Talbert/Pierson Grave Shelters 1889-1949

Photos courtesy of the Louisiana National Register of Historic Places  After you click on the above site, click on "search" and then go down and find the box where cities are listed and scroll to "Sugartown" and click on "search".  Scroll to the bottom of that page which will be the Talbert Pierson Grave Shelters....click on "document" to read about it and then there are the pictures and a couple of maps

Talbert Cemetery

Vernon Parish Cemeteries of LA

Brought to my attention by Connie Farrell

The Talbert/Pierson Grave Shelters are of state significance in the areas of social history and architecture as rare survivors to represent a distinctive folk tradition associated with Upland South cemeteries.  The nomination's period of significance ranges from 1889, the construction date of the oldest shelter, to 1949, the date of the last historic structure. 

James Talbert Sr

James Silas Talbert

M. F. Talbert

J.P. Talbert

Elijah Pierson

Serry Ann Willingham

Mrs Mattie Sellers

John Wesley Talbert

Saphronia Talbert

Louis N. Talbert

John D. Talbert

Johney E. Pierson

W. Talbert

James S. Talbert

Mary Ann Pierson