Fort Stanton Cemetery

Lincoln Co., Cemeteries of NM

Photos by Sheriff Jerry Hicks

Location: West of Fort Stanton, access restricted by State of New Mexico. Call 505-354-2250 for permission and directions to the cemetery.

Bassford, Oscar W., no date, , 08/29/1929, VA stone - Lt. Jg. USNRF Georgia
Berry, Frank C., 01/18/1877, 06/07/1925, Masonic emblem
Dowlin, Paul, , no date, , no date , Stone say Sacred to Memory of Paul Dowlin
Duffy, Peter, , no date, , 10/31/1915,
Goodin, Francis M., 10/25/1835, 10/07/1888,
Hudgens, James H., 04/10/1861, 05/06/1879,
Lawton, infant, no date, , no date, , Infant son of Capt. H.W. & Mary Crain Lawton, His body was later moved to a cemetery in Santa Fe
McElhone, Phil, no date, , 11/12/1916,
O'Bannon, Henry Clay, 10/05/1879, 07/21/1916, Grave surrounded by fence
S ??, A. W., , no date, , 12/04/1910, Last name unknown
Smith, W. H., , no date, , 10/06/1917,
Spickelmire, Waldemar P. 12/13/1922, 10/03/1930, Grave surrounded by fence
Spragg, Fred M., 1904, , 1970,
Spragg, Lola Hulbert, 04/24/1907, 01/12/1958, Fayette, Iowa on the stone
Wells, Gordon McKinley 03/02/1897, 02/11/1944, VA stone - BM2c U.S. Navy WW1, New Mexico

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