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Last updated: May 21, 2009

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 707 East College St Seguin, Tx 78155
Guadalupe  Co. TXGenWeb  Wanda Qualls, CC

  Many thanks to Wanda Qualls for submitting the Cemetery List and the Links. 

Seguin Courthouse Markers

Cemetery Name Location  Submitted  other Photos
Achterberg Cemetery A mile off FM 539 - Contact David Acherterberg at achterberg@stic.net Wanda Qualls. - -
Altwein Cemetery Plot Near Schumannsville - owned by Kermit Altwein, Wanda Qualls.    
Anderson Cemetery York Creek Community Wanda Qualls    
Appling Cemetery Off Gander Slough Rd North of Hwy 90  Wanda Qualls. - -
Bading Cemetery On the Hays-Guadalupe County lines. On Francis Harris Ln. Wanda Qualls    
Barker, Tom         
Bartels Cemetery Rivertree subdivision east of IH35 Wanda Qualls. - -
Bauer Cemetery Elm Grove Camp off Hwy 46 Wanda Qualls. - -
Beutnagel Cemetery NE of New Berlin on FM 775 Wanda Qualls. - -
Blumberg Cemetery E of 725 at curve to Treasure Island Wanda Qualls. - -
Bodemann Cemetery W of Hwy 725 at Schumannsville Wanda Qualls. - -
Boecker CemeterySeguin On Leissner School Rd between FM 725 and FM 775 Wanda Qualls. - -
Bonner-McIntyre Cemetery E of Olmus Wanda Qualls. - -
Braune Cemetery N of 1339 past Galle Wanda Qualls. - -
Bremer Cemetery 280 Ridge Crest in Lake Ridge Subdivision off Rudeloff Rd. Wanda Qualls. - -
Brenner Cemetery East of SH 123 on FM 466 Brenner Road Wanda Qualls. - -
Breustedt Cemetery   Wanda Qualls    
Brill Cemetery   Wanda Qualls    
Brushy Cemetery Tucker Hollamon Ranch, near Kingsbury & county line Wanda Qualls. - -
Canaan Cemetery   Wanda Qualls    
Capote Baptist Cemetery Off 466 Wanda Qualls. - -
Cibolo Creek Cemetery On private land owned by Rudy Winkler. Wanda Qualls. - -
Clearview Baptist     North of Kingsbury      
Concrete Cemetery LaVernia Shirley Grammer goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Cottonwood Cemetery  - Now Dugger Cemetery Cottonwood Creek Road. Wanda Qualls    
Crayton Cemetery San Marcos South Alison Tudor - -
Crayton Cemetery (B) Hwy.1979 Alison Tudor - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Damman Cemetery FM 725 N of McQueeny Wanda Qualls    
DeLany Cemetery 477 at 466 Wanda Qualls. - -
Dietz Cemetery Valley Oak St., Schertz, Texas Wanda Qualls. - -
Doege Cemetery S of 123 - off 467, and E of 725 Wanda Qualls. - -
Dugger Cemetery Seguin Wanda Qualls. - -
Ebert Cemetery Marion Jackie Valentien - -
Ebert Cemetery 2 miles N Santa Clara Rd off IH-10 Wanda Qualls. - -
Eden Cemetery Darst Creek Wanda Qualls. - -
Christ Lutheran Church of Elm Creek Hwy 123-North of 467 - Near New Berlin Wanda Qualls. - -
Elm Creek Methodist Off FM 775 Wanda Qualls. - -
Erskine Cemetery on the Flying M Ranch north of Capote Hill Wanda Qualls    
Evans Cemetery Selma, Texas - on the east bank of the Cibolo Creek Wanda Qualls. - -
Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Lower Seguin Rd. - Marion, Texas Wanda Qualls    
Ewald & Jung N&E of Guad. Valley Cemetery off Hwy 46 Wanda Qualls. - -
Galindo, Hector Single Grave - Private Property on Weir Rd. Wanda Qualls. - -
Garden of Memories  (colored) East of Seguin on US-90 Wanda Qualls. - -
Gesche Cemetery Northside of FM 1101 West off SH 123 Wanda Qualls    
Graeb, Katharina Single grave in the Galle community Wanda Qualls. - -
Guadalupe Valley Mem. Park New Braunfels East Wanda Qualls - -
Halm Cemetery Hwy 46, Canal Ln by Dunlap Wanda Qualls. - -
Happle Cemetery Kingsbury Wanda Qualls. - -
Harborth Cemetery W of Hwy 123 off Rd 758, N of Geronimo  Wanda Qualls - -
Harris Chapel Cemetery Located between Belmont and Luling  Wanda Qualls. - -
Hasenbeck Cemetery Box 26 Haeckerville Rd - close to Cibolo Creek Wanda Qualls. - -
Helmke Cemetery .6 mi East of Fm 1044 and north of Weil Rd. Wanda Qualls. - -
Henderson Cemetery 5000 Block on US 90 East Wanda Qualls    
Herbold, Johnny          
Hermann Sons Cemetery renamed Melanchton S of Marion off 465 on Lower Seguin Rd Wanda Qualls. - -
Old Highsmith Cemetery E US-90 almost at county line Wanda Qualls. - -
New Highsmith Cemetery S Dunlop oil field, off US-90 Wanda Qualls. - -
Hoese Cemetery Mile S of IH-10 on Santa Clara Road Wanda Qualls. - -
Hoffmann Cemetery On South Schmidt Rd. to dead end off FM 775 near Elm Creek Wanda Qualls. - -
Holland & Brill E Walnut St., E of San Geronimo Cemetery Wanda Qualls. - -
Holland & Brill (colored) E of US-90 intersection with IH-10 Wanda Qualls. - -
Huggins-McKinze-Waller Cemetery Carl Waller Place, Staples, Texas Wanda Qualls    
Ilka Cemetery (colored) Seguin Wanda Qualls. - -
Jahns Cemetery On FM 466 on Mandle Rd Wanda Qualls. - -
Jauer Cemetery Hwy 46, to Saengerhalle Wanda Qualls. - -
Jechow Cemetery SH 123 No. to FM20 to FM3353 to York Creek Rd Wanda Qualls. - -
Jones Cemetery On Brushy Creek at Luling Oil Field Wanda Qualls. - -
King Ranger Cemetery  Located between Court and Gonzales Streets, Seguin, Texas Wanda Qualls. - -
Kingsbury Cemetery Kingsbury Wanda Qualls.  - -
Kraft-Brandes Cemetery On SH 46 near County Line all graves have been moved to New Braunfels, Texas Wanda Qualls    
Kruse Cemetery Near Camp Willow, So of Clear Springs, Hwy 46 Wanda Qualls. - -
Lieck Family Cemetery Between Martinez, Tx and IH 10 on FM 1516 Wanda Qualls. - -
Lindemann Cemetery S of US-90A on 725 Wanda Qualls. - -
Linne Cemetery 2 miles South of IH 10 on Linne Rd. Wanda Qualls. - -
Lone Oak Cemetery    New Braunfels East Wanda Qualls - -
Long Branch Cemetery on J. Kraak Ranch on Hwy 121 Wanda Qualls. - -
Marines Cemetery Luling Wanda Qualls. - -
Marion Cemetery - Original Wetz Rd. in Marion Wanda Qualls    
Marion Community Wetz Rd. in Marion Wanda Qualls    
Matthies Cemetery Darst Creek  Wanda Qualls. - -
Mayer Cemetery also known as the Tabor Cemetery Hwy 123 S & W of Zion Hill Rd to Land Ranch Rd - Sign says Tabor Cemetery Road. Wanda Qualls. - -
McAnelly Cemetery no information  Wanda Qualls. - -
McKinney Cemetery One mile So. on Hwy 80 from Luling on Max Webb place  Wanda Qualls. - -
McQueeny Cemetery; Now Blumberg Cemetery   Wanda Qualls    
Medlin, Phil Located in Eastern Guadalupe County off FM2438 Wanda Qualls    
Mulkey-Crayton  E of Galle, N of Road 1339 Wanda Qualls. - -
Nash Creek Cemetery Belmont   - -
New Salem Cemetery  New Salem Baptist Church N of US-90A  Wanda Qualls. - -
Nixon Cemetery  (old) Belmont Wanda Qualls. - -
Nolte Cemetery Northside of FM 1101 West off SH 123 Wanda Qualls    
Oak Creek Cemetery Off  467      
Otto Rhodius Cemetery off FM 1518, Selma Jean M. Heide - -
Our Lady of Guadalupe Seguin  Wanda Qualls. - -
Pearmon Cemetery Luling Oil Field, N of US-90 Wanda Qualls. - -
Spanish Cemetery near Pearmon Cemetery Luling Oil Field, S of US-90 Wanda Qualls. - -
Pettus - Stanfield Cem Near Fentress & Staples Wanda Qualls. - -
Phillips Cemetery E of New Berlin, S of Hwy 775 Wanda Qualls. - -
Post Oak Cemetery  About a mile from the Achterberg Cemetery Wanda Qualls. - -
Prezy St Cemetery Seguin Kirk Randle photos need transcription -  
Rahe - Bartels Cemetery Union Wine Road, 2 mi West of Hwy 725  Wanda Qualls. - -
Rajiro Cemetery Off Hwy 1101 at Huber Rd Wanda Qualls. - -
Rathke-Beyer Cemetery Union Wine Road on property owned by Nowotny Wanda Qualls. - -
Redeemer At Zuehl    (Large Cemetery) Redeemer UCC at Zuehl  Wanda Qualls. - -
Redwood Cemetery San Marcos South Wanda Qualls. - -
Reibel Cemetery   William Braune farm      
Riverside Cemetery    Seguin Wanda Qualls. -
Rogers-Mofield North of US 90A near Darst Creek on Hoover Property. Wanda Qualls. - -
Russell Cemetery Dugger community W of Hwy 123 Wanda Qualls - -
Saint James Cemetery Seguin   - -
Saint James Cemetery Belmont   - -
San Geronimo Cemetery Seguin Wanda Qualls. - -
San Juan Cemetery  Geronimo   - -
Santa Clara Catholic Cemetery Gin Rd between 465 and Santa Clara Rd Wanda Qualls. - -
Santo Tomas Cemetery McQueeney   - -
Scheffel or Grimm Cemetery Maurice Wiederstein Property Wanda Qualls. - -
Schertz-Cibolo Spanish Schertz, Texas Wanda Qualls    
Schievelbein-Zunker Close to Post Oak Cemetery Wanda Qualls. - -
Schlueter Cemetery Hwy 123 Laubach Rd thru Geronimo Cr.-  Wanda Qualls. - -
Schmidt Cemetery On South Schmidt Rd. off FM 775 Wanda Qualls. - -
Schneider Cemetery 3 Miles East of Marion - Off FM 1044 Wanda Qualls. - -
Schneider Memorial Schertz, Texas - Off FM 78 Wanda Qualls. - -
Schneider, Walter          
Schuchardt Cemetery Between Huber & Barbarosa Rds, N of Cordiva Rd Wanda Qualls. - -
Schumannsville Cemetery  Off Hwy 725 E on Lakeside Pass Wanda Qualls. - -
Seiler Cemetery Schertz, Texas Wanda Qualls. - -
Smith Cemetery N of IH-10 at Oil Fields Wanda Qualls. - -
Specht Cemetery Hwy 46, Carl Saur property Wanda Qualls. - -
Staples Cenetery (partial) S of Hwy 68 along river Scott Gabriel  -

Staples Cemetery (colored) S of Staples Rd 631 Wanda Qualls - -
Staples Cemetery Mexican S of Staples Rd 631 Wanda Qualls    
Stapper Cemetery Off Trainer-Hale and IH 10 Wanda Qualls. - -
Stautzenberger, Jacob Link Road, mile off Hwy 46 Wanda Qualls. - -
Stautzenberger, Phillip Hwy 46, Canal Ln by Dunlap Plant Wanda Qualls. - -
Stein Cemetery - Now  Elm Creek Methodist off 775 on Old Settlers Rd. Wanda Qualls. - -
Stein Cemetery off 46 on Wunderlich Rd & Cloud Lane Wanda Qualls    
Steinmeyer Cemetery Hwy 46, Cross over Junction Wanda Qualls. - -
St. Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery 3 blocks north of 78 on the northern outskirts of Marion on Wetz Rd. Wanda Qualls - -
St. Paul's Cemetery Intersection of Old 78 and Main St., Cibolo, Texas Wanda Qualls - -
Strempel Cemetery E of Zorn Wanda Qualls - -
Strong Cemetery Luling Oilfield Wanda Qualls - -
Sweet Canaan Cemetery  (colored) NE of Kingsbury Wanda Qualls. - -
Sweet Home Cemetery E of New Berlin, S of Hwy 775 Wanda Qualls. - -
Thornton Cemetery US 90A E., on Denman place Wanda Qualls    
Tuttle Cemetery Martindale Peggy Copeland Ray -

Valdez (sign) Caffey Rd, off Zuehl Rd & IH10      
Vaughn Cemetery  on Prexy Drive in Seguin Wanda Qualls. - -
Vordenbaum Cemetery Haeckerville Rd mile S of Cibolo Wanda Qualls. - -
Voss Cemetery   On Glenewinkel Rd off SH 123      
Wade Cemetery  York Creek Road and York Crossing Wanda Qualls. - -
Waller Cemetery Carl Waller Place near Staples Wanda Qualls    
Warncke Cemetery  S of New Berlin Wanda Qualls. - -
White Cemetery (colored) Kingsbury N of RR Wanda Qualls. - -
Wilcox Cemetery        
York Creek Cemetery E of Weinert Wanda Qualls - -
Zion Hill Cemetery     (new) Thomas Springs Wanda Qualls. - -
Zion Hill Cemetery     (old)   On Sheffield Rd off Zion Hill Rd. Wanda Qualls    
Zorn Cemetery West of SH 123 between FM 1101 and York Creek Wanda Qualls - -
Zuehl Redeemer Church Cemetery   off IH-10 Wanda Qualls - -

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