Lamesa Memorial Park

Lamesa, Dawson Co. Cemeteries of TX

Photos by Gary Webb

This cemetery is very large and holds at least three styles of buial. The oldest section has raised headstones as seen above, dirt roads etc.,
but the middle section of the cemetery is a little newer, a little better taken care of with raised markers and concrete paths, while the newest sections are more like a park with flat headstones and lots of landscaping.

Location: Southwest side of Lamesa on Cemetery Road.

Last, First, Birth, Death, Comments (Partial listing by Betty Wheat)
Brown, Corrie, 1879, 1968, Mother
Brown, Lloyd, 1914, 1928, Son
Honeycutt, Jessie W., Mar. 7, 1916, Dec. 24, 1975, Mother
Kirkland, Charles Wayne, Feb. 21, 1965, Oct. 18, 1992, Our precious son, a beloved brother. The Daddy of two sons, He loved more than life. We will have a glorious reunion in Heaven one day.
McWhorter, Willliam B.   Sep 4 1873, Apr 8 1961 h/o Dora OBIT  (Mike)
McWhorter, Dora Mai Hailey  Oct 1 1877    Apr 13 1960   w/o of William B. OBIT  (Mike)
Wheat, Coy Wayne
, Feb. 4, 1962, May 11, 1966, Our precious son
Wheat, Jackie O., July 4, 1940, Jan. 5, 1983
Wheat, Joe Leonard Sr., Dec. 6, 1903, Aug. 31, 1966
Wheat, Nina Mae, Aug. 15, 1905, Oct. 4, 1979
Wheat, Sharron J., Jan. 26, 1943
Young, Jeanell Wheat, Mar. 8, 1933, Mar. 22, 1998, "Nell"