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Lufkin, Angelina Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by  Debra Coursey Pitts and son D. J.

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This is a perpetual care cemetery, very well maintained. Enormous in it's entirety. This list will never be "current" as there are burials at this cemetery every day, they will only be current on the date of survey. So if you have a loved one here and do not see their name , it only means their marker was not present at time  of my survey OR they have no maker . This cemetery has limited space ,so even though there is a "space" with no marker it does not mean that there is no one buried there, just that there is no marker OR the space is purchased for future burials.

Information will be copied "as is" on the marker / tombstones. (abbreviation of some words)

Surveyed Dec.22,2003 by Debra Coursey Pitts & son DJ.

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Name, Birth Death

Peggy Sue COFFEY - April 20,1967

Destry Lynn LOWERY - July 1,1965 / July 7,1965

Maria Elena MIRANDA - born & died Dec.11,1966

inf. of Jerry & Sandra FERGUSON - Nov.22,1964

Michael inf.son of Mr.& Mrs.Sammie WILLIAMS - Aug.15,1964

inf.son of Mr.& Mrs.Carrol HANNAH - 1966

Alisha Deshannon COMER - June 7,1976 , inf.dau.of Diana Comer

Our Baby Dean - 1963

inf.dau.  HINSON - June 12,1963

Diedra Ann,dau.of Mr.& Mrs.Ron OWEN - Jan.28,1963

Lydia Ruth BOBBITT - 1960

Kinberly Ann RUSHING - 1962

baby girl WRIGHT - Sept.20,1962, dau.of Rex & Martha Wright

inf.son of David & Patsy LAWSON - Oct.15,1962

Charles Edward GREEN - Oct.4,1956, son of Franklin & Hilda Green

Roseann Lee MILLER - June 29,1956

Kim Cerise STOVALL - Dec.9,1955

Zachary Keith STOVALL - Sept.2,1980 , son of Mr.& Mrs.Keith Stovall

Nancy Carole - 1949,dau.of Mr.& Mrs.Elmer Williams

Lou Ann DAVIDSON - April 13,1950

baby LATHAM - Aug.22,1951 ,dau.of Mr.& Mrs.B.F.Latham

Mary Lou JOHNSON - born Dec.19,1951

inf.dau.of Mr.& Mrs.J.E.SMITH - 1952

Sherry Lisa dau.of Mr.& Mrs.Laprell ODOM - 1952

Synthia Denice COLLINS - 1953


David Allen HARRIS - June 9,1953 / July 24,1953

our baby Betty Ruth DUTY - 1951

inf.dau.of Mr.& Mrs.Billy M. DEAL - 1949

Rodney CARRINGTON - 1956 / 1957

Leona Marie JOSLEN - Oct.27,1976

Barry Keith JONES - Oct.27,1955

David Earl GREEN - Sept.13,1957 / Sept.16,1957 , son of Franklin & Hilda Green

Brian Alan HICKERSON - Nov.7,1957 / Jan.1,1959

Paula & Pamela PIERCE - Nov.14,1962

our baby Rebecca Lynn KNIGHT - Oct.16,1962

Jerry D.BUTLER , inf.son of Lee & Carla Butler - 1961

inf. Myrna J. MOORE - May 10,1961

Richard E. son of Johnnie M. & Joyce METTLEN - Aug.12,1960 / Dec.21,1960

our baby Karen Kay TERRAL - 1959

our baby Jimmi Gail TERRAL - 1961

Shiela Kay dau.of Mr.& Mrs.Larry BERRY - Nov.18,1962

our baby James Victor GOSS - 1963

Laura Kathleen beloved dau.of Ed & Kay WILKINS - Feb.5,1965

Angela Kay dau.of Mr.& Mrs.Edwin M. ALDREDGE - Feb.15,1963 / July 29,1963

Angela Marie dau.of Mr.& Mrs.Steve HOLCOMB - April 11,1966 / April 12,1966

inf.son of Ronald & Rita SNODGRASS - July 25,1965

Michael D.BURKETT - Jan.27,1966 / Feb.28,1966, son of Mr.& Mrs.Dale Burkett

Patrick Wayne MOLANDERS - Oct.9,1967 , son of Mr.& Mrs.Joseph C.Molanders

Thomas Francis REMALY (Chip),beloved son of Jim & Sue - March 13,1964 / Jan.21,1966

Lonnie Lee McCOY - Aug.27,1965 / Dec.10,1965

Boris Dean son of Mr.& Mrs.Jack L.GREEN - June 2,1960 / Feb.4,1962