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Buckhorn Cemetery

Buckhorn (photos)

 -  Jack Bush

Doyleen Cissy Routh

Terra Map
Brummett Cemetery Listings and photo  Big Foot  Tom Graham 290416N
Terra Map
Covey Chapel West of Dilley -  
Derby Cemetery  - - 284521N
Terra Map
Dilley Cemetery  Dilley  Jim Webb 284025N
Terra Map
Covey Chapel Cemetery  -  Tom Graham 283929N
Terra Map
Frio Town Cemetery  Frio  Bert Bell 290057N
Terra Map
Frio Town Grave  Frio - 290057N
Terra Map
Frio County Cemetery  Pearsall  Joe Tafolla  
Hugo Cemetery  - - 284113N
Terra Map
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church Pearsall -  
Longview Cemetery (Oak Valley)  FM 462  Ann and Roy Bowman 290344N
Terra Map
Miguel Cemetery  Miguel  Linda Howard, Alexis Cruz 285528N
Moore Catholic Cemetery
(SE of Moore in city)
 Moore - 290320N
Terra Map
Moore Cemetery
In Moore, Texas on Hwy 462 E towards Bigfoot, Texas.
 Moore  Linda Howard 290337N
Terra Map
Pearsall Cemetery photo and listings.  Pearsall  Tom Graham 285324N
Terra Map
Saint Mary Chapel Cemetery  Dilley  Charles and Ann Sadler 283929N
Terra Map
Tehuacana Cemetery  west of Moore  Tom Graham 290519N
Terra Map
Sand Hollow Cemetery
 East of Pearsall  J. McMinus, Linda Howard, Alexis Cruz, Trudi Watson -
Veterans Cemetery  Pearsall  John Hawley -

If you have general questions  individuals or cemeteries, please use  the  Query Board    

or  For queries when the county is not known, post here.   Unknown Counties Query Board


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