Confederate Research Center

P. O. Box 619

Hillsboro, TX 76645


Information provided by  Peggy Fox

Get the Information to your CSA  Questions - Needing help with Confederate Research? 

The Confederate Research Center and Museum, located in Hillsboro, Texas, has nearly 5,000 books, brochures and pamphlets on the Civil War, with emphasis on Confederate Military History. Capsule histories of all 3,200 Confederate regiments and special units, as well as histories of Confederate ships, are all housed in this center. Their archives contain original letters, documents, maps, and photographs. They keep an extensive file of newspaper and magazine clippings and subscribe to nearly 60 magazines in the field of southern and military history.

Send your inquiries to: Confederate Research Center, Attn. Peggy Fox, PO Box 619, Hillsboro, TX 76645. (If you have a Confederate ancestor, and know the location of his grave, the Center would like to have that information. Please send his name and place of burial. The Center is also collecting all Civil War photos, letters, diaries, journals, etc.)

The Confederate Research Center deals only  with the War Between the States.  If you know the regiment your ancestor was in let me know and they will send the brief history($8.00)( 2004)

If you do not know what regt. he was in, send them  your address and they will send a form for you to fill in and return, and they will do the work for you for $15.00(2004), or you can come to the Center and possibly leave with the information in just a little while.  

"We usually try to help or guide you in your research.  Our hours are week days only from 9-3.  We are usually open during the noon hour unless we are short an employee then we all just go to lunch and return at l:00. " says Peggy. 

There is a $5 entrance fee which covers the museum which is open from 9-4.  It is very nice, has a theater, and many other artifacts of special interest.  

If you do decide to come over be sure to call ahead as there are sometimes days when we are closed or the room has been reserved for a full house of researchers.     

Peggy Fox   Emailyour address to me at the Confederate Research Center if you need the form.