramirez. Niņo hijo [Infant son]
Ramirez Domingo  5 Sep 1947 7 Oct 1996 33b s/o Domingo Ramirez, Sr. and Florensia Herrera. no marker; N 1/4 of Lot 218; located one space north of Robert C. Muller's grave
Ramirez Manuel Sanchez 14 Jun 1931 19 Dec 1998 34e s/o Porfrio Sanchez Ramirez and Imelda (Mondragon) Ramirez. no marker found 2009
Ramirez Maria Luisa (Cano) 9 Dec 1944 28 May 2003 35b w/o Euisibio Ramirez. d/o Jessie Cano and Juana Zapata. funeral home marker; grave is first space north of Leigh Patxot.
Ramsey Andrew Murl, Sr 25 May 1907 12 Sep 1994 29f h/o Jessie J. (Yantis) Ramsey. s/o Corbon Ramsey and Eva (William) Ramsey. ---
Ramsey Jessie J (Yantis) 26 Jun 1908 26 Nov 1997 29f w/o Andrew Murl Ramsey, Sr. d/o Oswin King Yantis and Bennie Alberta (Sowell) Yantis. ---
Ramsey John R. 6 May 1912 18 Nov 1985 30e h/o Ruby L (MNU) Ramsey military marker: PVT US ARMY WWII; second marker: Gone fishing
Ramsey Ruby L. 21 Jan 1911 27 Mar 1996 30e w/o John R Ramsey Gone fishing
Raper Kenneth Dale 9 Aug 1941 27 Aug 2000 18aa h/o Marguerite Ellen Blake; s/o Lester Frances Raper and Doris Emily Hocken Father / Married: 24 DEC 1966
Ratliff James Andrew 14 Nov 1887 4 Sep 1934 11a4 h/o Jessie Luvina Allen. s/o of J. W. Ratliff and Josephine Vernon. ---
Ratliff Jessie Luvina (Allen) 26 Aug 1881 24 May 1960 11a4 w/o James Andrew Ratliff. d/o T. Frank Allen and Frances Hendrix. ---
Ratliff John W. 22 Feb 1850 6 Nov 1925 3a h/o Josephine Vernon; s/o John Nobleman Ratliff and Abigail Haggard Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Ratliff Josephine (Vernon) 15 Apr 1850 23 Mar 1926 3a w/o  John W. Ratliff; d/o Nehemiah Vernon and Ruby Massey Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Ratliff Roberta Fay 14 Jun 1912 9 Sep 1915 11a4 d/o James Andrew Ratliff and Jessie Luvina Allen. In heaven there is no [pain]...
Ratzlaff Ray Glen 7 Jun 1930 21 Oct 1983 29c h/o Linda Ann Leslie; married 9 Mar 1967 Harris Co, TX military marker: 1st LT US ARMY KOREA
Ready Rosa Lee (Holcomb) 26 Mar 1878 15 Dec 1944 17a w/o Younger Scott Ready, Sr. d/o Hosea Holcomb and Sallie unknown. ---
Ready Thelma (McReynolds) 3 Sep 1907 8 Nov 2007 29a w/o Younger Scott Ready, Jr; d/o Stephen Luther McReynolds and Irma Susan McGee  Married Feb. 16, 1941
Ready Younger Scott, Jr 27 Dec 1903 20 Oct 2001 29a h/o Thelma McReynolds; s/o Younger Scott Ready, Sr., and Rosa Lee Holcomb Married Feb. 16, 1941
Ready Younger Scott, Sr 12 Aug 1873 27 Apr 1945 17a h/o Rosa Lee Holcomb. s/o Francis M. Ready and  Melissa Bates. ---
Reagan James Joseph 15 Dec 1911 22 Oct 1987 31a s/o James Reagan and Sadie (Brower) Reagan. Gone Fishing
Redd Jarian Michael 18 Nov 1999 18 Nov 1999 31b s/o James Harris III and Shonedra M. Redd. shares funeral home marker with brother Jodieh; 1 lot south of Dyson
Redd Jodieh Micha 18 Nov 1999 18 Nov 1999 31b s/o James Harris III and Shonedra M. Redd. shares funeral home marker with brother Jarian; 1 lot south of Dyson
Redman-Gilbert Loretta (Anderson) 3 Nov 1939 8 Jan 1996 31a w/o 1) Ronnie Ray Redman (divorced) 2) Johnny A Gilbert; married: 2 Jul 1988; d/o John Beamon Anderson and Aleta Lee Price ---
Reed Clarence Lee 20 Sep 1903 7 Feb 1989 32e  h/o Geneva Brians. s/o Nathan James Reed and Minnie Lee Wilkinson. ---
Reed Edna (Ready) --- --- --- See Edna Jane (Ready) Archer-Reed  ---
Reed Geneva (Brians) 17 Sep 1911 13 Dec 2004 32d  w/o Clarence Lee Reed. no DOD on marker
Reed George Francis 27 Dec 1894 6 May 1973 16a h/o Ola Waldrup 2) Edna Ready.  Adopted s/o Uriah Johnson Chowning and Melinda Caroline Price (1900 Census, Denton Co, TX) ---
Reed George Hoyt 28 Feb 1931 5 Nov 2005 16a h/o Martha Jane Wills. s/o George Reed and Ola Waldrup. ---
Reed Martha Jane (Wills) 29 Dec 1929 30 Mar 2008 16a w/o George Hoyt Reed. ---
Reed Ola (Waldrup) 7 Sep 1896 2 Apr 1943 16a 1st w/o George Francis Reed. d/o R V Waldrup and Rosa Cantrell ---
Reed Ronald Dee. Sr 18 Feb 1948 19 May 1995 11a7 h/o Ann Cooper. s/o Sidney Reed and Vernia Sparks. military marker: SP5 US ARMY VIETNAM
Reed Rosa Artie (Maynard) Patten --- --- --- See Rosa (Maynard) Patten ---
Reese Olan Herchel 23 Dec 1922 29 Dec 2003 30a h/o Ouida C. Lakey ---
Reese Ouida C (Lakey) 2 Oct 1937 23 Jul 1985 30a w/o Olan H. Reese. d/o Shuford Bob Lakey and Dora (Brewer) Lakey. ---
Reiser Stephen Grant 15 Feb 1995 9 Oct 2000 34a s/o James G Rieser and Esil Ann Davis Jesus took the children in his arms
Reneau Dorothy Mae (McCombs) 1 Sep 1920 20 Apr 1990 19a w/o Hubert Nelson Reneau. no DOD on marker
Reneau Hubert Nelson 24 Dec 1917 31 Jul 1969 19a h/o Dorothy Mae McCombs; s/o William W. Reneau and Jane Miller military marker: TEC4 CO D 333 ENGINEERS WWII
Reneau Ollie May 25 Mar 1896 27 May 1964 15b d/o William Wesley Reneau and Phoebia Jane Miller  ---
Reneau Phoebia Jane Miller  5 Oct 1878 29 Sep 1943 15b w/o William Wesley; d/o unknown Miller and unknown Parrott ---
Reneau William Wesley 22 Oct 1875 21 Sep 1968 15b h/o Phoebia Jane (Miller) ---
Rentfrow Clifford Cleland 29 Mar 1934 4 Jul 1998 33b  Rev.; h/o Della (Hill) Rentfrow. s/o Claude Cleland Rentfrow and Lura Victoria (Griffin) Rentfrow. military marker: US ARMY / Beloved husband and father
Rentfrow Della (Hill) 27 Feb 1935 1 Jun 2005 33b w/o Rev. Clifford Rentfrow; d/o Robert Guy Hill and Rissie Rose Phipps Found favor with God / Beloved wife and mother
Revier Eva Lee (Farrington) 20 Feb 1920 20 Feb 2002 5b d/o John Clayton Farrington and Ida Catherine Luttrell Our loving mother
Revier Mamie (Gates) 31 Mar 1892 8 Jun 1979 5b w/o Robert H. Revier; d/o Jim Gates and Mary Ann Harrison ---
Revier Robert Henry 26 Apr 1870 15 Feb 1960 5b h/o Mamie Gates; s/o John Revier and Margaret Davis ---
Revier Virginia Christina  30 May 1923 20 Jul 2001 5b d/o Robert Henry Revier and Mamie Gates   ---
Reynolds Chad Lane 22 Aug 1968 20 Sep 1984 30d  s/o Jim Reynolds and Freddie Sue (Byler) Reynolds. Beloved son and brother
Reynolds Claude Alvis 19 Feb 1905 28 Oct 1959 27b h/o Irene (Hill) Reynolds. ---
Reynolds Freddie Sue (Byler) 2 Aug 1935 3 Jan 2008 30d w/o 1) Jimmie Eugene Reynolds 2) Kenneth Nelson; d/o Carl Everett Byler and Maude Lee Hensley Beloved Mama and Mammie
Reynolds Irene (Hill) 14 Dec 1901 2 Jan 1979 27b w/o Claude Alvis Reynolds. d/o Philip Hill and Julia Amelia (Nail) Hill. ---
Reynolds Irma (Velasquez) 9 Dec 1950 30 Jan 1997 32c w/o Arthur Frank Reynolds. d/o Paulino Ruben Velasquez and Andrea (Aldaco) Velasquez. military marker: PO2 US NAVY PERSIAN GULF
Reynolds Kimberly Ann 3 Jun 1972 16 Feb 1990 31c d/o Raymond Reynolds and Carol (McAboy) Reynolds. You will be in our hearts forever.  All we have are memories until we see you again.  Love, Mom and Dad / We will miss you, Sis.  Our love be with you.
Rhodes Carl Dean 8 Feb 1965 1 Aug 1991 32d  s/o Bennie Carl Rhodes and Sudie Mae Hicks. Beloved son
Rhodes Dorothy (Thomas) 19 Jul 1907 28 Mar 1960 9d1 w/o Hubert George Rhodes.  d/o E. G. Thomas and Roberta Everett. Love
Rhodes Hubert George 20 Sep 1900 15 Dec 1968 9d1 h/o Dorothy Thomas. s/o Hugh Lindon Rhodes and Rachel Ruth Helm. ---
Ribble Harold Raymond 2 Dec 1940 10 May 1993 32e h/o Jane Maureen Graves. s/o John Raymond Ribble and Violet Maurine Bailey. ---
Rice Nancy A. 20 Oct 1863 2 Jun 1894 12a1 w/o R F (or H F) Rice A loving wife, a mother dear, a faithful friend lies buried here
Richards Gussie (Lowry) 29 Jan 1883 25 Jun 1926 1d w/o Jerome Kearby Richards; d/o T J Lowry and Martha Calhoun listed as Mrs J K Richards on marker
Richards Jerome Kearby/Kirby 9 Feb 1880 1920 1d h/o Gussie Lowry no DOD (not found in TX Death Index)
Richards Sarah E (Wright) 26 Mar 1847 1 Jul 1914 1d m/o Jerome Kearby Richards; w/o Howard G Richards; d/o John Wright and Sally Bolton marker says she died in 1924; TX Death Index gives date as 1 JUL 1914
Richardson Crenia/Cyrena E (Allen) 19 Nov 1852 19 Jun 1933 11b2 w/o 1) Daniel Jefferson Beddoe; married about 1870 2) C H Richardson (no info found). d/o Johnie Allen and Eliza Sigler. Beddo / marker gives birth year as 1851, death certificate 1852. Marker spells her given hame Crenia, death certificate Cyrena
Richardson Robert Scudder 22 Feb 1897 29 Apr 1962 26a h/o Ruby I Way; s/o George Richardson and Carrie Belle Scudder ---
Richardson Ruby I (Way) 1913   26a w/o Robert Scudder Richardson. ---
Richardson Terry Lyn 11 Dec 1950 28 Feb 2005 37b divorced. s/o Milroy L. Richardson and Viola F. Sanders Beloved son and brother
Rickett Ephriam A. 6 May 1836 23 Nov 1909 9d5 h/o Margaret Ann MNU military marker: CO C 26 MISS INF CSA
Rickett George A. 15 Dec 1888 10 Sep 1951 9d5 h/o Tennie Allen. s/o Ephriam Rickett and Margaret unknown. ---
Rickett Margaret Ann 27 Apr 1857 13 Oct 1929 9d5 w/o Ephriam Rickett The Lord is my shepherd
Rickett Tennie (Allen) 31 Jul 1888 29 Jan 1981 9d5 w/o George A. Rickett. ---
Rickman Tracy Lynn (Tharp) 29 Oct 1970 25 Aug 2005 33e d/o Gaston Edwards Tharp and Marilyn Dennis Bard Pray for us now and until the hour of our death. Amen
Riddle Melvin Eugene, Jr 27 Feb 1950 30 Apr 1952 3b s/o Melvin Eugene Riddle, Sr., and Maurine Cashion ---
Riddles Amis Edward 6 Aug 1910 26 Feb 1994 33a h/o Margaret Marie Pinson; s/o William Riddles and Nancy Siebenthart military marker: US ARMY WWII
Riddles Jerry Lynn 27 Feb 1947 25 Nov 1997 33a h/o Vera Jean Browning. s/o Amis Edward Riddles and Margaret Marie Pinson. military marker: 1st LT US ARMY VIETNAM
Rigsby Jasper Newton, Sr 8 Oct 1910 4 Oct 1977 16a h/o Jewell May Upchurch. ---
Rigsby Jewell May (Upchurch) 15 Sep 1910 25 Aug 1985 16a w/o Jasper Newton Rigsby, Sr. ---
Riley Arthur Lee 7 Oct 1902 9 Dec 1986 29d h/o Myrtle Permelia Morris Gone but not forgotten
Riley Myrtle Permelia (Morris) 19 Sep 1908 10 Feb 1980 29d w/o Arthur Lee Riley Gone but not forgotten
Rios Pedro Julio 10 Jun 1926 17 Nov 2004 37a h/o Maria (Sergua) Rios. s/o Jesus Maria Luenges Rios and Pauline Rios. Jehova es mi pastor nada me faltare [The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want) / Tu amor nos une and fortalece--tu esposa, hijos y nietos [Your love unites and fortifies us--your wife, children and grandchildren] / 
Rios Ramon Lopez 7 Apr 1953 20 Oct 2000 35c no info found Beloved father and friend
Rippy Conrad  6 Feb 1896 24 May 1918 5a Robert Lee Rippy and Rosa Lillian Gosney In memory of / SGT Co A 315 ENGRS WWI
Rippy Mary Dena (Pritchett) 24 Mar 1891 19 Sep 1983 5a w/o Will Harris. w/o Robert Lee Rippy. d/o John Pritchett and Mary (Cole) Pritchett. ---
Rippy Robert Lee 19 Apr 1874 24 Apr 1979 5a h/o 1) Rosa Lillian Gosney 2) Mary Dena Pritchett; S/O Thomas Edward Rippy and Louisa Jane Crenshaw ---
Rivera Raymond  13 Sep 1916 19 Jan 1989 31c h/o Sylvia (mnu) Rivera; s/o John Rivera and Rosalie Rodriguez Married Dec. 23, 1939
Rixon Claude Bertram 27 Oct 1915 14 Nov 2000 34d h/o Rosa Drestile (Sum) Rixon. s/o Archibald Henry Rixon and Daisy Theodora (D'Cruz) Rixon. Wed Nov. 3, 1956
Rixon Rosa Drestile (Sum) 14 Jul 1935 27 Sep 2000 34d w/o Claude Bertram Rixon; d/o U Sum and Catherine Nongrum Wed Nov. 3, 1956
Roach Mary Nell (Lott) 25 Jul 1926 6 Dec 2002 West d/o Walter Lee Lott and Pearl Doline Follis Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates / Proverbs 31:31
Robb Aaron Byron 9 Jun 1851 21 Dec 1940 12a3 h/o Ella Jones. ---
Robb Ella (Jones) 24 Apr 1863 4 Nov 1902 12a3 w/o Aaron Byron Robb. d/o John A.C. Jones and Sarah Jane Long. ---
Robb Gabrilla E (Dixon) 14 Jul 1885 20 Aug 1967 24b w/o Thomas J. Robb; married 7-16-1905. d/o Alexander T. Dixon and Frances Emma (Loard) Dixon. Mother
Robb Sandra Sue (Standridge) 14 Sep 1939 2 May 1990 24b w/o Richard Robb. d/o Ted J. Standridge and Marritta (Helm) Standridge. Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away
Robb Thomas James 22 Aug 1882 13 Jul 1984 24b h/o Gabrilla E. (Dixon) Robb; married 7-16-1905. s/o Aaron Byron Robb and Ella (Jones) Robb. Father
Robbins Clinton Gilbert 2 Apr 1915 18 Aug 1995 14b h/o Dortha Marie Miller; s/o Leonard Robbins and Clara F Jeter  [Married] Sept. 29, 1937
Robbins Dortha Marie (Miller) 1 Oct 1919 30 Aug 1991 14b w/o Clinton Gilbert; d/o William Frederick Miller and Wallie Louise Robertson  [Married] Sept. 29, 1937
Robbins Perry Eugene 7 Jun 1930 7 Nov 1989 31d h/o Dorothy Ann Miller; s/o Perry A. Robbinsand Bessie Kelly Father
Robbins Royce Edward 25 Sep 1942 2 Sep 1962 14b s/o Clinton Gilbert Robbins Dorothy Marie Miller  ---
Roberson Frances Ozello (Walker) 13 Apr 1946 6 Nov 1999 35b w/o Boyd Duane Roberson; married 7/20/1962. d/o Leonard Lee Walker and Imogene (Jones) Walker. Till we meet again. I will never forget / the girl you were when we first met, / I loved you then as I do now. / We'll meet again. This I vow. /   / Married July 20, 1962 / 
Roberts Carolyn R (Dimond) 11 Nov 1939 20 Jan 1992 31e w/o Thomas James Roberts. d/o Ed Dimond and Mae (Deering) Dimond. Together forever
Roberts Donald Eugene 23 Dec 1953 18 Feb 1974 31f s/o Arthur Eugene Roberts and Oulia Mae Putman Our son / And so shall we ever be with the Lord
Roberts Thomas J. 21 Jun 1939 28 Jun 1987 31e h/o Carolyn R. (Dimond) Roberts. Together forever
Robertson Betty Elnora 16 Feb 1932 14 Mar 1959 13e d/o Clint Robertson and Susie Bailey. ---
Robertson Dock Frederick 25 Apr 1851 20 May 1927 1a h/o Emma Jane Jones; s/o James Copeland Robertson and Margaret Ross Father
Robertson Emma Jane (Jones) 5 Jan 1853 28 Feb 1923 1a w/o D. F. 'Doc' Robertson Mother
Robertson Harold Clayton 24 Jun 1912 28 Jul 1969 18a h/o Mildred Louise Dorety; s/o Patrick Hope Robertson and Rosa B. Messenger military marker: SSGT INF WWII / In Christ alone we can find peace of heart and the hope for eternal life
Robertson Hazel Lee (Gilbert) 3 Feb 1930 3 Nov 1997 28b w/o Pat Robertson May she rest in peace
Robertson Ilene (Nowlin) 30 Oct 1893 12 Mar 1960 17b w/o John Winston Robertson; d/o Roy Macklin Nowlin and Lula Frances Ward Rest in peace
Robertson James Michael 22 Apr 1980 13 Feb 2009 35c s/o Bill Robertson and Barbara Robertson Starkey. Loving father of James and Michael
Robertson John Winston 2 Mar 1888 19 Apr 1967 17b h/o Ilene Nowlin; s/o James Jefferson Robertson and Louisa Davis Rest in peace
Robertson Martha J (Hyden) 13 Nov 1883 17 May 1973 16b w/o William F. Robertson. d/o J. K. Hyden and Rebecca (Andrews) Hyden. ---
Robertson Mildred Louise (Dorety) 24 Jul 1920 18 Feb 1999 18a w/o Harold Clayton Robertson; d/o Walter Dorety and Jacy May Smalley In Christ alone we can find peace of heart and the hope for eternal life
Robertson Osby Howard 23 Apr 1911 26 Nov 1979 17b h/o Zona May (MNU) Robertson; s/o John Winston Robertson and Ilene Nowlin ---
Robertson Pat  22 Sep 1921 5 Sep 1984 28b h/o Hazel Lee Gilbert; s/o Clint Robertson and Sissy Ann Bailey military marker: TEC5 US ARMY WWII / He was beloved by God and Man
Robertson Ralph Chester 17 Jan 1943 19 Jan 1943 11a6 s/o Ralph Chester Robertson, Sr. and Helen Sparks. Our baby
Robertson Shirley Ann 9 Apr 1949 25 Mar 1963 28b probably d/o Pat Robertson and Hazel Lee Gilbert Heaven is a glorious place
Robertson William F. 25 May 1871 30 Apr 1951 16b h/o Martha J. (Hyden) Robertson. ---
Robertson Zona May 29 Oct 1915 13 Sep 1988 17b w/o Osby H. Robertson. ---
Robinson Harry  25 Sep 1879 8 Nov 1939 13d h/o Isabelle Robinson. ---
Robinson Isabelle (Powell) 1881 9 Jan 1974 13d w/o Harry Robinson; d/o William L Powell and Sarah C Sutton; her first name may have been Wesley ---
Robinson Johnny Bain 9 Mar 1944 8 Jul 2000 35d h/o Linda E. (Milligan) Robinson. s/o Don D. Robinson and Ruth (Smith) Robinson. [Married] May 5, 1979
Robinson Randall Jeffery 16 Aug 1964 28 Aug 2005 37b s/o Robert Robinson and Laura Robinson. God is my strength
Robison Cela A. (Holt) 1812   12b1 w/o Zedekiah Robison; died at or after birth of son, Noah, in 1834 Wife of Zed / Mother of Noah
Robison Lucy C (Parker) 5 Oct 1899 16 Mar 1982 13e d/o Linzy C. Parker and Mattie Degan ---
Robison Noah William 12 Jun 1834 11 Jun 1891 12b1 h/o Susan C. Bradford ; s/o Zedekiah Robison and Cela A Holt A precious one from us has gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled. God in his wisdom has recalled the boon his love had given. And though the body slumbers here, the soul is safe in heaven.
Robison Shirl Edward 9 Aug 1894 15 Mar 1969 13e h/o Bertha UNK. s/o William Carl Robison and Lavinia (Jordan) Robison. military marker: OHIO 2nd LT QMC WWI
Robison Susan C (Bradford) 15 May 1824  Mar 1917 12b1 w/o 1) William J Brown 2) Noah William Robison; married: 17 Aug 1854. d/o James Martin and Susan (MNU) Bradford  Weep not, she is not dead but sleepeth
Robles Eduardo Garcia 18 Mar 1954 27 Apr 1975 13c s/o Antonio Robles and Manvella Garcia. no marker found 2009
Robles Joe Brent 17 Oct 1972 30 Mar 1973 24c s/o Antonio Jose Robles and Jeannie Diaz marker without identification south end of 24 may be his
Rocha Irene (Segovia) 17 Dec 1942 1 Jul 2003 36b w/o Jose V. Rocha. Married Jan. 24, 1962
Rocha Jose V. 15 Apr 1939 2 May 2003 36b h/o Irene (Segovia) Rocha. Married Jan. 24, 1962
Roche Edward Gerard 19 Nov 1946 20 Jan 2000 34d h/o Mary Alice (Spears) Roche. s/o William Bradley Roche and Evelyn Josephine (Staniels) Roche. military marker: SSG US ARMY VIETNAM
Rodriguez Humberto Garcia 17 Jun 1992 24 Jun 1992 31a s/o Humberto Rodriguez and Leticia Barretto Con todo carino, tus padres [With affection, your parents]
Rodriguez Juana Maria 22 Oct 1969 25 Apr 2005 37a no info found Loving mother and sister
Roe Odis Lenton 13 Apr 1911 7 Jul 1982 21a divorced; may be s/o Jim Roe and Mary May Scantlin  ---
Roe Vennie Lee (Wright) 16 Aug 1894 7 Apr 1972 13e d/o W. J. Wright and J. G. (Roberts) Wright. ---
Roetter Carol Anne (Edwards) 27 Jan 1944 22 Dec 2008 4d w/o George Roetter; d/o James V. Edwards and Muriel F. Smith Devoted wife, loving mother. / You will be missed
Rogers Mary Christine (Lockwood) 14 Mar 1870 1 Jun 1951 15a w/o Orville Thane Rogers. Great peace have they which love Thy law (Psalm 119)
Rogers Orville Thane 22 Feb 1861 27 Dec 1952 15a Rev.; h/o Mary Christine Lockwood. s/o Austin F. Rogers. Great peace have they which love Thy law (Psalm 119)
Rogers-Menapace Gloria Gay --- --- --- See Menapace, Gloria Gay Cook ---
Rolater Colonel Hayne 1 Jun 1853 4 Apr 1934 11b8 h/o Mary Louise Horton. s/o John Rolater and Melissa McCrary Father
Rolater Mary Louise 11 Aug 1849 22 May 1914 11b8 w/o Colonel Hayne Rolater. d/o W. T. Horton and B. Wood Mother / She hath done what she could
Romans Gladys (Sims) 4 Jan 1901 5 Jul 1940 13a w/o 1) unknown Woods 2) John Ernest Romans. d/o John Sims and Lyle Houston ---
Romans John Ernest 19 Sep 1883 5 Nov 1951 13a h/o Gladys Sims ---
Rose Arlo V (Keaton) 19 Dec 1927 27 Mar 1989 32b d/o Charles Glenn Keaton and Lucretia (Corbett Our beloved mother / One day at a time
Rose Curtis Tyrence 18 Dec 1962 16 Aug 1988 31b s/o Glen Rose and Theresa (Palmas) Rose. Too far from home / Our free rose
Ross Charlie Lee 13 Feb 1926 18 Jun 1975 13c h/o Lou Alice White. s/o Joe Ross and Zollie Roberts.  
Ross Darrell 3 Jun 1943 22 Apr 1974 9b3 no info on spouse; s/o Joe Grady Ross and Donnie Lee Curtis; died in Orange County, CA In Loving Memory of / Beloved Husband and Father
Ross Donnie Lee Curtis  18 Aug 1906 16 Mar 1990 9b3 w/o Joe Grady Ross; s/o  James Robert and Mattie Rhea Curtis   ---
Ross Infant  8 Dec 1888 8 Dec 1888 12c1 d/o William F. Ross and Charlotte Jane Chandler. Sleep... / Gone but not forgotten
Ross Lula May 2 May 1881 24 May 1882 12c1 d/o William F. Ross and Charlotte Jane Chandler. Weep not papa and mama for me. For I am waiting in heaven for thee.
Ross William F. 17 Mar 1848 14 Jan 1922 12c1 h/o Charlotte Jane Chandler. At rest
Roten Elizabeth Caroline 'Beth' (Berry) 10 Mar 1964 6 Aug 2008 33d w/o Joseph Geroge Roten; d/o Raymond Gerard Berry and Darlyn Rosa Hancock funeral home marker
Roumillat Bertha Virginia (Dockery) 13 Sep 1900 23 May 1990 30d d/o Edward Dockery and Mary (Davis) Dockery. ---
Routh John Raymond 6 Dec 1921 17 Apr 2003 3e h/o Virginia (Abel) Routh. s/o Charles Routh and Stella (Caughlin) Routh. In Loving Memory // 1st Lt US ARMY AIR FORCES WWII - Purple Heart - Proudly Served
Rowell Flora Mae 12 Nov 1913 16 Nov 1985 15b w/o Loyd J. Rowell. ---
Rowell Joseph William 9 Mar 1913 19 Jul 2002 19b h/o Patricia McDonald; married 5/27/1939. s/o W. D. Rowell and Sally Boone Pierson. Dad/ Married May 27, 1939
Rowell Loyd J. 17 Mar 1909 24 Dec 2002 15b h/o 1) Flora Mae MNU 2) Lara Norman 3) Sara Burk. probably s/o H. L. Rowell and Lizzie MNU. (no DOD on marker because he is buried in Hall Cemetery, Grayson Co, TX; see link above)
Rowell Patricia (McDonald) 15 May 1910 30 Jun 1990 19b w/o Joseph William Rowell  Mom/ Married May 27, 1939
Rowswell Alfred M 7 Feb 1940 17 Jul 1986 30c no info found / surname misspelled on funeral home marker  Age 46 / funeral home marker
Rubio Gabriel Guerrero, Jr 29 Aug 2002 28 Nov 2002 34b no info found ---
Rule-Lewis Phyllis Ann --- --- --- See Phyllis Ann (Rule) Lewis  ---
Russell Beulah Mae 2 Feb 1901 11 Jan 1992 22a d/o William Henry Russell and Mary (Anderson) Russell. Sister of Ruth (Russell) Minor. Shares marker with sister, Ruth (Russell) Minor
Russell Clyde E. 25 Jun 1897 16 May 1982 18b s/o Hugh Russell and Elizabeth (McCoy) Russell. ---
Russell Della May 11 Feb 1895 6 Sep 1968 --- never married. d/o Hugh Everett Russell and Elizabeth McCoy. burial location unknown; from records of Mulkey-Mason Funeral Home
Russell John Gilbert 5 Nov 1887 28 Nov 1976 18b h/o Ruby Edloyce Russell Into Thy hands I commend my Spirit
Russell Leslie  12 Feb 1884 9 Mar 1968 21a h/o Nora Lee; s/o William Washington Russell and Ann Eliza Cameron ---
Russell Mary Elizabeth 19 Jun 1895 28 Oct 1960 3b no info found In memory of our mother /  / The Lord is my shepherd
Russell Nora Lee 23 Aug 1901 1 Nov 1996 21a w/o Leslie Russell no DOD on marker
Russell Paul Gilbert 15 Jul 1930 18 May 2001 18b s/o John G. Russell and Ruby E. (Johnson) Russell. ---
Russell Robert  24 Jun 1912 28 Jul 1969 --- s/o Harold C. Russell. burial location unknown; from a list compiled by the Denton County Historical Commission
Russell Ruby Edloyce (Russell) 28 Jun 1911 21 Sep 1966 18b w/o John Gilbert Russell Into Thy hands I commend my Spirit
Russell Stanley Roy 7 Sep 1893 11 Mar 1982 18b s/o Hugh Russell and Elizabeth McCoy. military marker: PVT US ARMY WWI
Rust Shirley Junior 1 Sep 1932 22 Jul 1980 28b d/o Shirley Lannon Rust and Elvie Gertrude Maynard military marker: CSSN US NAVY KOREA
Rust William Walter 22 Sep 1877 23 Jan 1959 28b h/o Anna Belle Field; s/o Joseph D Rust and Nancy Jane Leggett ---
Rust William Walter 12 Jul 1969 12 Jul 1969 28b s/o Jerry and Charon Rust Infant son
Ruzicka Roy Howard 14 Oct 1931 1 Mar 1977 13c h/o Rosann Ruzicka. s/o Joseph Ruzicka and Hora (Stella) Ruzicka. military marker: CPL US ARMY KOREA
Salazar Eric  17 Feb 1988 24 Jun 1989 24c s/o Unknown Salazar and Reyna Lopez We love our son
Saleh Hosny Gabra 7 Sep 1933 14 Jun 2004 36e h/o Farida Saleh. s/o Gabra Saleh and Anisa Saleh. [Married] Oct. 8, 1959
Saleh Samir Gabra 27 Oct 1931 17 Jan 2007 36e no info found ---
Salinas Noe Solorzano 11 May 2006 11 May 2006 36b no info found ---
Samford Willie Dee (Miller) --- --- --- See Willie Dee (Miller) Hawk  ---
Sampson Dorotha A (Todd) 11 Oct 1919 29 Apr 2008 37a w/o Theodore F Sampson. d/o Ross N. Todd and Hazel (Archer) Todd. Blessed are the husband and wife in Heaven.
Sampson Theodore F 21 Jul 1920 26 Aug 2006 37a h/o Dorotha A Todd; s/o Herbert Sampson and Esta Okey Blessed are the husband and wife in Heaven.
Sanchez Elliott  28 May 1952 31 Mar 2001 35f h/o Maria N (MNU) Sanchez; married: 16 Nov 1974 [Married] Nov. 16, 1974
Sanchez Manuel  14 Jun 1931 10 Dec 1998 East no info found ---
Sanders Charles Thomas 23 Dec 1913 10 Jan 1967 11a3 never married. s/o Knox M. Sanders and Cora A. Taylor. Death certificate gives birth year as 1911. Census records give 1913
Sanders Cora Ann (Taylor) 17 Jul 1885 27 Jan 1970 11a3 w/o Knox More Sanders. d/o John and Martha J. Taylor (1900 Census, Collin Co, TX) ---
Sanders Elizabeth  1828 16 Apr 1868 10b5f w/o L. A. Sanders. Double Grace
Sanders Jordan Hamilton 25 Feb 1851 12 Feb 1923 11b6 h/o Lucy Ann Millican. s/o John W. Sanders and Atlantic Tilley Father
Sanders Knox More 19 Jul 1882 17 Sep 1941 11a3 h/o Cora A. Taylor. s/o Jordan Sanders and Lucy Ann Millican. ---
Sanders L. A. 1825 15 Apr 1868 10b5f h/o Elizabeth Sanders. Double Grace
Sanders Lucy Ann (Millican) 22 Feb 1852 28 Jan 1941 11b6 w/o Jordan H. Sanders. d/o George Tom Millican and Sarah Jane Moore. Mother
Sanders Orpha (McCurley) --- --- --- See Orpha McCurley Hoskins  ---
Sanders Ruth (Johnson) 21 Oct 1919 21 Feb 2000 34e w/o George Sanders, Sr.; married 3/18/1944. d/o Buck Johnson and Olivia (DeVorce) Johnson. Cried / Smiled (under DOB and DOD respectively)
Sanders Thomas Carlisle 10 Aug 1894 26 Dec 1949 11b6 s/o Jordan Hamilton Sanders and Lucy Ann Millican. military marker: TX COOK 334 AERO SQ WWI
Sarabia Maria Agapita 15 Aug 1910 24 Aug 1994 17c no info found Mama / El vivir es christo y el morir es ganancia--by G S M [Living is Christ and dying is gain--by G S M]
Sardone Rachel Anne (DeCheser) 13 Mar 1933 16 Nov 1999 28c w/o Rondal H. Sardone. d/o Frank DeCheser and Rose (D'Alessio) DeCheser. Present with the Lord
Sardone Rondal H. 6 Jan 1933 27 Aug 1994 28c h/o Rachel Anne (DeCheser) Sardone. s/o Dominico Sardone and Olive (Goebel) Sardone. Present with the Lord
Saucedo Jose Luis 24 Jan 1995 24 Jan 1995 31a1 s/o Jose Luis Saucedo and Virginia Rodriguez R. do de sus padres
Saums Mary (Gombas) 1 Sep 1910 5 Sep 1998 31c d/o Louis Gombas and Rose Kadi. no marker; grave is in first space north of Lola Spark's grave
Saunders Wilfred C M 14 Feb 1886 15 May 1962 11b8 h/o Willie Pearl Shepherd ---
Saunders Willie Pearl (Shepherd)     11b8 w/o Wilfred C M Saunders; d/o E. W. Shepherd and Penelope Frances Jones ---
Savage Alice  2 May 1912 27 Sep 1992 2c d/o Ben Savage and Mollie (Burgoon) Savage. ---
Savage Benjamin Franklin 28 Jan 1846 19 Jan 1915 9a1 h/o 1) Sarah F MNU 2) Josephine Ann 'Josie' Curtis. s/o Benjamin Savage and Mary Brannon. Gone but not forgotten
Savage Benjamin Franklin 5 Mar 1884 7 Sep 1953 2c h/o Mollie Burgoon. s/o Benjamin Franklin Savage and Josephine Curtis. ---
Savage Bertha Lillian (McCurley) 9 Dec 1902 19 Feb 1983 13d w/o James Glenmore Savage. d/o R. L. McCurley and Arminta Berthina Moore. ---
Savage James Glenmore 11 Sep 1907 16 Jan 2003 13d h/o Bertha Lillian McCurley; married 5/23/1929. s/o William G. Savage and Ruby Hendrix. ---
Savage Josephine Ann (Curtis) 10 Nov 1843 12 Feb 1933 9a1 2nd w/o Benjamin Franklin Savage. d/o William Curtis amd Serepta A Loyd. (death certificate gives father's name as William, other sources give Thomas G.) ---
Savage Maggie (Culpepper) 21 Aug 1872 17 Jul 1941 15a  w/o 1) William J Dalton 2) J B Savage; d/o Robert Culpepper Mother
Savage Marcus Deshaun 1 Sep 1999 4 Jun 2004 34c s/o Michael Savage and Shonda K. (Holt) Savage. Forever in our hearts and always on our minds / Our little angel
Savage Mollie E (Burgoon) 16 Jul 1884 4 Mar 1976 2c w/o Benjamin Franklin Savage ---
Savage Ruby (Hendrix) 18 Sep 1881 6 Feb 1941 13d w/o Will Savage. d/o James Marten Hendrix. Mother Ruby
Savage William G. 7 Aug 1880 10 Jun 1969 13d h/o Ruby (Hendrix) Savage. s/o B. F. Savage and Josie (Curtis) Savage. Daddy Will
Sawatzky Norman D 26 Aug 1942 4 May 2002 East Brother of Virginia Dale (Sawatzky) Long ---
Schlageter Colton Lee Douglas 29 Dec 2006 19 Oct 2007 36c no info found Our little boogie / Now I lay you down to sleep. I pray the Lord your soul to keep
Schnitzler Frederick Michael, Jr 26 Apr 1928 29 Jan 2003 29a h/o Hannelore L (MNU) Schnitzler military marker: S2 US NAVY / SGT US ARMY
Schnitzler Hannelore L. 15 Sep 1930 30 Sep 1975 29a w/o Frederick M. Schnitzler. ---
Schnitzler Michael E. 25 Sep 1958 1 Oct 1958 29a s/o Frederick M. Schnitzler and Hannelore L. Schnitzler. ---
Schott Carole Ann (Bickford) 16 Jan 1942 29 Jul 2006 34c w/o 1) Richard Houston Keele, Jr. 2) William Barton Schott, Jr. Beloved mother and grandmother
Schott Chad Michael 18 Apr 1977 8 Feb 1998 31c2 s/o William Barton Schott Jr. and Carole Ann Bickford  God's little angel
Schroeder Teresa Ann 4 Nov 1965 9 Dec 1965 24a d/o David Schroeder and Grace Elaine (Childress) Schroeder. Our beloved
Schuster Dayna Gail (Wren) 8 Jul 1959 7 Oct 1990 32e w/o Paul Schuster. d/o Charles Luther Wren and Sandra Rae (Collins) Wren. Married 1974
Schutza Geneva Kay 7 Jan 1961 9 Aug 2007 38b d/o John Julius Schutza and Virginia Kay Pate Our beloved daughter
Schwartz Christian Henry 19 Aug 1873 27 Jan 1956 17b h/o Ettie Eames. s/o Christian A. Schwartz and Emma I. Regelmann ---
Schwartz Ettie (Eames) 12 Sep 1881 29 Jan 1967 17b w/o Christopher Schwartz. d/o Ahaville Eames and Rosena Jones. ---
Scoggins Evelyn Louise (Cotton) 25 Apr 1936 21 Feb 2001 21a d/o William Wade 'Bill' Cotton and Odessa Lee Colleth Loving mother (marker at foot of parents' graves
Sconce Willie Mae (Jasper) 9 Oct 1905  Aug 1972 11a5 d/o Joseph F. Jasper and Annie M. MNU ---
Scott Clara Beatrice (Florer) 5 Apr 1894 2 Mar 1959 7b w/o Clifton Bower Scott; d/o Charles Albright Florer and Mattie Davis ---
Scott Clifton Bower 5 Oct 1891 29 Jan 1953 7b h/o Clara Beatrice Florer; s/o C B Scott and Martha Bower ---
Scott Mary Thelma (Medlock) 1 Dec 1898 25 Nov 1985 11b8 w/o 1) James Marion Burchett 2) Rudolph Scott. ---
Scott Rudolph  14 May 1904 10 Feb 1986 11b8 h/o Mary Thelma (Medlock) Scott. s/o Carmine Scott and Marguerite (Maco) Scott. ---
Scruggs Eliza B (Johnson) 8 Apr 1838 21 Jul 1924 1e w/o A William/Williams Scruggs ---
Sebastian Eula Gladys (Goza) 21 Mar 1911 28 May 1989 30c w/o Carroll Sebastian; married 8/15/1932.  d/o Grover Goza and Lucy (Kinder) Goza. Grandmother
Seely Samuel Claude 31 Mar 1905 3 Jun 1980 29e h/o Ruby Lee Thomas. s/o Samuel R and Mattie B Seely ---
Seibert Karen Ruth Capps 26 Feb 1949 12 Dec 1992 33a w/o Robert Wayne Seibert; d/o C Thomas 'Bub' Capps and Imogene Milligan no headstone
Selinger Edna (Lowell) 16 Nov 1903 15 Mar 1995 33d w/o Carl T. Selinger. d/o John Oliver Lowell. Loving wife of Carl Tanner Selinger
Serren Augustus H. 1824 9 Jun 1878 12c1 h/o Esther Texana Hill. inscription is illegible
Seth Eleanor (Harper) 15 May 1929 5 Jan 2008 32e w/o John Warren Seth; married: 6 Oct 1951; d/o Horace and Faye Harper Mom  
Seth John Warren 22 Jul 1930 23 May 1996 32e h/o Eleanor Faye (Harper) Seth; married 10/6/1951. s/o John Randall Seth and Evelyn (Hill) Seth. Dad / military marker: 1st LT US AIR FORCE KOREA
Sexton Arthur Lee 16 May 1904 25 May 1977 15b h/o Katherine Elizabeth Bond. s/o William David Sexton and Lura Crowley Forever in our hearts
Sexton Katherine Elizabeth (Bond) 6 Dec 1902 8 Feb 1978 15b w/o Arthur Lee Sexton. d/o Charles Smiley Bond and Hattie Myrtle Duncan Forever in our hearts
Shafer Amanda Forest (Rose) 1 Jan 1886 9 Jan 1986 13d w/o John William Shafer. d/o John A Rose and Julia Ann Bales. Rest in peace
Shafer C. B. Martin 30 Aug 1908 16 Jul 1978 13e h/o Daisy Harris. s/o John William Shafer and Forest Amanda Rose In God's care
Shafer Dessie J. 9 Feb 1903 3 Mar 1990 16c w/o Francis Marion "Darb" Shafer. ---
Shafer Francis Marion 'Darb' 10 Nov 1881 20 May 1947 16a h/o Dessie J. MNU. s/o William Martin Shafer and Lavinia Frances Wimmer ---
Shafer Infant  1944 1944 13e d/o John Rogers Shafter and Susie Ann Bailey. Infant daughter
Shafer Joe Bailey 10 Apr 1924 15 Mar 1994 16a h/o Bessie Loretta Oakley. s/o John W. Shafer and Forest Rose military marker: AMM2 US NAVY WWII
Shafer John Rogers 29 Dec 1906 23 Jul 1985 13d h/o Susie Ann Bailey. s/o John W. Shafer and Forest (Rose) Shafer. Father
Shafer John William 7 Sep 1879 22 Nov 1953 13d h/o Amanda Forest Rose. s/o William Martin Shafer and Lavinia Frances Wimmer Rest in peace
Shafer Sandra Kay 13 Apr 1948 6 May 1948 17b d/o Raymond Cordell Shafer and Neoma Evelyn Hollowa ---
Shafer Susie Ann (Bailey) 11 Feb 1904 6 Apr 1976 13d w/o John Rogers Shafer. Mother
Shankles Cleva Louise (Harbin) 27 May 1938 18 Nov 2004 37a d/o Arthur C. Harbin and Margarette (Sanders) Harbin. Loving mother and granny
Sharp Fannie Elizabeth (Berry) 9 Aug 1878 3 Jun 1927 1d w/o George E. Sharp  no marker found 2009
Sharp Fred A. 30 Nov 1914 28 Apr 1995 31e no info found military marker: CPL US ARMY WWII
Sharp George E 19 Jul 1870 7 Aug 1951 1d h/o Fannie Elizabeth Berry; s/o William Sharp and Amanda Bingham no marker found 2009
Sharp Infant  15 Apr 1903 16 Apr 1903 11b7 s/o George E  Sharp and Fannie Elizabeth Berry Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven
Sharp John S 27 Jul 1899 19 Aug 1899 11b7 s/o George E  Sharp and Fannie Elizabeth Berry Gone but not forgotten
Shaw Freddia Ann (Buchanan) 23 Oct 1952 4 Mar 2007 East no info found on husband. d/o Grover Buchanan and Esther Emily Raborn. [cremated; buried in her father's (Grover Buchanan) plot]
Sheets Mary Kay 26 Sep 1961 11 May 2005 34b d/o Bill and Marty Sheets Beloved sister
Shelburn Kyle Jamison 18 Dec 1989 4 Oct 1991 24c s/o Kenneth Glynn Shelburn and Kathryn Lea (Putnam) Shelburn. Our special little man
Shelton Alexander Hamilton 19 Jul 1857 14 May 1922 11b5 2nd h/o Nora Jane Stockard. s/o Leonard Shelton and Mary Blake Father
Shelton Charles Oran 22 Sep 1910 18 Jan 1915 11b4 s/o Charlie H. Shelton and Mamie I. (Bradley) Shelton. Our darling one has gone before to greet us on that glorious shore
Shelton Charlie Howell 9 Oct 1884 23 Mar 1951 2c h/o Mamie I Bradley; s/o John B and Mattie R Shelton ---
Shelton Chris Harold 15 Feb 1963 25 Feb 1963 28a s/o Jerry H Shelton and Linda Boren Infant son
Shelton Fred Aaron 25 Mar 1928 14 Mar 2002 13d s/o Leonard Shelton and Lena Magdalene (Dudley) Shelton. funeral home marker
Shelton Gladys L. 25 Mar 1927 3 Jan 1938 13d d/o Leonard Shelton and Lena (Dudley) Shelton. Gone to be an angel
Shelton J. B. 6 Mar 1910 9 Dec 1993 13d s/o Charlie H. Shelton and Mamie I. (Bradley) Shelton. In loving memory
Shelton John P. 13 Sep 1886 14 Nov 1918 1e h/o Mattie  R (MNU) Shelton inscription is illegible
Shelton Lena M (Dudley) 5 May 1903 9 Jun 1988 13d w/o Leonard A. Shelton. d/o James Ashley Dudley and Laura Bill (Sutton) Dudley. ---
Shelton Leonard A. 28 Apr 1902 3 Sep 1958 13d h/o Lena (Dudley) Shelton. s/o Alexander Hamilton Shelton and Nora Jane (Stockard) Shelton. ---
Shelton Linnie Frances 17 Sep 1899 14 Mar 1904 11b5 d/o Alexander Hamilton Shelton and Nora Jane (Stockard) Shelton. etched in slab; hard to read
Shelton Mamie I (Bradley) 1890 6 Apr 1987 2c w/o Charlie H. Shelton. d/o David Dooley Henry Bradley and Alice (Ausbrooks) Bradley. ---
Shelton Mary Melvina (Blake) 27 Mar 1833 6 Aug 1887 12a2 w/o Leonard Chaffin Shelton. d/o Alex H Blake The clearest place beneath the skies is where the mother lies.
Shelton Mattie R. 3 Mar 1846 13 Jan 1918 1e w/o John B Shelton inscription is illegible
Shelton Nora Jane (Stockard) 18 Feb 1864 8 Dec 1952 11b5 w/o 1) Calvin Bland Hicks 2) Alexander Hamilton Shelton. d/o William Henry Stockard and Sarah Frances White. Mother
Shepherd Edd W 21 Apr 1862 1 Sep 1909 11b8 h/o Penelope Jones Woodmen of the World
Shepherd Jesse E. 1911 1978 --- No info found burial location unknown; from a list compiled by the Denton County Historical Commission
Shepherd Penelope (Jones) --- --- --- See Penelope Jones Kirkpatrick ---
Sherrill Anna Bell  Jan 1879 21 Apr 1895 2c d/o J. S. and  Mary L Sherrill; AGE: 16-3-8 In memory of
Sherrill Josie Belle (Anderson) 7 Dec 1880 7 Feb 1953 15a w/o William Wilson Sherrill. d/o R. H. Anderson and Harriett Ingle. ---
Sherrill William Wilson 16 Mar 1877 25 Jan 1958 15a h/o Henrietta Cobb. h/o Josie Belle Anderson. s/o John Sherrill and Mary L. Stuart. ---
Sherrod Casey  4 Apr 1972 5 Apr 1972 24c s/o Kenneth Carr Sherrod and Sammie Lee Miller no marker found 2009
Sherrod Jessie E (Carr) 15 Jun 1911 21 Feb 1978 29a w/o Joseph Era Sherrod. d/o Edward Carr and Mary (Wilson) Carr. Mother
Sherrod Joseph Era 1905 1982 29a h/o Jessie E. (Carr) Sherrod. Father
Shields Marie Antionette (Cornwell) --- --- --- See Marie Antionette (Cornwell) Houston ---
Shinn Maple (Dodd) 15 Sep 1902 19 Aug 1973 13c w/o R. F. Shinn. d/o R. T. Dodd and Allie Stone. Mamaw
Shinoda Kichinosuke  3 May 1909 24 Mar 2007 34ccc spouse of Saku Shinoda Peace with God
Shinoda Saku  16 Nov 1918 16 Apr 2008 34ccc spouse of Kichinosuke Shinoda Peace with God
Shockey Grace Earl (Hall) 16 Sep 1911 1 Sep 1961 15b w/o Raymond Shockey. d/o Lee Hall and Daisy Austin. ---
Shockey Raymond Lewis 16 Oct 1917 30 Dec 1970 15b h/o Grace Earl Hall. s/o Jim Shockey and Mattie Tolan. ---
Shooter Billy Eugene 20 May 1933 27 Dec 2004 31c h/o 1) Geraldine 'Jerry' Sparks 2) Darlene D Holst; married: 2 Oct 1993; s/o Marie Beatrice Shooter / first name listed as William in TX Birth Index ---
Shooter Geraldine 'Jerry' Sparks      31c 1st w/o Billy Eugene Shooter; d/o Alvin Sparks and Lola Odom ---
Short Cecil Melvin 28 Feb 1903 19 Oct 1967 13e h/o Eva (MNU) Short; s/o Melvin Lafeyette Short and Eula Cressie Harrod   ---
Shultz Kenneth W. 14 Feb 1912  Feb 1986 29c h/o Willie Belle Duncan. s/o Charles J. Shultz and Sarah Elizabeth Bouchillon military marker: PFC US ARMY WWII / no DOD on double marker
Shultz Willie Belle (Duncan) 5 Jun 1916 2 Jun 1979 29c w/o Kenneth W. Shultz. d/o Edward Elmer Duncan and Florence (Dunlap) Duncan. ---
Shuster Archie Smith 28 Nov 1911 10 Jul 1980 29c h/o Kathryne Genevieve (Snyder) Shuster. s/o Joseph Shuster and Ida (Smith) Shuster. Go with God my love
Shuster Kathryne Genevieve (Snyder) 15 Sep 1914 15 May 1984 29c w/o Archie Smith Shuster.d/o Herman Edward Snyder and Mary Matilda Neu. (no dates on marker)
Sides Ann (Moore) 18 Sep 1927 14 Jan 2000 17c w/o Gordon Elmo Sides. d/o J. M. Moore and Ann Elilzabeth (Douglass) Moore. no DOD on marker
Sides Gordon Elmo 7 Feb 1918 4 Jun 1994 17c h/o Ann (Moore) Sides. s/o J. L. Sides and Mary (Gordon) Sides. military marker: QMS1 US NAVY WWII
Sidibe Evan Washington 23 Nov 2005 23 Nov 2005 34d no info found ---
Sigler Billy Fee 31 May 1924 22 Apr 1971 15a h/o Mildred Batterton. s/o Ernest H. Sigler and Lillie Foster. military marker: TEXAS S1 US NAVY WWII
Sigler Ernest Holloway 17 Nov 1894 8 Jan 1974 15a h/o Lillie Foster. s/o Samuel T. Sigler and Martha L. Jackson. ---
Sigler George Franklin 25 Jan 1886 4 Apr 1957 1e w/o Nellie Harper; s/o Samuel T Sigler and Lou M Jackson ---
Sigler Gertrude Laverne (Watson) 8 Jun 1918 3 Jun 2001 15b w/o Foster Sigler. d/o E. J. Watson and Sue Williard. Married Jan. 23, 1938 / Parents of Larry, Sammy and Jimmy
Sigler James Watson 13 Jun 1952 23 Jan 2001 15b s/o Foster Sigler and Gertrude Watson. Son of Foster and Gertrude
Sigler L. A. 30 Oct 1868   12b1 d/o Phillip Nall Sigler and Winnie Nowlin (roken marker - DOD not visible
Sigler Lillie Fee (Foster) 17 Oct 1894 25 Oct 1980 15a w/o Ernest H. Sigler. d/o James J. Foster and Maude (Patterson) Foster. ---
Sigler Nellie (Harper) 12 Oct 1889 22 Sep 1977 1e w/o George Franklin 'Frank' Sigler ---
Sigler Rebecca (Baugh)  Aug 1849 1909 11b2 3rd w/o Phillip Nall Sigler; married: 1877 (he had married two Nowlin sisters). d/o Amasa B. Baugh and Patience Gibson Dodson. Safe in the hallowed quiets of the past--by Ruth (Sigler, daughter)
Sigler S. T. 1 Feb 1910 23 May 1921 1e (first name may have been SAM) s/o George Franklin 'Frank' Sigler and Nellie Harper Budded on earth to bloom in heaven
Silk Annie Louise (Austin) 18 Feb 1874 2 Feb 1960 1e w/o Frank L. Silk; d/o James David Austin and Levinia Carmichael ---
Silk Erna Viola (Lunow) 6 Sep 1905 4 Dec 2007 20a w/o Floyd Frank Silk. d/o William F. Lunow and Helena Lunow. ---
Silk Eula Cressie (Harrod) 4 Mar 1881 8 Sep 1944 13e w/o 1) Melvin Lafayette Short 2) William Henry Silk; d/o William Marion Harrod and Sarah Elizabeth Bingham ---
Silk Floyd Frank 29 Sep 1898 29 May 1983 20a h/o Erna Viola Lunow ---
Silk Frank L. 30 Apr 1871 13 Sep 1926 1e h/o Annie Louise Austin ---