Staples Cemetery, Guadalupe Co. Cemeteries of Tx Gloria B. Mayfield

Staples Cemetery

Entrance Photo and Statue submitted by 

Peggy Copeland Ray

Guadalupe Co. Cemeteries of TX

Marker Photos, Map &  Info Submitted by Scott Gabriel

This cemetery is in the extreme north end of the county, along the river and sandwiched between Hays and Caldwell counties. 

My great-grandfather, Fred Cline Gabriel, moved from Iredell County, North Carolina to Guadalupe County around 1900. He is shown in the 1900 Census as aboard in the household of Quincy Lowman. He married Lowman's wife's sister, Ida Belle Scott, daughter of the Reverend William A. Scott and Texas Gray

In a few of the photos other names are visible: Campbell, Vineyard, Slaughter  Here are some of the ones buried here, more information &  photos to come.


Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Gabriel Fred Cline   Aug 18 1876 Apr25 1952 h/o Ida B.
Gabriel Ida Belle Scott Jun 12 1882 Jan 01 1860 w/o Fred C.
Gabriel Frances Gertrude Dec  22 1909 Apr 16 1910 Fred & Ida's  infant daughter  She came to raise our heart to Heaven   She goes to call us there
Howard Lowman P Apr 1889 Jul 1965 h/o Sarah  Elizabeth 
Howard Sarah Elizabeth"Bettie"Scott June1886 Jun1982 Ida's sister,  w/o Lowman P
Hunsucker McDuffie Apr 14 1860 Feb 02 1918  
Lowman Quincy J. May 261857 Sep 03 1920 h/o Mellie Scott
Lowman Mellie Scott Nov 28 1874 Jan  08 1936 w/o Quincey
Ogletree Sam Jan 06 1878 May 05 1957 -
Scott Susan E. Mar 1833 Feb 09 1915

There are no parlings in Heaven  B: Jones Co.GA

Scott John Feb 10 1831 Apr 11 1908 Thy loss we deeply feel, B: Jones Co. GA
Scott Reverend William A. May 07 1854, Feb 03 1919 h/o Texas  Anne"Farewell" God gave, He took, He will restore     He Doeth all things well
Scott Texas Anne Gray Feb 03 1854 Oct 08 1919 w/o W.A. "Farewell" She was a kind and affectionate   wife, a fond mother and friend to all
Scrutchin Bernice G. Jan 26 1904 Aug 31 1991 w/o Hiram P. Jr.
Scrutchin H.P. Jan16 1864 Oct 23 1943 h/o  Willie L.
Scrutchin Willie L. Feb10 1864 Apr 24 1955 w/o H.P.
Scrutchin Florence Bernice Gabriel Jan 26 1904 Aug 31 1991 d/o Fred & IdaM:Jun081935
Scrutchin Hiram P."Tobe",Jr Oct 25 1901 Nov 14 1970 Florence's first husband 2nd Bernice G.
Waldrip Wayman J. Dec19 1875 Dec 06 1957 h/o Sue Frances
Waldrip Sue Frances Oct 111880 Apr 22 1960 w/o Wayman J.