Forest Park Cemetery B

5605 Highway 69 south 

Greenville, Hunt Co. Tx

Obits by Brandon Darrow (BD) and  by Elaine Nall Bay (ENB)

Map (larger map) by Elaine Nall Bay and Patricia Nall

Sec A Sec  B Sec  C Sec D
Sec DA Sec DAB Sec DB Sec E
Sec F Sec FC Sec G Sec H-I
Sec J Sec K Babyland I

Babyland II

Eddie Smith 1894     1983               PFC USArmy World War 1

Row 1-2   *****  Row 3-4 ***** Row 5-6 ***** Row 7-8****** Row 9-10 ******* Row 11-12 **** Row 13-14 *****Row 15

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