Drummond Cemetery Association

Don E. Landers, Historian

2133 Castle Drive

Clyde, Texas 79510

Board of Directors

Jackie Richards, Pres

Paul Davis, Vice-Pres

Henry Pinkston

Janice Smith

Charleen Ashby

Drummond Cemetery, Taylor Co., Cemeteries of  Texas

Prepared by Eve N. Landers, December, 2003  

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     In 1879 after the death of her husband in the suburb of Kingston, Saint Andrew Parish, S. E. Jamaica, Helen Fanny Harris Drummond sought refuge with her sister, Mary A. Harris Robinson, in Bedford, England.[1]  After settling personal affairs she immigrated to the United States in 1885.[2] Helen Fanny Drummond settled in Brazos County, Texas with her five youngest children.[3]  Later Helen Fanny Drummond moved to Taylor County and purchased one-hundred acres of land known as the J. M. Saucedo Survey from William Walter and Mary Alice Hammond on October 19, 1891.[4]  This deed was recorded in Book 1, page 353 of the Deed Records of Taylor County and was filed on October 23, 1891.  Four years later in about 1895 she donated the original two acres of land for the Drummond Cemetery.  The deed for the land was not recorded in the Taylor County Courthouse until March 28, 1901. [5] This deed was recorded in Book 2, page 320, of the Deed Records of Taylor County by her son, Harry Upward Drummond and filed for record on November 5, 1901 and was recorded on November 6, 1901.  The original trustees were H. R. Wilson, J. L. Sligh, and J. H. Ashby.  Currently one member of the board of directors for the Drummond Cemetery Association, Charleen Ashby, is the wife of a descendant of an original trustee.   Jackie Richards, current President of the Drummond Cemetery Association, is the great-grandson of Helen Fanny Harris Drummond.

     It is reported that the oldest grave in the Drummond Cemetery is dated about 1892.  This grave is believed to be that of an unknown infant.  The infant’s grave is marked by a small pile of stones and is located in the south section, row 2, grave 20.[6]  The oldest marked grave in the cemetery is that of an infant boy, the son of Joseph C. and Nannie Stewart Hammond.  This grave is located in the south section, row 1, grave 8.[7]  This child was born on 11 July 1892 and died 12 July 1892.  This infant was the nephew of William Walter Hammond who was the owner of the land sold to Helen Fanny Harris Drummond in 1891.  Helen Fanny Harris Drummond was laid to rest in the Drummond Cemetery on 16 June 1896. [8] Several members of her family are interred in the cemetery.  Early settlers Harry U. Drummond, Joseph C. Hammond, Nannie Stewart Hammond, William Walter Hammond, and Mary Alice Hammond were also laid to rest in the Drummond Cemetery.

     Two additional tracts of land were purchased on 10 January 1996 to expand the cemetery on the east and north sides.  A one-acre tract was purchased from Michael F. Welch and Barbara Welch.  This deed was filed in Volume 2134, page 917 of the Deed Records of Taylor County on the 29th day of January 1996. [9] A 0.413-acre tract was purchased from Arvil H. Alexander and Dorothy Alexander on January 10, 1996.  This deed was filed in Volume 2134, page 921, of the Deed Records of Taylor County on 29th of January 1996.[10]  A site map is on file at the Taylor County Appraisal Office indicating the location of the 3.42 acre cemetery.[11]

     In 1978 Ima Cotten Jennings, prepared an index of the Drummond Cemetery which has been widely distributed.  A copy of this index is on file in the genealogy reference section of the Abilene Public Library.[12]  Ima Cotten Jennings was the daughter of Addie E. Faucett and Stonewall Jackson Cotten.  Ima Cotten Jennings, a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, was laid to rest in the Drummond Cemetery on December 25, 1991.[13]

In December 1999 Don E. Landers, Historian for the Drummond Cemetery Association designed and developed a computer database of interments in the cemetery.  This catalog and computer database is continuously maintained by entering each new interment or upon the identification of an unmarked grave.  Updated records are regularly provided to the Drummond Cemetery Association. Don E. Landers’ great-grandmother, Maggie A. Lytle Stacy, died in the View Community on 19 Jun 1916 and was buried in the Drummond Cemetery.  A rectangular, marble marker with only her engraved initials was placed to mark her grave site.  Not wanting to disturb the sentiment or historical importance of the original marker but also wanting to have a more informative marker for this lady, her descendants had a granite marker with her name, year of birth, and date of death placed flat on the ground just in front of the marble marker.[14]

One of the most notable focal points in the Drummond Cemetery is the grave site of one of the earliest settlers of the area.  In the 1880 Taylor County Census Martha Heffernan, along with her husband who was a land owner and shoemaker, William Heffernan, and children lived in Precinct 1 (View), Taylor County.[15]  According to her death certificate she died on 30 October 1918 in Jonesboro, Coryell County, Texas and her body was taken by train to Merkel, Taylor County, Texas.[16]  She was then laid to rest in the Drummond Cemetery, and her place of interment is enclosed within the only iron fence structure in the cemetery.  The medallion on the gate indicates the fence was purchased from the Stewart Iron Works Company in Cincinnati, Ohio.[17]

            For numerous years the Drummond Cemetery had been cared for by those in the community who held the cemetery in great esteem as a hallowed ground for a beloved family member.  On October 14, 1973 the Drummond Cemetery Association was organized at the View Baptist Church to maintain the grounds, preserve cemetery records, and conduct business affairs.   With the help of volunteers and monetary donations the association has been able to maintain the cemetery, erect markers for unmarked graves, and build a meditation chapel.[18]  Because of personal interests in the cemetery the lives of the association members and the community are connected through this revered cemetery.  It is the desire of the association and the community to have the Drummond Cemetery recognized by the Texas Historical Commission.

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