Glovinnia Ann Cole Family Lineage

Buried at Weathers Cemetery

Coke County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Jo Anne Smith Ezell

Glovinnia Ann Cole
B. 9/25/1859 San Felipe, Austin Co. TX
D. 11/20/1938 Robert Lee, Coke Co. TX
Buried Weathers Cemetery, Graham Valley Rd., Coke Co. TX
M. James William Weathers 8/17/1875 Pleasanton, Atascosa Co. TX
M. Eli Helain Rambin 12/8/1897 Robert Lee, Coke Co. TX
James William AJim@ Weathers (1)
B. 10/11/1853 Randolph Co. AL
D. 12/18/1889 Ft.Chadbourne, Coke Co. TX
Buried Weathers Cemetery, Graham Valley Rd., Coke Co. TX
Children B
1.    John Franklin Weathers
B. 8/7/1876 Coryell Co. TX
D. 12/24/1933 (From Family Bible - Incorrect - Before 1930)
M. Bell Williams 6/15/1898 Robert Lee, Coke Co. TX
(B. Feb. 1881, D. )
Children - Tillie, Hawley, Vennie Bell, Bessie, Martha Lena and  Loyd Franklin.
Lived in Dickens County and Kent County, Texas.
2.  James Lemuel Weathers
B. 2/21/1878 Coryell Co. TX
D. 10/12/1935 Scurry Co. TX
Buried Snyder Cemetery, Scurry Co. TX
M. Cora Ella Warren 12/26/1900 Robert Lee, Coke Co. TX

(B. 1/11/1882 San Saba Co. TX, D. 2/28/1963 Scurry Co. TX)

Children - Alfred Wyatt, William Walter, Lena Dora, and Benjamin Robert.

Lived in Borden County, Texas.

3.  William Daniel Weathers

B. 2/7/1880 Tom Green Co. TX

D. 1/20/1940 Casper, Natrona Co. WY

M. Bessie Delano 10/1/1905 Dickinson, Stark Co. ND

(B. 1888 North Dakota, D. )

Child - Ronald E.

M. Emma May McAndrew

(B. 12/12/1891 Iowa, D. 2/7/1980 San Luis Obispo CA )

Lived in Dickinson, North Dakota with Bessie and Ronald.

Lived in Casper, Wyoming with May.

Thomas David Weathers

B. 11/2/1881 Coke Co. TX

D. 6/2/1887 Robert Lee, Coke Co, TX

Buried Weathers Cemetery, Graham Valley Rd., Coke Co. TX

Robert Samuel Weathers

B. 3/31/1883 Coke Co. TX

D. 8/28/1913 Sidney, Richland Co. MT

Buried Weathers Cemetery, Graham Valley Rd., Coke Co. TX

Joseph Levi Weathers

B. 3/6/1885 Coke Co. TX

D. 10/15/1923 Casper, Natrona Co. WY

M. Jessie F. Bispham 1912 Dawson Co. MT

(B. Oct. 1876 Ireland, D. 7/31/1941 Dawson Co. MT )

Buried Dawson County Cemetery, Glendive, Dawson Co. MT

Annie Daisy Weathers

B. 3/13/1887 Coke Co. TX (From Family Bible - SS shows 3/17)

D. 3/15/1974 Bronte, Coke Co. TX

Buried Blackwell Cemetery, Nolan Co. TX

M. William Frank Burns 10/5/1904 Robert Lee, Coke Co. TX

(B. 8/31/1881 Athens, Henderson Co. TX,

D. 10/21/1962 Bronte, Coke Co. TX)

Children - Zola Opal, Nora Ella, Edna Ora, Dennis William, and Jesse Jorden.

Lived at Maryneal in Nolan County, Coleman in Coleman County, and Bronte in Coke County, Texas.

Minnie Glovinnia Weathers

B. 7/2/1888 Coke Co. TX

D. 9/25/1971 Robert Lee, Coke Co. TX

Buried Robert Lee Cemetery, Coke Co. TX

Lena Opal Weathers

B. 10/4/1889 Coke Co. TX

D. 1/2/1945 Holbrook, Navajo Co. AZ (From Family Bible - Grave Marker shows 1944)

Buried Pinetop Cemetery, Navajo Co. AZ

M. Charles T. Payne 7/18/1915 Robert Lee, Coke Co. TX

(B. 6/27/1887 Kerrville, Kerr Co. TX, D. )

Children - Charles and Fred.


Eli Helain Rambin (2)

B. 9/1/1863 Nacogdoches Co. TX

D. 11/28/1915

Parents - Alexander Rambin & Elizabeth Stephens

Note: He never returned from a trip to sell horses. His brother Zeno Rambin, deputy sheriff for Nacogdoches Co. investigated and could find no trace. It was concluded that he was murdered for the cash from the horse sale.

Children B


Ida May Rambin

B. 6/11/1899 Coke Co. TX

D. 5/4/1933 San Angelo, Tom Green Co. TX

M. Charles Wesley Garrison II 11/19/1916 Robert Lee, Coke Co. TX

(B. 9/16/1889 IL, D. 6/14/1955 Llano, Llano Co. TX)

Children - Louanna Francis, Charles Wesley III, Curtis Rambin, and Clarence Grover.

Lived at Lovington, New Mexico, San Saba in San Saba County, and San Angelo in Tom Green County, Texas..

Marie Carleetie ALeetie@ Rambin

B. 4/20/1901 Coke Co. TX

D. 4/17/1966 Devine, Medina Co. TX

M. Joe Andrew Turner 6/5/1922 Robert Lee, Coke Co. TX

(B. 1899 TX, D. )

Child - Joe Andrew, Jr., Jackie Lee, and Mary Helen.

Curtis Eli Rambin

B. 9/23/1902 Coke Co. TX

D. 4/24/1979 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co. TX

M. Lela Cate Griffin 4/21/1928

(B. 7/5/1907 TX, D. 3/29/1987 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co. TX )

Child - Glovinnia Joan.