Millwood Cemetery Historical Marker

Lavon, Collin Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay and Patricia Nall

Surveyed August 2008

Millwood and Millwood Cemetery

Named for a lumber mill established nearby about 1846, Millwood contained a post office, several businesses, and lumber, grist and flour mills by the early 1850ís. Although Willie O. Huntís burial in 1864 is the first recorded burial here, local tradition claims this cemetery began in 1854 with the death of Nancy Bulloch, wife of James W. Bulloch, hero of the Battle of Nacogdoches. Early accounts refer to it as Nancy Bulloch Cemetery. The town prospered until the early 1900ís. Millwood Cemetery, maintained by a local association, is all that remains of the former town of Millwood.
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