Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted By George E. Wolf Jr./2001

Hollywood Old section   Dawn Meadows

Hollywood cemetery is located at 3506 North Main,  Houston,Texas. 1895-?, has 60 acres with 22,000 plus graves.... Along the banks of Little White Oak Bayou.   Sexton's records available for staff research only for a fee. (From At  Rest by Trevia W. Beverly/1992)

Hollywood cemetery was founded in 1895. Among well known early citizens buried in Hollywood was Miss Julia Ideson, the city's first librarian.
The cemetery is divided into two parts, "old" and "new" sections. The old section once had a lake with a drive around it, but the lake has not been there since the 1920's. (From Houston's Heritage by Joy Lent/1983) There is a phone number for the Hollywood Cemetery, 713-227-5109 but there may be a fee for a lookup?
Also there is a recorded listing of Hollywood in the book CEMETERIES OF HARRIS COUNTY,TEXAS Vol. 2, 1985 by Lorine Brinley.

Various Hollywood Burials

Woods, John Hugh   DOD Dec 05 1968  s/o Joseph and Edith Jane Sanford(1 Lollar) (2Woods

Submitted by Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
(PS) Power John - Jan 06 1902 62 Years Old
(PS) Power Marian - Oct 01 1925 80 Years  8 Months Old
(PS) Power Michael - Apr 27 1898 Age 23 years Old
(PS) Power Patrick - May 04 1914 age 58 years
(PS) O'Kelly Patrick - Jun 14 1896 45 Years Old

Photos submitted by Pat Stephenson (PS)

Dawn Meadows Section

Extensive Mexican-American burials

Schramm & Breaker info by Lillyj57@aol.com 

Schramm, Victoria Boone Harwell , Born November 20, 1848  Died November 21, 1917   My ggreatgrandmother.  (Lilly)
Schramm, John Charles  1845-Nov. 16, 1905   2nd husband/o Victoria Boone Schramm  (Lilly)
Breaker ,  Laura Harwell Schramm  Nov. 1870-?    Victoria's daughter.   (Lilly)
Breaker,   Lewis Frederick Breaker ?-1952        h/o Laura H.    (Lilly)

Julia Ideson
b 1880 d 1945
The 1926 JULIA IDESON BUILDING of the Houston Public Library is named after her.

Shinpei Mykawa d 1906
A Japanese nurseryman who introduced rice growing in the area in 1906. The small town of Mykawa (1907) was stated up after his death when he fell under a ricemachine.

Dr. John Ralston

Mollie Arline Bailey b 1841 d 1918
State Historical Marker
Confederate spy and nurse; Operated a showboat on the Mississippi River; With husband, Gus, created Bailey's Circus; Quit show business to take care of her dying daughter.
I only have a few listings for the Hollywood Cemetery.
Taken from Earthman-McCarty Undertaking Company. Ca. 1906-1908.

Della Naomi Kennedy
Died June 22,1906 at 603 McGowan. Age 10 yrs, 9 mos., 4 days. Physician; Dr. Schwartz. Buried June 23,1906. Religion; Methodist.

Emma Lyon Fallon
Died July 11,1906 at 712 Fannin. Widow, age 78 yrs., 3 mos., 2 days. Physician; Dr. Fox. Buried July 12,1906.

? Oliver
Died July 27,1906. Stillborn infant.

Alma Fern Day
Died Sept. 21,1906 at 2218 Morgan St., age 1 yr., 3 mos., 16 days. Rev. Buchanan officiating. Other graves; A.F. Day, W.G. Bedford.

Henry Franklin Attaway
Died Oct. 18,1906 at 1215 Dallas Ave. Age 51 yrs., 8 os., 26 days. Accountant. Buried Oct. 19,1906.

Augustus Holden, Sr.
Died Oct. 29,1906 at Polk and Emanuel Streets. Age 65. Physician, Dr. J.E. McWhorter. Married. Occupation; Butcher. Buried Oct. 31,1906, Rev. J.W. Moore officiating.

Theresa W. Dudley
Infant, died Nov. 19,1906 in Houston Heights. Physician; Dr. Wm. Olive. Buried Nov. 20,1906, Rev. George W. Davis officiating.

G.W. Banks
Died Feb. 1,1907 at Leland. age 57 yrs, 9 mos., 13 days. Physician; Dr. F.M. Bourland. Married. Occp. Transfer Clerk. Buried Feb. 2,1907.

Nell Gray Bedford
Died Feb. 18,1907. age 1 yr, 10 mos., 10 days. Physician; Dr. W.R. Eckhardt. Buried Feb. 19,1907.

Norman W. Iiams
Died Mar. 21,1907 at 1211 Hogan St. Age 1 yr., 6 mos., 28 days. Physician; Dr. Lilliard. Buried from St. Patricks Church. Father Houghron officiating.

Gus Horton
Stillborn infant, died Apr. 1,1907. Physician; Dr. J. Allen Kyle.

Fred A. Taylor, Jr.
Died June 9,1907 at 2501 Texas Ave. Physician; Dr. J.H. Sampson. Age 4 yr., 7 mos. Rev. Peter Gray Sears officiating.

Preston F. Dudley
Died June 10,1907. Age 6 yrs., 5 mos., 11 days. Dr. W. A. Archer, attending physician. Rev. King officiating.

Emma Beal Stafford
Died June 18,1907 at 1817 Kane St. Age 7 mos., 4 days. Physician; Dr. A.J. James. Rev. C.A. Waech officiating.

Jestina Green
Died July 2,1907, age 35, 7 mos., 8 days. Married.
Physician; Dr. J.G. Boyd. Religion: German Lutheran.

Thad Franks, Jr.
Stillborn July 5,1907 at 502 Harvard.
Physician; J.D. Williams.

Ada Mary Farrell
Died Aug. 2,1907 at 1524 Freeman. Age 1 day. Physician; Dr. J.D. Duckett.
John H. Scales, Jr.
Died Aug. 12,1907 at 1812 Mary St. Physician; Dr. J.D. Duckett. Age 19 yrs., 9 mos., 25 days. Single.
Occup. Bridge Helper. Rev. Crum officiating.
Here is some additional information on the Scales family members buried at Hollywood Cemetery, Houston, TX:
John Howard Scales, Sr. (son of Robert William Scales and Mary Anne Rideout)
b. May 1844 in Williamson Co., TN
d. Dec 4, 1923 at residence at 3015 Kentucky, Houston, TX Occupations during lifetime: Farmer, Horse Trader, Laborer Military Headstone: Pvt., Co. G, 5th Texas Cavalry, Confederate States Army Burial Location: Space 4, Lot 124, Lynnwood Lawn, Hollywood Cemetery
Jane Edna Francis Scales (wife of John H. Scales, Sr.; daughter of Joseph Francis and Mary J. Cloud)
b. Dec 23, 1852 in Austin Co., TX
d. Apr 18, 1927 at residence at 4800 Liberty Road, Houston, TX Occupation: Housewife No marker as of 1-25-01
Burial Location: Space 5, Lot 124, Lynnwood Lawn, Hollywood Cemetery
Joseph Francis Scales (son of John H. Scales, Sr. and Jane F. Scales)
b. Nov 15, 1873 in Austin Co., TX
d. Nov 13, 1907 in Houston, TX
Occupation: Unknown
No marker as of 1-25-01
Burial Location: Space 2, Lot 124, Lynnwood Lawn, Hollywood Cemetery
James Thomas Scales (son of John H. Scales, Sr. and Jane F. Scales)
b. Jan 22, 1875 in Austin Co., TX
d. Mar 30, 1937 at Jefferson Davis Hospital, Houston, TX Occupations: Teamster, Laborer, Expressman, Hay Dealer No marker as of 1-25-01
Burial Location: Space 3, Lot 124, Lynnwood Lawn, Hollywood Cemetery
William E. (Elsworth?) Scales (son of John H. Scales, Sr. and Jane F. Scales)
b. Nov 23, 1878 in Austin Co., TX
d. Mar 28, 1970 at Autumn Leaves Nursing Home, 801 Fresa, Pasadena, TX Occupations: Expressman, Teamster, Hay Dealer, Farmer No marker as of 1-25-01
Burial Location: Space 2, Lot 125, Section N, Hollywood Cemetery
Curry Tapscott Scales (son of John H. Scales, Sr. and Jane F. Scales)
b. Feb 2, 1884 in Austin Co., TX
d. Jan 26, 1944 at St. Joseph's Hospital, Houston, TX Occupations: Painter, Expressman, Teamster, Farmer, Crane Operator Flat Stone Marker
Burial Location: Space 1, Lot 125, Section N, Hollywood Cemetery
John Howard Scales, Jr. (son of John H. Scales, Sr. and Jane F. Scales)
b. Oct 17, 1887 in Austin Co., TX
d. Aug 12, 1907 at residence at 1812 Mary St., Houston, TX Occupation: Bridge Helper No marker as of 1-25-01
Burial Location: Space 1, Lot 124, Lynnwood Lawn, Hollywood Cemetery
Clara Harrison Scales (wife of William E. Scales)
b. Jan 8, 1870 in Austin Co., TX
d. May 27, 1941 at residence at 7534 Brownsville, Houston, TX Occupation: Housewife No marker as of 1-25-01
Burial Location: Space 6, Lot 124, Lynnwood Lawn, Hollywood Cemetery
Thanks for all you have done, and please advise if I can help any further.
Roger Scales
Andrew Bracey
Died Aug. 16,1907 in St. Joseph's Hospital. Occup.
Weigh Master for Houston Packing Co.

Florence Camp Smith
Died Sep. 17,1907 at 845 Courtlandt. Physician; Dr. Forest B. Smith. Age 1 yr., 2 mos., 28 days.

Mrs. E. Kolbig
Died Oct. 13,1907 at 2107 Dallas. Physician; Dr. P.B. Thornton. Age 50. Widow. Rev. E.A. Konken officiating.

Dave A. Skinner
Died Oct. 26,1907 at 2910 Brazos. Age 39 yrs., 5 mos., 22 days. Rev. A. F. Sanderson officiating. Occup. Advertising Manager for CHRONICLE. Came from Iowa as an infant in 1887. Married Miss Ella Brick of Galveston on Apr. 14,1892. His wife and son survied him in Houston, several sisters and brothers in Iowa.

Joseph Francis Scales
Died Nov. 13,1907 at 2016 Stevens. Physician; Dr. J.D. Duckett. Age 33 yrs., 11 mos., 28 days. Married. Occup. Temaster.

William V. Smith
Died Nov. 16,1907 at 807 Jefferson. Physician; Dr. Joseph Miller. Age 34 yrs., 11 mos., 20 days. Religion; Cumberland Presbyterian. Occup. Advertising Dept., HOUSTON POST. Survived by his wife, 2 sons, and 2 daughters; two sisters, Kate and Leta Smith of Dallas, and 3 brothers Jack and Frank of Houston and H.P. of Fulton, KY. He came to Houston 1903 but had to go to Llano for his health in 1905. Believing himself recovered he returned to Houston in Mar. 1907 but died within two weeks.

Frank Hughes
Died Jan. 11,1908 at 1010 Polk Ave. Physician; Dr. K.N. Miller. Age 45 yrs., 6 mos., 22 days. Married. Religion; Presbyterian. Rev. A. Buchanan officiating.

? Infant
Born Jan. 28,1908 at 1827 Shearn St.

Mrs. Mary J. Alden
Died Apr. 5,1908. Age 70 yrs., 6 mos., 16 days. Physician; Dr. O.L. Norsworthy. Widow. Religion; Christian. Rev. A.F. Sanderson officiating.

Mary Alden
Stillborn Apr. 6,1908

Stillborn Apr. 27,1908

Kazuo Hirano
Died May 6,1908. Age 18. Single. Occup. Farmer.

Clara Annie Bruder
Died June 6,1908. Age 20 mos.