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Lacy-Shelton Cemetery

Names of all the Scouts and their parents (left to right):Ryan Osborn, Debbie Villarreal, Ray Villarreal, Sr, Ray Villarreal, Jr, , Evan Mills, Roger Mills, Erik Lerma, Frankie Lerma, Kyle Osborn, Mike Guthrie, Chris Mills, Tony Davies, Rayburn Osborn, Kathleen Osborn, Bryan Walker, Brandon Davies, Michael Adams

Grimes Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Kyle Osborn 

Eagle Project,  Boy Scouts of America

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Lacy-Shelton Cemetery Gravestone Information

Little Duggy W. B. Shelton  
Son of T.H. & E.J. Lacy Born October 29, 1846
Died July 19, 1865 Died October 10, 1878
Aged 11 Years double marker with
3 Mos and 20 Days Sallie D. Butler
I take these little lambs said he Born June 1, 1871
Into my breast Died October 26, 1881
Protection they  shall find in me Our loved ones are gone
In me be ever blessed But not forgotten
Eliza Jane Lacy In Memory of Rebecca
Born July 20, 1829 Wife of James Huss
Died October 12, 1913 Who died March 26, 1854
Is a Star that is lost when the daylight is over Aged 31 Years
She has faded away to shine brightly in heaven
Thomas H. Lacy Clarkey Maxwell
Born May 17, 1819 Was Borne
Died Nov 6, 1897 December 1791
Although he sleeps, his memory doth live Died 1849
And cheering comfort to his mourners give
He followed virtue as his finest guide
Lived as a Christian
Died as a Christian
Louis B. Shelton
Died July 6, 1882
Aged 76 Years
6 Months, 30 Days
Blessed are the pure in heart
For they shall see God