Rose Hill Cemetery

Tulsa County, Cemeteries of  Oklahoma

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Photos by R Clayton Hooper

If you have loved ones interned here and they are not listed or do not have markers, please contact me by email: Gloria B. Mayfield


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Location:  At the corner of Admiral and Yale, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

About the cemetery:  Rose Hill Cemetery is a large cemetery in Tulsa that has thousands of people buried there. Including among them: James M. Hall, 1851 - 1931, "The Father of Tulsa".

Addition to the listing below:

Last, Given, Birth, Death, Comments
Dewitt, Ethel Edna (Payne), November 27, 1891, August 10, 1944
Payne, James Madison, November 4, 1864, October 10, 1942

family headstone
Jacobs, Nola Frisby, 1894, 1977
Jacobs, Henry, 1889, 1977
Infant Daughter
Cribbet, Corinne E., Sept. 10, 1945


George Harold (Cribbet), Lucille Arlene, Married on Nov. 11, 1939
Parents of Carole, Mary, Corinne, Emilie, Irene, Steven
Cribbet, George Harold, Sep. 19, 1918, Feb. 22, 1996
Cribbet, Lucille Arlene,
1921 - no date