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There are no cemetery historical markers in Zavala County

Cemetery City Submitter  Maps Photos
Alejandrenas Cemetery
Location: W of Hwy 83 and SW of Chihuahua Farm.
  TxDOT map  
Del Pueblo Cemetery
Location: Betweeen Hwy 83 and the Rio Grande.
  TxDOT map  
Dolores Nuevo Cemetery
Location: 20 mi S of Laredo between US 83 and Rio Grande. (ca. 1860 community founded by Cosme Martinez.)
  Terra Map  
Dolores Viejo Cemetery?
Location: 23 mi S of Laredo between US 83 and Rio Grande, Possible cemetery associated with stone foundations, ruins of the first settlement in Nuevo Santander on the north bank of the Rio Grand River.
  Terra Map
map showing location of ruins?
Garcia Cemetery   264919N
Terra Map
Unknown Cemetery
Location: N of Hwy 2687, 15.4 mi. NE of intersection of Hwy 2687 and Hwy 83.
If you know the name of this cemetery, please let me know. TxDOT map  
Unknown Cemetery
Location: E of Hwy 83 on the Aroyo Moletes, about 10 mi. S of Ramiereno, Texas.
If you know the name of this cemetery, please let me know. TxDOT map  
Cameron Cemetery Escobas   270117N
Terra Map
Gracia Cemetery Escobas   270214N
Terra Map
Falcon Cemetery
Location: Hwy 83 N of Falcon.
Falcon   TxDOT map  
Lopeno Cemetery
Location: On Hwy 83 at Lopeno, Texas.
Lopeno   TxDOT map  
New Ramireno Cemetery
Location: N of Ramireno, Texas and Hwy 83.
Ramireno   270108N
Terra Map
TxDOT map
Old Ramireno Cemetery
Location: SW of Ramireno, Texas and Hwy 83, near the bank of the Rio Grande.
Ramireno   TxDOT map  
Cementerio del Pueblo San Ygnacio   270155N
Terra Map
Uribe Cemetery San Ygnacio   270253N
Terra Map
TxDOT map
Old Raotireno Cemetery Zapata   265954N
Terra Map
Ranchito Cemetery
Location: Between Hwy 83 and the Rio Grande.
Zapata   265558N
Terra Map
Urebeno Cemetery Zapata   265711N
TxDOT map
Zapata Cemetery
Location: On Hwy 496, 2.5 mi. S of Zapata.
Zapata   265324N
TxDOT map

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