Capitan Cemetery
 Lincoln, Lincoln County, Cemeteries of NM

Jed Elmer Hall,
Feb. 16, 1968
Oct. 11, 1991
"I Love you baby
wait for me
Your loving wife

Photos by
Sheriff Jerry Hicks

Name Birth Death Comment
Vest, Parthena Glasscock
08 February 1822 13 October 1902  cousin of our 1st President George Washington. d/o Father: Thomas Glasscock (1783-Abt 1870)  Mother: Nancy Brannon (Abt 1796-     ?     )
Vest, Rev. George Washington 19 June 1817 31 March 1903 Father: John L. Vest (1788-     ? )  Mother: Sarah "Sally" Woodall (1794-  ?  )  Marriage: 4 March 1838  Vest Family page
Purcella, Joseph 1833 1906  

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