Fritz Family Cemetery

Lincoln Co., Cemeteries of NM

Photos by Gary Webb

Historical Marker:  Fritz Family Cemetery burial ground established by Charles P. Fritz brother of Col. Emil Fritz. Emil one-time partner L. G. Murphy firm, Lincoln. Family prominent and influential in Lincoln County History. Cemetery still in use. Reverent visitors welcome. Lincoln County Memorial Commission.1951.

This very small cemetery was fairly well kept and had a fence and gate. The german style markers for the Fritz family caught my attension and those were the few photos that I took back in the Summer of 1988. The marker on the left reads: "Sacred to the memory of our beloved father Charles P. F. Fritz born July 19, 1831, Stattcarot Germany, Died Dec. 2, 1885. Rest in peace. The marker on the right reads: "Sacred to the memory of Emil, beloved son of Jas. & Caroline F. Dolan. Died June 4, 1882 aged 2 yrs. 1 mth, 2 days."

Location: A few miles North of Hondo on Hwy 380 in Lincoln County, New Mexico. Cemetery is on the North side of the road.

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