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Cemeteries of Denton County Texas


Gloria B. Mayfield, Cemeteries of TX Project Manager

Last updated: March 09, 2010

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Denton Co. TX Historical  
Mike Cochran
110 W. Hickory St.,
Denton, Texas  76201

Thanks for Mike Cochran  for allowing us to use his information.

Special Dedication to  Richard Tarver, who passed away in September 1998, in honor of his fine volunteer efforts as chairperson of the Denton County Historical Commission Cemetery Committee.

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Cemetery Name

Location Submitter or Lookup More Picture
Antioch Cemetery Lost - - -
Argyle Cemetery Denton R. Steven Rainwater & Susan Chance-Rainwater & updated by Bob Leahy 2006 - -
Bates Family Cemetery Little Elm Bob Leahy - -
Belew Cemetery Aubrey Elwood Branum   goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Blue Mound Cemetery Sanger Bob Leahy - -
Bolivar Cemetery Denton Co. Christine L. Waggoner goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Bridges Cemetery Hebron Bob Leahy goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Cemetery Hill aka Furneaux Cemetery Lewisville Patricia - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Chinn Chapel Cemetery Flower Mound Betty Finley -- --
Cooper Creek Cemetery Denton Bob Leahy    
Davis Cemetery - - - -
Denton Cemetery - Kay Bradley    
Dunham Cemetery Argyle Bob Leahy - -
Eakins Cemetery Records   A-M Ponder Nancy Cleere Rodgers - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Eakins Cemetery Records N-Z Hwy. 380 & FM 407 Nancy Cleere Rodgers - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Elizabethtown Cemetery Roanoke Nancy Cleere Rodgers - -
Flower Mound Cemetery Flower Mound Ryan Nielsen of Troop 292, Boy Scouts of America goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Furneaux Cemetery (partial) Cemetery Hill Rd James A. Barton - Patricia goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Good Hope Cemetery Denton JoAnn Smith - -
Greenvalley Cemetery NE Denton need transcription -- --
Gregory Cemetery Era need transcription - -
Gribble Springs Cemetery No of Denton Mavis Hughes - -
Gribble Springs Cemetery 2009 No of Denton Bob Leahy and Peggy Gann    
I.O.O.F. Cemetery Denton Bob Leahy
I.O.O.F. Cemetery Roanoke  - - -
Jeter Family Cemetery Argyle Bob Leahy - -
Justin Cemetery Justin Obit goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Knox Cemetery Bolivar Christine Waggoner - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Krum Jackson Cemetery (2008) Krum Bob Leahy-Charlene Keefer goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Little Elm Cemetery Little Elm obit goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Lloyd Cemetery Little Elm - - -
Martin Oaks Cemetery Lewisville


- -
McCombs Cemetery Flower Mound

Mike Cochran

- -
McCurley Cemetery Lewisville Bob Leahy - -
Medlin Cemetery Colleyville

Mike Cochran

- -
Oakwood Cemetery Denton Bob Leahy  Photos by Sharen Taylor goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Oak Grove Cemetery E. of Denton Wanda Blair goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Oak Grove Cemetery Denton Bob Leahy - -
Oak Point Cemetery Oak Point Colleen Cameron goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Old Alton Cemetery  Denton Betty Finley goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) --
Old Hall Cemetery 2009 Denton Bob Leahy - -
Old Hall Cemetery      Old Hall Cemetery HS Lewisville Susan Hawkins goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)  -
Old Slave Cemetery - Bob Leahy goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Pagetown Cemetery Denton Bob Leahy - -
Pilot Point Cemetery Pilot Point Elwood Branum goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Plainview Cemetery Krum Bob Leahy - -
Pollard Cemetery Bolivar Christine Waggoner - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Prairie Mound Cemetery Prairie Mound      
Riley Cemetery Carrolton Bob Leahy   goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Ritter Cemetery Lewisville - - -
Roselawn Memorial Cemetery Denton need transcription  Obits only goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Round Grove Cemetery Lewisville Mike Cochran    
Round Grove Historical Cemetery Lewisville Patty Z goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Sams-Burnett-Mennerly Cem Drop Nancy Cleere Rodgers - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Sanger Cemetery Sanger Need transcription - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Shiloh Cemetery F. M. 1171 Betty Finley -- --
Shiloh Cemetery (2008) Corinth Bob Leahy - -
Skinner Cemetery Pilot Point Sandra Miller goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Stony Cemetery Records Stony Nancy Cleere Rodgers - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Smith Cemetery Lewisville

Mike Cochran

- -
Smith Cemeetery 2006 Lewisville Bob Leahy - -
St Thomas Aquinas Cemetery Denton Obit goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
St Thomas Cemetery Denton Obit goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Swisher Cemetery  Denton Bob Leahy goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) -
Trietsch Cemetery Denton Bob Leahy - -
Trinity Cemetery  2007 Old McKinney Rd Bob Leahy - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Trinity Cemetery Old McKinney RD

Mike Cochran

 - -
Tyson Cemetery FM3442 Bob Leahy - goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Wilson Cemetery Aubrey Carolyn Wilson  goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Zion Cemetery (P) Little Elm JoAnn Smith - -
Zion Cemetery   Little Elm Joe D. Deaver goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes) goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)

If you have general questions about individuals or cemeteries, please use  the  Query Board   or  For queries when the county is not known, post here.   Unknown Counties Query Board

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