Old Bethel Church 1950 Church 2003

Frankston, Anderson Co. Cemeteries of TX

Photos and Submitted by Janie Davis

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son of = s/o, d/o = d/o , Double stone with = dbl/w, wife=w/o

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
ADAMS Sarah Lee 1801 1878  
ARMSTRONG Fred E.     "A2C US Air Force"
ARMSTRONG Fred Eugene 3/10/1939 2/1/1979 h/o Patricia Ann Armstrong
ARMSTRONG Patricia Ann 3/9/1945   w/o Fred Eugene Armstrong
ASKEW Dortha Ann (Walker) 1850 1943 "Mother"; "At Rest" w/o John Dykes Askew
ASKEW Fannie Butler 6/28/1845 3/21/1884 "His Wife", "Resting till the Resurrection Morn" w/o John Dykes Askew
ASKEW James Columbus 2/7/1914 6/28/1915 "Son of Pleas & Una Askew"; "Asleep in Jesus"
ASKEW John Austin 4/30/1925 10/21/1931 "Son of Pleas & Una Askew"; "Not Our Will But Thine Be Done"
ASKEW John D. (Dykes) 8/29/1847 12/26/1916 "Resting till the Resurection Morn"h/o Dortha Ann Walker Askew & Fannie Butler Askew
ASKEW Lockie Mae 7/28/1919 9/2/1919 "Daughter of Pleas & Una Askew"; "Waiting for Resurrection Morn"
ASKEW Marked with  rock   at head & foot
ASKEW Mary Helen 8/1/1920 11/16/1922 "Daughter of Pleas & Una Askew"; "Death Loves a Shining Mark"
ASKEW Miranda Jane (Cook) 1877 1932 "And his wife"; same stone as William Thomas Askew
ASKEW Pleas W. (Pleasant Walker) 1891 1966 "At rest"; Double stone with Una Mae Cook Askew
ASKEW Una M. (Una Mae Cook) 1892 1973 "At rest"; Double stone with Pleasant Walker (Pleas) Askew
ASKEW William Thomas 1873 1946 "And his wife"; same stone as Miranda Jane Cook Askew
BALLARD G.A. 12/16/1860 2/25/1902 "Wife of A.J. Ballard"
BALLARD Infant 11/18/1914 11/19/1914 "Infant of A.W. & L.E. Ballard"; "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"
BEARD Ada Lee 1/09/1897 6/08/1898 "Dau. Of T.L. & B.E. Beard"; "Suffer little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for such is the Kingdom of God."
BEARD Bennie 12/6/1900 June 1901 "Son of T.L. & B.E. Beard"
BEARD B.E. (Bethenia Elizabeth Cook) 4/01/1873 2/27/1901 "Wife of T.L. Beard"; "As a wife, devoted, as a mother, affectionate, as a friend, ever kind and true"
BEARD Cora Belle 12/16/1888 1/15/1889 "Daughter of T.W. & L.G. Beard"; "Saved from earthly trials and sin"
BEARD Cynthia E. (Cynthia Ellen Nix-Boyd) 1843 1915  John Beard
BEARD George W. 1875 1954  
BEARD John (D.)  -- -- "Co. D, 17 Tex Cav, C.S.A."
BEARD John D. 1/15/1884 3/26/1938 Double stone with Margurite Rena Hoffman Beard
BEARD John Henry 2/14/1895 8/3/1900 "Son of T.W. & L.G. Beard"; "Sweet Johnnie unto earth a little while was given"
BEARD Joe A. (Joseph Andrew) 1880 1952 Double stone with Lula Magdalene Cook Beard
BEARD Connally (Lawrence Connally) 1910 1912  
BEARD Lela G. (Mitchell) 3/24/1868 4/15/1898 "Come Ye Blessed"; "Wife of Thomas W. Beard"; (remaining inscription unreadable from photo)
BEARD Lula M. (Lula Magdalene Cook) 1883 1928 Double stone with Joe A. Beard
BEARD Margurite Rena 11/07/1894 2/20/1964 Double stone with John D. Beard
BEARD Sarah Ann "Neill" 6/1827 12/1869  John Beard
BEARD Simie 12/6/1900 June 1901 "Son of T.L. & B.E. Beard"
BEARD Thomas W. 9/12/1863 2/19/1913 "WOW Camp No. 1202" - "He is at Rest" h/o Lela G. Mitchell Beard
BENGE Susie (Walding) 5/05/1894 5/2/1974 "Granny", Double stone with James Elmer Benge
BOURLAND Ava 1878 1956  
BOURLAND Cynthia A. 9/25/1845 6/6/1930 "Wife of Elder J.H. Bourland"
BOURLAND Ebb 1875 1912  
BOURLAND Elder J.H. 10/3/1947 1/6/1918  h/o Cynthia A. Bourland
BOURLAND J.D. 5/16/1934 8/19/1938 "Our Loved One"
BRAGG Claudie -- 1934  
BRAGG Estelle -- -- (no dates)
BRAGG James Henry (Jim) 10/20/1863 9/13/1950  Dora Bragg
BREWER Nabors 6/28/1917   "Husband of Louise Bingham"; "Married 4/28/1994" (See Louise Bingham Brewer Henderson)
BRAYN Jalinda Sue 1/15/1946 1/5/2000  
BRAYN Jalinda Sue 1/15/1946 1/5/2000  
CADE Agnes 9/10/1906 11/10/1960 "Mother"
CADE Ava Jean 1/1/1938 5/28/1939 "Baby"
CADE Maggie 2/18/1905 3/27/1905  
CADE Roy 7/3/1903 11/5/2001 "Father"
CADE William 2/8/1926 7/24/1995  
CHRISTIAN Cynthia 1/18/1958    
COOK A.G. (Artist Greenberry     stone only, no inscription readable) h/o Naomi Beard Cook
COOK Artist Greenberry Aug. 1849 1904 "Married Oct. 25, 1871", "Our Father Which Art in Heaven"; Double stone with Naomi Beard Cook; Reverse side of marker: "Children of A.G. & Naomi Cook:  Walter Monroe 1872-1928, Warner Earl 1875-1938, Daniel Webster 1877-1927, Winnie A. 1880-1900, Minnie Pearl 1884-1921, Waymon Green 1887-1926, Waitsel Elizabeth 1889-1969, William Benjamin 1892-1954, Monnie Naomi 1894-1972"
COOK Archie E. (Eugene) 1901 1978 Double stone with Susie Audrey Richards Cook
COOK Bertha J. (Patton) 8/13/1921   Double stone with John Quincy Cook
COOK Bertha Jewel 3/24/1890 1/21/1891 "Dau. Of H.M. & S.E. Cook"
COOK Bessie (Bessie Nener) 4/03/1894 7/30/1897 "Dau. Of J.M. & J.L. Cook"
COOK Carl Richard 10/12/1941   (only one date)
COOK Clara V. 12/6/1906 2/9/1984 "Wed to Oca 9/29/1929"; Double stone with Oca H. Cook
COOK Cynthia A. (Beard) 1884 1931 Double stone with Gilbert Beeb Cook, Sr.
COOK Daniel 10/16/1821 9/02/1881 "Born in Lawrence Dist. S.C., Died in Anderson Co., TX, He was a member of the Predestinarian Baptist Church 33 years." "Peaceful be my silent sleep, Peaceful in the grave so low, Thou no one will join out number, Thou no one your sorrow know." h/o Elizabeth Willingham Cook
COOK Daniel Raymond 10/16/1821 9/02/1881 "PVT Co. E, 11 Brig Vols Confederate States Army" h/o Elizabeth Willingham Cook
COOK Daniel W. (Webster) 1877 1927 Double stone with Emma Elizabeth Eliza
Jane (Laura) Lamb Cook
COOK Delillah L. (Lee) 12/07/1886 8/08/1889 "Dau. Of J.M. & J.L. Cook"
COOK Earl (Walter Earl) 1918 1944 "At Rest" h/o Odessa Christell Cook
COOK Elizabeth Willingham 7/03/1829 3/16/1903 "Elizabeth Willingham is buried at Pyron Cem., Scurry Co., TX, m. Daniel Cook 1846, m. Rev. Benjamin Young 1890."
COOK Estelle 1905 1912  
COOK Fannie Temperence 9/22/1898 9/29/1898 "Dau. Of F.M. & I.J. Cook"; "The fairest flower we fondly love, For soon it fades and dies."
COOK Francis M. (Marion) 2/22/1875 7/17/1946 Masonic Emblem; "Gone but not forgotten" h/o Ida Jane Herrington Cook
COOK Frank Quinton 3/31/1914 10/1/1970 "Father" h/o Martha Lou Ellis Cook &
Joyce Faye Bell Taylor Cook
COOK George A. 4/08/1878 8/07/1882 "Son of J.W. & T.A. Cook"; "Asleep in Jesus"
COOK George Moss 4/11/1921 4/15/1921  
COOK Gilbert B. (Beeb, Sr.) 1882 1934 Double stone with Cynthia A. Beard Cook
COOK Hattie S. 5/24/1889 10/16/1969 "Gone but not forgotten"
COOK Hetta Marandy (Young?) 12/03/1810 9/08/1875 Double stone with James William Cook
COOK Ida Jane (Herrington) 4/26/1875 2/18/1914 "In Memoriam, Woodmen Circle"; "W C"at top of stone; "Grove No. 771, Frankston, Tex.";  "Gone but not forgotten"; "COOK" at bottom of stone.w/o Francis Marion Cook
COOK Ida May (Elrod) 1882 1961 Double stone with James Quincy Cook
COOK Infant Daughter 4/29/1894 4/29/1894 "Dau. Of Hosie & Sarah Cook", "She is not dead but sleepeth"
COOK Infant -- -- Broken stone, in between two of D.E. & E.C. Cook's children
COOK Infant Daughter 2/01/1892 2/01/1892 "Dau. Of H.M. & S.E. Cook"; "Gone but not forgotten"
COOK Infant Daughter 12/03/1880 12/03/1880 "Dau. Of H.M. & S.E. Cook"
COOK Infant Daughter 9/29/1892 10/1892 "Dau. Of H.M. & S.E. Cook"
COOK Infant Daughter 3/28/1884 3/28/1884 "Dau. Of H.M. & S.E. Cook"
COOK Infant Daughter 3/24/1880 3/24/1880 "Infant dau of J.M. & M.A. Cook"; "Born and died 3/24/1880"; "At rest in peace"
COOK Infant Daughter 9/29/1882 Oct 1882 "Daughter of H.M. & S.E. Cook"
COOK Infant Daughter (Mary Evarene) 8/8/1940 8/8/1940 "Dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Cook" (no dates on actual marker)
COOK Infant Son -- -- "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. G.B. Cook" (no dates)
COOK Infant Son 9/5/1940 9/5/1940 "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Cook"
COOK Infant Son 4/05/1889 4/05/1889 "Infant son of H.M. & S.E. Cook"; "Our little one sleeps sweetly here"
COOK Infant Son -- -- "Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Cook"; no dates
COOK Infant Son 11/09/1859 11/09/1859 "Son of D. & E. Cook"; "Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Sleep"
COOK J.M. (James Madison) 9/25/1835 3/6/1913 "At rest"; "In memory of our father" h/o Mary Ann Robertson & Sarah Aradella Dabbs
COOK J.M. (James Madison) 9/25/1835 3/6/1913 "PVT. Co. B. Texas Cav, Confederate States Army" h/o Mary Ann Robertson & Sarah Aradella Dabbs
COOK J.W. (John Wesley) 11/30/1846 3/21/1905 (Inscription unreadable on photo) h/o Temperance A. (Tempie) West
COOK James William, Jr. (?) 3/25/1813 1/05/1878 Double stone with Hetta Marandy Cook
COOK James J. (Jackson "Jack") 8/3/1904 1/29/1985 "He is not dead, but sleepeth"
COOK John Quincy 12/7/1916 3/27/1977 Double stone with Bertha J. Patton Cook
COOK James Q. (Quincy) 1884 1947 Dbl/o  Ida May Elrod Cook
COOK John Beard 1914 1919  
COOK John W. (Willingham) 8/27/1847 3/31/1884 "Son of D. & E. Cook"; "Jesus said, (unreadable on photo)" h/o Mary E. West Willingham
COOK Johnnie Newton 12/12/1901 8/26/1903 "Son of F.M. & I.J. Cook"; inscription unreadable on photo
COOK Kenneth Eugene 8/3/1948 11/22/1948  
COOK Laura E. (Emma Elizabeth Eliza Jane "Laura") 1881 1953 Double stone with Daniel Webster Cook
COOK Lessie 6/10/1898 1/26/1900 "Dau. Of J.M. & J.L. Cook"
COOK Little John 3/08/1896 12/3/1911 "Son of J.M. & J.L. Cook"; "Too good for earth, God called him home."
COOK Luemer (Levassar) 4/09/1883 6/21/1905 "Wife of Gilbert Beeb Cook, Sr. & Dau. Of F.M. & N.H. Levassar"; "She is at the beautiful gate waiting _ _ _ _ _ _ for us."
COOK Mary Alice Laws (Oliver) 1873 1909  w/o ? Oliver
Warner Earl Cook
COOK Mary Ann (Robertson) 6/03/1844 3/24/1880 "Wife of James Madison Cook and only dau. Of G.A. & Roanna Robertson"; "Asleep _ _ _ (inscription unreadable on photo)"
COOK Mary E. (West) 8/11/1848 5/29/1926 "Wife of John Willingham Cook"; "Jesus and shall it ever be, A mortal soul ashamed of Thee, Whom angels praised, Whose glory shines, in end of days."
COOK Mildred Jean 11/24/1936 11/25/1936 "Dau. Of Artist and Mattie Cook"
COOK Morris Ray 1/21/1932 7/10/1933 "Son of Mr. And Mrs. Archie Cook"
COOK Naomi Beard Oct. 1855 1910 See A. G.
COOK Naomi Beard (Original Stone)     (stone only, no inscription readable) w/o Artist Greenberry Cook
COOK Oca H. 9/29/1899 3/10/1983 Double stone with Clara V. Cook
COOK Raymond Melvin 7/1/1906 9/25/1910  
COOK S. Audrey (Susie Audrey Richards) 1902 1985 Double stone with Archie Eugene Cook
COOK Sarah A. (Sarah Aradella Dabbs) 1855 1939  James Madison Cook
COOK Temperance A. (West) 9/10/1852 8/25/1904 "Wife of John Wesley Cook"
COOK Velula 4/11/1892 9/24/1892 "Dau. Of J.M. & J.L. Cook"
COOK Vesular 4/11/1892 11/05/1895 "Dau. Of J.M. & J.L. Cook"
COOK Walter N. 3/07/1876 7/30/1885 "Son of "J.W. & T.A. Cook"; "Asleep with Jesus"
COOK Warner E. (Earl) 1875 1938 "At Rest" h/o Frances Elizabeth Thomas
Mary Alice Laws Oliver
Mary Frances (Fannie) Folmar)
Minnie Rebecca Askew
COOK Webster Cleo 10/24/1902 12/25/1902 "Son of D.W. and E.L. Cook"; "Budded on Earth to Shine in Heaven"
COOK Wesley Calhoun 3/15/1907 3/15/1907 "Son of F.M. & I.J. Cook"; (inscription unreadable on photo)
COOK Willie Francis 3/15/1907 11/22/1908 "Son of F.M. & I.J. Cook"; (inscription unreadable on photo)
COOPER Callie 7/16/1884 8/10/1945 "Aunt"
COOPER William H. 4/09/1869 9/30/1930 "Uncle Bill"
DODSON Camilla 7/2/1938 7/2/1938 "Inf. Dau. Of Woodrow & Blanch Dodson"
DAVIES Calvin I. 2/20/1920 4/30/1984 Double stone with Ruth Helen; "Wed 10/27/1945"
DAVIES Ruth Helen 9/1/1918 1/5/1987 Double stone with Calvin I. Davies; "Wed 10/27/1945"
EARL Infant Son 9/5/1940 9/5/1940 "Son of Mr. And Mrs. Earl"
ELLIS Adeline -- -- (No dates)
ELLIS Dovie 9/9/1907 1/15/1909  
ELLIS Hazel Mae 11/20/1010 11/5/1920 "Dau. Of Charles A. & Rosa V. Ellis"
"A fairer bud of Promise Never bloomed"
ELLIS Horisa A. 1/8/1912 6/3/1913  
ELLIS Ida Belle Nov. 1887 10/15/1908  
ELLIS Inf. Twins 7/1937 7/1937 "Son & Dau. Of Levi and Zeliah Ellis"
ELLIS Infant Daughter 1925 1925 "Dau. Of Levi and Zeliah Ellis"
ELLIS Infant Son 12/4/1909 12/8/1909 "Son of C.A. & R.V. Ellis"
ELLIS Jack -- -- (No dates)
ELLIS Levi M. 1889 1957  
ELLIS Marvin Roswell 6/17/1913 8/11/1916  
ELLIS Zeliah L. 1897 1981  
EMERSON Elizabeth 3/06/1823 3/21/1906  
GRIFFIN Amanda F. (Amanda Frances Cook) 1868 1959 Double stone with Micheal Griffin
GRIFFIN Infant Son 1/05/1887 1/05/1887 "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. M.S. Griffin"
"At Rest"
GRIFFIN Micheal S. (Shepherd) 1853 1928 Double stone with Amanda Griffin
GRIFFIN Odie Royal 1896 1898 "At Rest"
HENDERSON Amanda R. 1827 1870 "Wife of Joseph D. Henderson"
HENDERSON James C. 2/15/1795 8/27/1861  Rebecca W. Henderson
HENDERSON Louise Bingham 12/13/1925 -- "Wed 2/23/1925" (See Nabors Brewer)
HENDERSON Rebecca W. 1807 1902 "Wife of James C. Henderson"
HENDERSON W.H. "Jake" 8/9/1914 4/17/1995  
HERRINGTON Edward F. 3/26/1874 7/05/1876 "Son of E. and S.C. Herrington"
HERRINGTON Elijah 8/3/1834 3/14/1895 "Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Sleep h/o Sarah C. Herrington
HERRINGTON Sarah C. 8/23/1849 6/23/1949 "Wife of Elijah Herrington"
"Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Sleep"
HERRINGTON William T. 9/15/1917 5/20/1918 "His memory shall ever be a guiding star to Heaven"
HOFFMAN Lena Mae 8/8/1904 4/29/1987 "Married 12/26/1922", Double stone with Tommie B. Hoffman
HOFFMAN Tommie B. 8/12/1898 1/8/1972 "Married 12/26/1922", Double stone with Lena Mae Hoffman
HOUSE Elizabeth 1861 1930 "Children:  Andrew, Joe, Charlie, Ida, Ader & Carrie"
HOUSE Ida Luckett & Infant 1893 1918 "Wed to Charles House in 1916"
HOUSE Tom 1853 1912  
JOWELL Allie D. 11/4/1903 11/1/1914 "Dau. Of P.J. & L.A. Jowell"; (inscription unreadable on photo)
JOWELL Laura A. 3/27/1882 12/1/1947 "The angels called them home"; Double stone with Paris Johnson Jowell"
JOWELL Paris J. (Johnson) 12/05/1877 1/21/1959 "The angels called them home"; Double stone with Laura A. Cook Jowell
JOWELL Uvalda Bell 3/10/1911 3/9/1912 "Dau. Of R.L. & M.L. Jowell"; "Gone to be an Angel"
LAMB J.W. 1838 1888  h/o Victoria Lamb
LAMB Victoria 1846 1921 "Wife of J.W. Lamb"
LANE James Clay 1/14/1972 12/15/1978  
LEE Billy Jack 12/4/1921   (only one date)
LEE Dorothy K. 8/22/1954 6/23/1955 "Sister
LEE Nancy A. 1885 1971  
LEE Oscar L. 1878 1958  
LEE Oscar Vernon 1/10/1908 9/29/1987  
LEE Roy E. 4/21/1903 9/23/1976 "Father"
LEVASSAR Arthur L. 1899 1976 "Pvt. U.S. Army WWII"
LEVASSAR Blanchie Bell 9/7/1908 Jun 1909 "Dau. Of S.V. & Sarah Levassar"
LEVASSAR Eliza 3/11/1806 3/02/1886 "Wife of Silvier Levassar"
LEVASSAR Ida 4/13/1878 8/18/1975 Double stone with Ralph Levassar
LEVASSAR Infant Son 5/2/1916 5/2/1916 "Son of S.V. & Sarah Levassar"
LEVASSAR Lucretia Elizabeth 8/23/1857 10/29/1860 "Those whom God loves, dies early"
LEVASSAR Mary A. (Mary Ann Cook) 6/19/1878 4/5/1902 "Wife of Silvier Levassar", "Dau. Of J.W. and T.A. Cook"; "Gone from our home but not from our hearts"
LEVASSAR Maston R. 10/3/1906 10/20/1980 "In God's care"
LEVASSAR Meddie I. 12/16/1900 11/13/1904  "Dau. Of C.B. and I.J. Levassar"; "Sleep on, sweet babe, and take rest, God called you home, He thought it best."
LEVASSAR Nancy Haseltine (Richards) 3/07/1858 12/6/1906 "In my Father's house are many mansions"; "Wife of Francis Marion Levassar"; "LEVASSAR" on bottom of stone.
LEVASSAR O.G. 2/19/1880 4/24/1912 (unreadable)
LEVASSAR Ralph 7/25/1873 3/15/1950 Double stone with Ida Levassar
LEVASSAR S.F. (Sarah F. Roden) 11/13/1890 12/4/1966 "At rest"; Double stone with Sarl V. Levassar
LEVASSAR S.V. (Sarl V.) 12/25/1871 3/3/1918 "At Rest", Double stone with Sarah F. Roden Levassar
LEVASSAR Silvier   2/03/1863 "Aged 33 years"
LEVASSAR Thomas Earl 2/14/1941 2/14/1941 "Infant son of H.T. & Billie R. Levassar"
LITES John Harmon 12/23/1886 5/8/1968  
LUCKETT Mrs. J.W. 1865 1925 "Tender mother and a faithful friend, at rest".  (Tombstone is down & on the ground)
MAIN Sybil Cook 8/14/1907 7/27/1972 "Mother"; "Gone but not forgotten" w/o Tommy Main
MATHIS Thomas F. 12/05/1868 1/15/1906  
McINISH John 2/07/1806 8/09/1894  
McINISH Judah 3/09/1812 2/7/1905  
MITCHELL Clara Bell (Cook) 1919 2003 Double stone with Dennis C. Mitchell
MITCHELL Clara J. (Joan) 2/13/1946 7/30/2001  
MITCHELL Dennis C. 1912 1960 Double stone with Clara Bell Cook Mitchell
MITCHELL Dina 2/18/1918   Double stone with Fred A. Mitchell
MITCHELL Fred A. 10/21/1915 8/26/1966 Footstone has a picture of a dog and horn and reads:  "The Horn of the Hunter Shall be Heard from the Hills"; Double stone with Dina Mitchell
MITCHELL Nellie 1891 1983 "Mother"
MITCHELL Price 1883 1953 "Father"
MITCHELL Roger Bryan 9/23/1947 1/14/1997 "Father", "In God's care"; "My children, Justin, Jeanette, Jennifer, Jessica, Grandson, Bryan; in memory of our living son, Roger B. Mitchell, U.S. Army SP/E5-507 H E M Company Vietnam War and German Occupation, Hanoi, Germany.  Mom & Dad"
MITCHELL Ronnie Lee 7/15/1947 10/27/2000 "In Living Memory"
MITCHELL Sallie Bernice 11/18/1914 11/25/1914 "Baby"
MITCHELL Serair C. 1841 1928 "At Rest"; Footstone:  "D.C.M."
MITCHELL W.H. 1/15/1842 1/5/1909 "Cpl. 17 Ca Inf. CSA"
MITCHELL William A. 1/29/1838   "Tex Pvt 144 Infantry 36 Div"
MOORE Alex S. 5/04/1883 5/24/1894 "Son of H.C. & M.L. Moore"; "He was the sunshine of our home"
MOORE Ella Virginia 1873 1952 "He is not dead but sleepeth"; Double stone with William Ernest Moore
MOORE H.C. (Henry Clay) 11/19/1843 6/4/1926 (unreadable) h/o Mary L. Owens Moore
MOORE Henry Clay 11/19/1843 6/4/1926 "Pvt. Co. B, 2 Regt. GA Inf, Confederate States Army" h/o Mary L. Owens Moore
MOORE Mary L. (Owens) 12/19/1848 3/27/1900 "Wife of Henry Clay Moore"; "Gone from the home but not the heart"
MOORE William Ernest 1868 1927 "He is not dead but sleepeth"; Double stone with Ella Virginia Askew  Moore
MOREN Baby 1905 1905 (only one date)
MOREN Infant Daughter 3/01/1891 3/01/1891 "Infant dau. Of T.M. & H.A. Moren"; "With Jesus"
MOREN David C. 1841 1928 "At rest"
MOREN Maydell 2/07/1893 10/18/1893 "Dau. Of T.M. & H.A. Moren"; "With Jesus"
MOREN Mrs. T.M. (Hettie Ann Cook) 1871 1947 "Gone but not forgotten" w/o Thomas Madison (Matt) Moren
MOREN T.M. (Thomas Madison "Matt") 1870 1946 "Gone but not forgotten" h/o Hettie Ann Cook Moren
MURPHEY George M. 1871 1936  
MURPHEY John -- -- (no dates) "Co. I, 4 LA Cav, Confederate States Army"
MURPHEY Julia Ann 7/30/1847 12/18/1929  
MURPHEY Lonnie M. 5/20/1893 2/27/1964 "Tx Cpl Army WWI"
MURPHEY T.J. 1924 1934 "Gone but not forgotten"
MYERS Catherine (Cook) 1841 1876 Shares a triple stone with Henry & Catherine;  "In 1856, Henry Myers gave these five acres to the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church for the privileges of a place of worship and a burying ground."
MYERS Henry (R.) 1817 1886 Shares a triple stone with Mary & Catherine; "In 1856, Henry Myers gave these five acres to the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church for the privileges of a place of worship and a burying ground." h/o Mary Myers and Catherine Cook Myers
MYERS Mary 1820 1858 Shares a triple stone with Henry & Catherine;  "In 1856, Henry Myers gave these five acres to the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church for the privileges of a place of worship and a burying ground." w/o Henry R. Myers
NEWMAN Dolly Mozelle 4/27/1917 9/3/1968  
NEWMAN Leonard 3/1/1909 6/17/1951  
NEWMAN Odis Wayne 5/10/1938 2/28/2002 "In Loving Memory"
NEWTON Charlie M. 1920 1944 "Tec/4 393 Inf. 99 Inf. Div. WWII"
NEWTON Ethel 2/11/1890 4/5/1937  
NEWTON M.H. 9/2/1908 4/19/1937  
NEWTON Marion M 1915 1945 "S/Sgt 23 Armd Inf BN 1 Armored Div WWII"
NEWTON Marshall Ray 11/26/1910 1/27/1974 "Tex Pvt U.S. Army WWII"
NEWTON Melvin N. 3/04/1884 7/27/1943  
NIX Matilda Y. 10/27/1805 4/28/1889  w/o Elisha Nix
OWENS James D. 2/2/1916 2/25/1993 "Wed to Lois 12/25/1947"; Double marker with Lois V. Owens
OWENS Lois V. 9/5/1925   Double marker with James D. Owens
OWENS Martha Ann Wilson 1/07/1819 Aft. 1900 "Wife of William Dow Owens"
OWENS William Dow 9/11/1817 4/11/1881 "Pvt Co H 17 GA Inf, Confederate States Army" h/o Martha Ann Wilson
PARKER Emmer E. 1871 1926  
PARKER Infant 3/9/1922 3/9/1922  
PARKER Jefferson J. 1854 1926  
PARKER John Lee 1/6/1900 11/1/1984  
PARKER John Ross 1/14/1872 4/4/1936  
PARKER Roy H. 9/28/1926 12/19/1926  
PARKER Velma Shopher 6/26/1924 7/3/1989  
RAMSEY Della May 2/04/1895 9/27/1897 "Daughter of F.E. & H.E. Ramsey"; "Our darling _ _ _"
RAMSEY F.F. (Flemuel Floyd) 5/08/1873 12/7/1917 "Woodmen of the World"; "Farewell my wife and children all, from now a father Christ doth call" h/o Hetty Easter Cook Ramsey
RAMSEY Henry T. (Thurmond) 2/25/1908 7/30/1962 "At rest among angels"; double stone with Kate Ramsey
RAMSEY Hetty E. (Hetty Easter Cook) 6/10/1873 3/26/1940 "A tender mother and a faithful friend" w/o Flemuel Floyd Ramsey
RAMSEY Infant Son 4/25/1930 4/25/1930 "Infant son of J.W. & Florence Ramsey"
RAMSEY Kate 1/18/1903 2/22/1968 "At rest among the angels"; double stone with Henry Thurmond Ramsey
RAMSEY Mary E. (Elizabeth) 5/11/1909 10/3/1911 "Dau. Of F.E. & H.E. Ramsey"; (inscription unreadable on photo)
RHODES Doris L. 6/22/1918 12/22/1969 Double stone with Louis C. Rhodes
RHODES Louis C. 3/19/1916 2/25/1995 Double stone with Doris L. Rhodes
RICHARDS Bevie C. 12/28/1907 11/8/2001  
RICHARDS Clyde G. (Green, Sr.) 4/21/1906 5/3/1980  
RICHARDS Clyde Green, Jr. 7/10/1926 12/31/1926  
RICHARDS Eddie 2/02/1878 7/12/1888 "Gone from our home, but not from our hearts"
RICHARDS Jerry Dale 9/9/1943 11/17/1943  
RICHARDS Susie (Walding) 7/09/1876 9/22/1965  
RICHARDS Taylor W. "Sug" 6/14/1873 8/19/1967  
RICHARDS Willis 7/11/1884 2/14/1886  
RICHARDSON Billie Joe 1936 1936  
RICHARDSON Edd S. 6/26/1889 1/27/1965 Double stone with Mary Frank Richardson
RICHARDSON Frankie Bell 1888 1917 "Mother"
RICHARDSON Joe Milton 5/12/1912 2/14/1995 "Wed July 1935"; Double stone with Myrtle Ellis Richardson
RICHARDSON Lynette 6/16/1948 7/5/1948  
RICHARDSON Mary Frank 9/29/1892 5/8/1976 Double stone with Edd S. Richardson
RICHARDSON Myrtle Ellis 11/19/1916 12/27/1997 "Wed July 1935"; Double stone with Joe Milton Richardson
ROBERTSON George A. 1/25/1813 1/11/1894 "In memory of our beloved grandparents", "Remember friends as you pass by, that all mankind are born to die.  Then let your cares on Christ be cast, that you may dwell with Him at last." h/o Roanna Willingham Robertson
ROBERTSON Roanna (Willingham) 12/01/1820 6/23/1888 "Such was her end a calm release, no clinging to this mortal clod, closed her eyes and stood in peace, before a smiling God." w/o George A. Robertson
ROGERS Rosie Beard 1900 1927  
SAUNDERS Melvin R. 1/.01/1913 3/17/1914 "Son of D.C. & M. Sauders"
SCOTT Fred 11/14/1902 7/12/1989  
SCOTT Ottie 12/3/1904 3/4/1993 "Asleep in Jesus"
SCRITCHFIELD Artie E. 2/23/1903 5/9/1984 "Dau. Of Ralph & Ida"
SHANNON Leona Levassar 8/11/1904 9/12/1988  
SLAUGHTER Clint (John Clinton) 4/19/1888 3/12/1963 "Married May 4, 1913"; double stone with Lillie Lee Dabbs Slaughter
SLAUGHTER E.P. 7/02/1877 9/30/1900 "Son of M.E. & S.J. Slaughter"; "Gone but not forgotten"
SLAUGHTER Eloise 2/13/1933 3/20/1935 "The Angel God loaned us"
SLAUGHTER Lillie (Lillie Lee Dabbs) 3/18/1893 8/19/1988 "Married May 4, 1913"; double stone with John Clinton (Clint) Slaughter
SLAUGHTER Lilla A. 2/11/1883 1/09/1885 "Dau. Of M.E. & S.J. Slaughter"; "This lovely bud unfolds in Heaven"
SLAUGHTER M.E. (Marshal Ezekiel) 5/23/1851 7/8/1916 (inscription unreadable on photo);h/o Sarah Joe Taylor Slaughter "SLAUGHTER" on base of stone
SLAUGHTER Sarah Joe 5/25/1859 2/18/1922 "Wife of Marshal Ezekiel Slaughter"; "A tender mother and a faithful friend"; "SLAUGHTER" on base of stone.
SMITH Alice D. Horton 1860 1905 "Wed 8/29/1872"; Double stone with George Nelson Smith, Sr.
SMITH George Nelson, Sr. 1854 1906 "Wed 8/29/1872";' Double stone with Alice Horton Smith
SNOW Dorothy Marie 7/6/1919 11/8/1920 "Dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Snow"; "Gone to be an angel"
SNOW Infant Daughter 2/22/1915 2/23/1915 "Dau. Of J.R. & M.A. Snow"
SNOW Infant Daughter 4/30/1922 4/30/1922 "Dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Snow"; "Gone to be an angel"
SNOW John R. 8/06/1882 5/9/1948  h/o Mary A. Snow
SNOW Mary A. 5/04/1888 5/20/1970  w/o John R. Snow
TAYLOR Albert White 11/12/1894 3/29/1959 "Tex Pvt. M G Co. 46th Inf. Div. WWI"
TAYLOR Alton Philip 12/12/1898 6/6/1960  
TAYLOR Annie Susan 10/14/1863 11/8/1931 "Mother"; "At rest" w/o J.F. Taylor
TAYLOR Arry 3/03/1886 10/14/1900 "Son of J.F. & Susan Taylor"
TAYLOR Harriet E. 3/05/1828 11/2/1904 "Wife of Thomas Taylor"; "Gone with the angels"
TAYLOR J.F. 1/12/1857 11/3/1929 "Father"; "At rest"Annie Susan Taylor
TAYLOR Myrtie A. 11/22/1890 2/27/1905 "Dau. Of J.F. &  S. Taylor"; "Farewell Mother and Father dear, I am not dead, but sleeping here."
THOMASON Lucy 2/3/1903 11/10/1912 "Gone to join Mother"
THOMASON Sallie 1/17/1871 1/11/19-- "Gone but not forgotten"
THOMASON Wilsie Allen 12/20/1901 12/20/1901 "Son of G. & Sallie Thomason"
THORN Elder Lee 8/16/1921 10/12/2000 "Mother"
WALDING Fred "Bud" 2/12/1920 5/17/1936 "Gone from our home, but not from our hearts"
WALDING Horace J. 1896 1973 Double stone with William Walding
WALDING J. Alpheus 12/25/1891 9/11/1962  
WALDING Jim 1847 1919 Double stone with Susan Walding
WALDING Johnnie E. 12/09/1898 1/13/1966 "Gone from our home, but not from our hearts"
WALDING Rubie -- -- "Son of Jim & Susan" (no dates)
WALDING Susan 1853 1916 Double stone with Jim Walding
WALDING William 1903 1970 Double stone with Horace J. Walding
WALDON Effie 6/29/1928 -- "Wed 9/12/1944"; Double stone with John Waldon"
WALDON John A. 5/4/1929 4/25/1919 "Wed 9/12/1944"; Double stone with Effie Waldon
WALKER Asa 1858 1947  
WALKER Edgar "Ed" 7/19/1908 4/13/1992  
WALKER Hazel Mollie 3/31/1909 1/20/2001  
WALKER Henry R. 1899 1946 "Gone but not forgotten"
WALKER Reba Kay 10/30/1948 6/5/1951  
WARRINGTON Dwight Dale 12/11/1952 12/13/1952 "Son"
WARRINGTON Loyd Earl 7/17/1920 7/9/1969 "Texas PFC Army Air Force WWII"
WELCH Joe P. (Powell) 1899 1997 "Married 12/24/1922"; Double stone with Nina Mae Welch
WELCH Nina Mae (Beard) 1904 1961 "Married 12/24/1922"; Double stone with Joe P. Welch
WELCH Troy Jack 1925 1926  
WHITE M.A. 11/16/1843 9/7/1911 "Wife of H.L. White"; "The Angels called her home"
WIGGINTON Gaston, Jr. 1/21/1916 3/26/1999 "Wed 6/07/1957"; Double stone with Laura Lee Wigginton
WIGGINTON Laura Lee 9/29/1828 -- "Wed 6/07/1957"; Double stone with Gaston Wigginton, Jr.