Pecan Grove Cemetery (1870-1958)

McKinney, Collin Co Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay & Patricia Nall

The old cemetery is located at the intersection of McDonald St. (Hwy 5) and Eldorado Pkwy. There will be 35 Sections to this cemetery.

Alphabetical listing  of Pecan Grove Cemetery by Patricia Nall

Available Obits by  Elaine Nall Bay and Patricia Nall


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Pecan Grove Memorial  Cemetery 2nd             Pecan Grove Memorial Cemetery 3rd

Historical Marker- Pecan Grove Memorial Park

This park is situated on property granted by the Republic of Texas to Samuel McFarland in 1845, only four years after the first permanent settlement in this area was begun by a pioneer from Tennessee, Dr. William E. Throckmorton (1795 - 1843) and his family.  By the 1850s, when the first known burials occurred, R. A. Davis owned the land. The name of the spot was derived from a handsome stand of trees. Ownership by the public began in 1870 with the purchase of a 21.3 acre tract by Isaac F. Graves, I.D. Newsome, G. A. Foote, E. R. Stiff, and Thomas J. Brown. The original charter was issued in 1889 to Pecan Grove Cemetery Association Inc., a private corporation. Additional land was purchased in 1892 and 1960. The name "Pecan Grove Memorial Park", granted in a new charter in 1964, commemorates the courageous and compassionate pioneer men and women of the vicinity. One of these, Dr. James Webb Throckmorton (1825 - 1894) was a Texas Legislator in the 1850s; became a confederate brigadier general during the Civil War, was governor of Texas in 1866-67, and was in the United States Congress, intermittently, from 1875 to 1888. Pecan Grove Decoration Day is held every spring. [1976]


The cemetery is divided by named roads.  The sections are not labeled by number, letter, etc. Each section is divided into blocks, then lots, then spaces.

Nall T.L. 1911 - 1978 Space 2, Lot 17, Block K
Nall Tommie L. ____ - 1959 Space ___, Lot 1, Block 57-1/2
Any entries missing some of the information, such as name, dates, space, lot, block, indicates that there is either a missing headstone or a headstone was never placed on the burial site.  The caretaker of the cemetery has taken the original handwritten burial records and entered the information into a computer program, i.e. Tommie L. Nall does not have a headstone but his burial record was found in the original handwritten records.
For transcription purposes, all spaces that do not have a headstone will be listed as "VACANT". "VACANT" only indicates that there is no visible information to record; there may or may not be a burial in a vacant space.  To confirm a burial that may be missing a headstone, please check the records in the office.