Memorial Park Cemetery

Tulsa County, Cemeteries of  Oklahoma

 Photos  by R. Clayton Hooper

If you have loved ones interned here and they are not listed or do not have markers, please contact me by email: Gloria B. Mayfield

Location:  Location: at the corner of 51st Street and Memorial, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

About the cemetery: This is a huge cemetery with thousands of people buried there. A large bell tower at the top of the hill in the cemetery, rings when funeral processions enter the gates. Ground grave sites have both flat memorials and standing monuments. There are also a number of single family mausoleums, mostly located on the hill by the bell tower. Additionally, there is a columbarium for cremains, and a large spread of wall mausoleums at the bottom of the hill in the back portion of the cemetery with a lovely lake that support live ducks & geese. This cemetery also has its' own chapel and crematorium.



Hooper family headstone, looking up the hill,
Bell Tower in the background to the left.

Front side of HOOPER family headstone, looking down the hill,  Inscription reads: "O
Lord who may abide in Your tent? One who walks with integrety....Does not slander....Swears to his own hurt....Honors those who fear the Lord...." Psalm 15

Hooper, Beverley J., Sept. 3, 1938, no date
Hooper, Richard E. "R.E.", June 5, 1936, May 13, 1992
My Light, My Anchor, My Buddy

Slagle, Dorothy F., 1917, 1999
Slagle, Jack B., 1916, 1993

Day, Jewel C., Dec. 22, 1904, Aug. 30, 1976
CMAM (Chief Mailman) US Navy World War II
Phillips, Russell G., Mar. 30, 1960, Aug. 6, 1978
In Loving Memory


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